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BTS React to gf stealing/wearing their boxers

@keulla:  Hi would you like to make BTS reaction to their gf likes to wear boxer (either its theirs or she buy it herself)? It’ll will be fluff or smut is up to you^^

Thank you for the request love, and sorry for the Hiatus/Wait. I miss doing these, so while I don’t feel 100% I’m still going to put in some effort. :) Hope you guys understand. 


He thinks it’s cute, and seeing you walk around his bedroom clad only in his boxers and one of his oversized t-shirts is something he’ll never take for granted. 

Now, that doesn’t mean it’s what he prefers to see you in. You know exactly what he prefers to see you in:

“Baby, you’be been wearing those boxers a lot lately, why don’t you wear something a little sexier, huh?”

“I really want you to put on something dirty for me. C’mon, treat me right.”

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He is obsessed

He doesn’t even care that you literally stole them, not asking for a pair directly. Which in itself shows you how much he likes the image. Jungkook doesn’t share cloths. 

Would want you to model for him a little bit, so he can take some pics for those long nights on the road. 

“Please, it’s the least you can do since you stole them.”

“Don’t you feel a little bit bad about being a theif? This is how you can make it up to me.”

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Okay, but you waking up in the early morning after a great night of just spending time together and sex? Yes. You not being able to locate your own cloths bc you and Tae literally tore the clothes off of each other? Yes. You giving up after looking for 0.3 seconds and just pulling on the silken pair strewn onto the floor? Hell yes. 

Imagine him waking up bc you’re not there to cuddle, groggily reaching out for you, irritated that you’re not there, slowly pulling himself up out of bed and seeing you in them for the first time.

Boy is dumbstuck you look so good. 

“Ahh, jagi it’s too early to get out of bed, don’t you think?” His eyes are so dark, the longing in them off the fucking charts. 

He would push the sheets off of him, palming himself while not once taking his eyes off of you. 

“Seeing you in those. I really wanna fuck you.”

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He would wonder for weeks where his boxers had gone too. When he finds out that the culprit is you, he is a little bit miffed. 

“Those are designer!”

“I never even suspected you! I blamed Joon because he never washes his cloths and always trys to bum!”

“Now I’m going to have to apologize. Do you know how much I hate not being right?”

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J Hope:

You honestly think he can take in the sight of you wearing just his boxers and not throw you over his shoulder? take you to the bedroom? and fuck you so hard you have trouble remembering your own name?

You make a point to steal a couple more pairs, using them to tease him and test his limits. 

You even wear them under your jeans sometimes, bending over that little bit so your waistband rides down and he gets a peak. 

“You’re a menace, sweetheart.”

“Being a tease isn’t very nice. Gotta teach you a lesson huh?”


It becomes a regular thing, because lets face it, Jimin thinks you look best when you’re wearing his clothes. 

“You wearing them tonight?”

“You should, I like seeing you in them.”

“If you do, I’ll be extra sweet to you, yeah?”

It makes the possessive part of him immensely pleased. 

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“This is a problem, babe.”

“Now I get turned on whenever I see my own boxers! It’s like pavlovs dog.”

“How am I supposed to deal with all of these random boners?”

“This is your fault, take responsibility!”

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What is fear conditioning?

Fear conditioning, simply put, is teaching someone or something to be afraid of a stimulus. When conditioning someone to predict fear you’re associating a sound, object, action, or something of that nature with something already startling to the person(s). This will cause the person (if done correctly) to associate that sound, object, or action with what they’re already afraid of, and thus eliciting a fearful response. 

For example: 

I’ll break this down rectangle by rectangle to make this easier to understand. 

First Rectangle: Obviously, when a mouse is on its own with no stimulus there isn’t going to be an effect. 

Second Rectangle: In the upper portion of the second rectangle a mouse is introduced to a startling noise, and that elicits fear which eventually dies off. In the lower portion of the second rectangle the mouse is introduced to the same startling noise, but this time with a bell. Obviously the mouse is still going to be fearful of the startling noise, but now that the bell has been associated with the startling noise, the bell will also scare the mouse. This is because its been conditioned to understand that the bell comes with the startling noise, therefore, when the bell is sounded again the mouse fears the bell not because it’s a bell, but because it is an anticipating the startling noise.

