pavlov dog

What is fear conditioning?

Fear conditioning, simply put, is teaching someone or something to be afraid of a stimulus. When conditioning someone to predict fear you’re associating a sound, object, action, or something of that nature with something already startling to the person(s). This will cause the person (if done correctly) to associate that sound, object, or action with what they’re already afraid of, and thus eliciting a fearful response. 

For example: 

I’ll break this down rectangle by rectangle to make this easier to understand. 

First Rectangle: Obviously, when a mouse is on its own with no stimulus there isn’t going to be an effect. 

Second Rectangle: In the upper portion of the second rectangle a mouse is introduced to a startling noise, and that elicits fear which eventually dies off. In the lower portion of the second rectangle the mouse is introduced to the same startling noise, but this time with a bell. Obviously the mouse is still going to be fearful of the startling noise, but now that the bell has been associated with the startling noise, the bell will also scare the mouse. This is because its been conditioned to understand that the bell comes with the startling noise, therefore, when the bell is sounded again the mouse fears the bell not because it’s a bell, but because it is an anticipating the startling noise.

Third Rectangle: Whether or not the mouse hears the bell and the sound or just the sound, it’s still conditioned to feel fear from the bell in anticipation of the startling noise. Though if the bell is continuously rang without introducing the startling noise [fear stimulus] the mouse will lose its conditioning and no longer be afraid of the bell being rung.    

An even simpler example would be as follows: 

Your friend is afraid of clowns, you play the Michael Jackson song thriller and show him a clown (this will elicit fear merely because of the clown), and lastly you play the song again and because a clown appeared last time at the start of the song, your friend will anticipate a clown and become fearful.

Admin Smuttyfairy’s updated fic recs!

So it’s been quite a while since I last made a fic recs page. I’ve made this for any of my lovely, curious followers to catch a glimpse (probs more than that) in the kind of trash person I am and what I read (mostly JK w/ a mix of sunshine line & some RM & SG based on others’ recs). 

Also made this for myself just as a reference back to what I’ve read and what I plan on reading~

Anyway, I encourage you all to check out the few writers I have posted here if you haven’t already! 

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I swear to god Pete's a genius

I recently got my grubby little hands on one of fall out boy’s hidden tracks, Pavlove, from Folie à Deux.

BUT: I read probably way too far into it and i think i figured the title out. Stick with me little chicken mcnuggets you’re in for a ride.

So, Pavlov’s Dog was an experiment. Pavlov trained his dog using a bell and the dog’s food. Each time food was served to the dog, he rang the bell. After enough time the dog associated the ringing of the bell with food, and would salivate even if no food was present. This is known as classical conditioning.

SO the title is a combination of ‘Pavlov’ and 'Love’, the title must mean that the subject of the song/ title is someone who is being classically conditioned to love someone or something. It’s pretty sad when you think about it. Someone was being forced to love something

Disclaimer: I tend to read into things and i could be totally wrong

P. S. Have fun with this


Recovery is not some pill that you take & magically things get better.

Your traumas, understandably, have over-activated your body’s survival system, and theONLY ANSWER IS FOR YOU to re-calibrate them: all those hormones involved in depression & anxiety.

You just need to accept, the Absolutely Truth, in what I am going to tell you.

This is called “classic conditioning”; Psy 101. Pavlov’s Dog: but the bell you will program will be the smell of lavender (candles, incense, bath salts, oils, etc.) and the result/saliva will be “body relaxing back to CENTERED.”

  1. BELL = lavender smell (your daily individualized centering rituals)
  2. SALIVA = trained body to re-calibrate hormones to CENTERED

There is no better recovery gift I can give you.

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