professional dancer meg headcanons - requested by belongtohufflepuff

  • not once did she give up in her dreams to be a professional dancer. every time she fell, she got back up and carried on. trial and error. practice makes perfect. frustration gets you nowhere.
  • eventually meg becomes lead ballet girl at the opera populaire and she doesn’t stop smiling for weeks.
  • as she progresses, she stars in a number of ballets, getting the leads in swan lake, romeo and juliet, and understudy in the nutcracker.
  • even though she’s a ballet dancer by trade, she also knows some ballroom and is learning more jazz/swing styles.
  • between shows, meg teaches and trains other budding ballet dancers, just like her mother used to.
  • she treats those students like they were her own children and she knows exactly how to cheer them up when they feel discouraged or they’ve had a bad day
  • she cried the first time someone came to the stage door to see her specifically
  • meg keeps every single fan letter, present and card she receives and goes through them when she’s having a bad day
  • she hates being called “the new anna pavolova” or being compared to other professional dancers because why must we be pit against each other? why must i be compared to others?
  • also she’s really humble
  • most definitely gives out advice and tips about EVERYTHING on twitter. even if they’re unrelated to dance.
  • she won a lot of competitions in her professional career and she really misses competing when she retires
  • ten years after she last saw christine, they’re in a show together - utterly by chance - and they both cry, they both can’t stop telling each other how much they missed each other, how happy they are for each other
  • the reunion is better than any medal meg could win or show she could be in