Third Rectangle: Whether or not the mouse hears the bell and the sound or just the sound, it’s still conditioned to feel fear from the bell in anticipation of the startling noise. Though if the bell is continuously rang without introducing the startling noise [fear stimulus] the mouse will lose its conditioning and no longer be afraid of the bell being rung.    

An even simpler example would be as follows: 

Your friend is afraid of clowns, you play the Michael Jackson song thriller and show him a clown (this will elicit fear merely because of the clown), and lastly you play the song again and because a clown appeared last time at the start of the song, your friend will anticipate a clown and become fearful.

My Nicole Haught rant.

Nicole Haught is not controlling. Waverly is bang out of order calling her controlling.

Wynonna’s view of Nicole is so inconsistent. Firstly she gets drunk with her whilst Nicole compliments her arse, then she thinks Nicole is out to get her and hates her, then she’s ready to confess everything about the Earp curse and then they’re on joking terms. As soon as she finds out about Wayhaught, she goes on the turn again. She’ll insult her, she’ll compliment her, she’ll insult her, she’ll compliment her. She’s so inconsistent and it isn’t fair to Nicole.

Waverly was nicer to Nicole when she was Gooverly. Nicole couldn’t of hid those results for long, she shouldn’t have read them, I know, but she didn’t know the results were going to be dropped off at the station. She probably saw the address and confusedly saw Waverly Earp and thought, “What’s this?” I don’t care if she was drunk, Waverly shouldn’t have sent that text. She knows that she can be as mean as she wants and Nicole will still come calling. Its like Pavlovs Dog. Waverly rings a bell and Nicole will always respond.

I don’t like how the other characters describe her either. You don’t need to be mean to describe someone. Instead of taking the piss out of how early she’d be awake by taking a dig at her, why not say something nice?

Also, why is she such a pushover? This is the girl who stood up to the crazy chick with the glowing gun after being accused of messing with a dead body. This is the girl who searched the police station alone after an intruder made their way in and let the doctor and Wynonna double up. This is the girl who got drunk on the job. The girl who got shot and most probably spent the next few hours helping people instead of heading to the hospital. The girl who openly snogged a girl in her bosses office. The girl who followed Dolls and Doc back to the station and literally wouldn’t move until someone told her what was going on.

This season she had a tantrum when Waverly left her out of the BBD but even though she was pissed, she was still 100% there for Waverly when she called. She didn’t send an out of order text, she didn’t call her rotten, SHE DIDN’T KISS ROSITA. She was still available when Waverly needed her. But when Waverly had a temper tantrum with Nicole, she calls her rotten, she sends her angry texts, she gives her attitude and she snogs the first girl she can.

I like Waverly. I do. But her character this season was more consistent when she was Gooverly.

Anyway, can we all have a moment of silence for Nicole Haught? She’s not dead, but her characters been assassinated.

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Alright, love. Here's what you do: Step 1: Find out his favourite candy. Step 2: Every time you see him, give him a little bit of the candy. Step 3: Repeat as Necessary. Step 4. Watch in amusement as he begins to associate you with something he loves or he realises why you're doing it. Step 5: Never acknowledge the fact that you literally trained him like Pavlov did with his dogs.

ugh XD I only see him on the weekends XD plus rn I have to make popcorn for his friend bc he knocked our friends popcorn out of his hands and I told him how rude that was… XD So like he’s going to watch our friend get popcorn from me and I’m gonna have to be all “why tf did you do this. You get no popcorn!”

ryo-maybe: Tell him that if you save her in the past and finish the DLC, she won’t fight you at Artorias’ Grave. Then recored his reaction for posterity’s sake

I told him something happens if you find and rescue Sif in the DLC before going to Darkroot, so he’s trying super hard at Artorias right now, underleveled but making progress and giving it his all, and let’s just say I am going to be losing my best friend soon enough.

I swear to god Pete's a genius

I recently got my grubby little hands on one of fall out boy’s hidden tracks, Pavlove, from Folie à Deux.

BUT: I read probably way too far into it and i think i figured the title out. Stick with me little chicken mcnuggets you’re in for a ride.

So, Pavlov’s Dog was an experiment. Pavlov trained his dog using a bell and the dog’s food. Each time food was served to the dog, he rang the bell. After enough time the dog associated the ringing of the bell with food, and would salivate even if no food was present. This is known as classical conditioning.

SO the title is a combination of ‘Pavlov’ and 'Love’, the title must mean that the subject of the song/ title is someone who is being classically conditioned to love someone or something. It’s pretty sad when you think about it. Someone was being forced to love something

Disclaimer: I tend to read into things and i could be totally wrong

P. S. Have fun with this

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Starz obviously has a deal with EW which gets us stuck with Lynette and no one else. If a large part of the fanbase actually boycotted, unfollowed them and raised some hell we might get somewhere but we're like pavlov's dogs when it comes to new content. And she has that content. I also feel if Sam had felt a blow for his answer instead of people excusing it we might have raised some awareness, but until that happens they will continue to crap on their fans from all angles.

I have no idea how the deals between networks and entertainment shows works, but I highly doubt that we would ever have much impact on who got the deal. Money talks much louder than disgruntled fans. I don’t follow those organizations/people and don’t care much what they have to say.

I’m sorry, I can’t jump on the mad at Sam bandwagon. I just don’t think it was that big of a deal. For all we know, there wasn’t actually a letter, and it was just described as such in order to say what they felt they needed to say. Maybe there was a letter and Sam was scrambling for an answer and Richard muttering ‘the letter’ gave him something to grab on to. Why did Sam have to be the one to answer? Maybe he took the bullet for everyone else? It was a stupid way to end the interview and totally unnecessary from just about every point of view. I blame the interviewer, not the actors who are there under the direction to play nice and answer questions. I also don’t think they were really mocking a fan. It was way too generic. ‘A fan’ could refer to literally anyone, and there is no way to ever know to whom they referred. I don’t think they were mean spirited. But even if they were, I don’t think you cure mean-spiritedness by returning it in kind. Why should Sam ‘receive a blow’? His days were jam packed, filled with interviews, promotion, fan encounters, being told where to go, what to do, what to say - it’s exhausting. My experience at ECCC only makes me realize that they work hard on con days - don’t get me wrong - I don’t feel bad for them. They make plenty of money, but maybe I can excuse one human for not being perfect under pressure. I really don’t think there is that much to be upset about. Water off a ducks back.

In my world, people can say stupid things and I can move on. I tell people IRL all the time that they have to work harder than that (whatever the incident was) to offend me. You have to actually try. You have to mean it, or I just won’t get offended. Even if you mean it, I still might choose not to take offense. It’s my choice and I’d rather let stuff go and feel happy. Doesn’t mean that we’ll be besties, but I don’t have to react based on another person’s desires. I don’t have to attend every fight I’m invited to, I don’t have to be angry, I don’t have to react at all if I don’t want to. That interview didn’t even make the top 500 of things that I’ll let upset me. Trust me, I’m a mess of a human and I let waaaay too much upset me.

I am sorry if it was upsetting to you. Let it go if you can, recognize that it’s just Hollywood fluff and choose to forgive and forget. And then go have an ice cream cone. It’s summer, and you’re worth it.

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so i'm dating this delightfully amazing person, and we were just chilling in front of a pond in our city talking about life and the universe. she guessed my favorite color right on the first try, so i rewarded her with a kiss on the cheek. the next day she texts me, "You know Pavlov's dogs? I'm never going to forget your favorite color." AND THAT WAS THE CUTEST THING THAT WAS EVER SAID TO ME. i am falling for her oh so hard. she's amazing💕

Awww!😊 Haha love it😊💕