paving the road with asphalt

i spend time with my family,
you don’t text me.
i pretend I’m not checking my phone for your name.
i swallow back the tears
pretend I don’t mind that there’s no trace of you
trying to contact me.

i go for a drive,
and pretend i don’t know how to get to your house from any part of this damn city;
sunbleached asphalt paves the road to you.
i keep my eyes on the road and try to find ways to make things look like what they are,
rather than looking like you;
the city spot up the street from my best friends house
tastes like your skin and smells like your conditioner.

i drive home from work,
and pretend it doesn’t hurt
when you aren’t there waiting for me;
i avoid calling it home,
because you always told me
i was your home,
and without you,
my chest is an abandoned living room,
couches covered in white sheets,
layered with dust;

i lie alone in bed,
and pretend I’m not wishing for your warmth.
i still sleep wrapped in the blanket you gave me.
i don’t try to pretend
that there is even a single version of my future
without you;
i pretend that the tears I shed are raindrops;
if that’s so, every night is a rainstorm.

—  how do you say “I love you, I miss you, come home” without sounding pathetic?
In His Dorm, In His Room (2)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Summary: The inner-workings of your relationship with a dance partner, friend, and crush, Jeon Jungkook.

{credit to original photo} [Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5]

You burst through the door, accepting the cool night air of autumn to envelop your sweaty body. The breeze blew steady, rustling the falling leaves. You smiled, oddly calm with all the pressure that weighed on you.

The showcase was tomorrow, and your dance group decided to make practices daily- today being the longest practice of three hours. Seeing that you were one of the many students at this university that commuted from home, it would have been dangerous to go back home by yourself at such a late hour. Luckily, your host for the night came bounding behind you, bumping your shoulder as he walked ahead of you.

Jungkook’s golden brown hair clung to his forehead, matted down with three hours of non stop dancing; he pushed the hair back as he put on a black snapback he’d abandoned during practice. “You ready?” he asked, never giving you a chance to answer before you started walking forward.

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An Angels Angel


Gabriel x Winchester!Sister Reader

Anon asked: “Hi could you do a Gabriel x Reader fic where reader is the Winchester’s sister and hunts? Thank you!”

Warnings: Slight sarcasm in the last line xD

A/n: requests are open today.

Winchester sister imagine

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Cool moist air hit the edges of the car as it sped through the night. Paving soft lines of dry road behind the tires on the wet asphalt. Another good hunt, another one without your brothers.

It was unlikely for them to let you hunt alone, but the circumstances are very different than they were of that before. Now you had an archangel on your side, not only just any archangel, but the trickster known as Gabriel.

Gabriel hardly ever let you out of the site except for hunts. Which were hard enough to get away from him seeing as he was extremely over protective and wanted to help you. But you preferred old fashion hunting, without the help of some other supernatural creature. No matter how much you loved him.

One of the classic AC/DC songs blaring through the stereos, “Highway to Hell” ironic right? Everything was quiet, too quiet. Except for the sounds of your humming along to the good tune.

“How’s it hanging sweet cheeks? “Gabriel appeared out of nowhere, now sitting in the passenger seat, prepping his arm up classically onto the side door with this smirk that only he could own.

Without question you slammed on the brakes, holding the Honda to a screeching stop on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.

“Now before you ask, “he began to defend his case which didn’t end up well for him as you threw a hand in the space slowly with your eyes closed and filled with irritation.

“I told you I don’t need your help hunting. “You sighed out with aggravation knowing that this was not the first nor the last time that he would show up like this on a hunt.

Needing fresh air, you slowly slid out of the car only to find that he was to allowing his own body to exit his side of the car.

“Nice song by the way, but wrong angel brother you’re thinking of.” He tried to joke, knowing that he didn’t make you happy by appearing during the hunt.

All he wanted to do was help, but this was a family business. And the deal was that if you left with him, he’d allow you to keep hunting as you chose, of course with the approval of Sam and Dean. They wouldn’t ever let you hunt anything too serious or new, that is when they knew of your hunting.

“Why don’t you trust me? “Your body leaned up against the hood of the car ignoring the wet exterior that the rain had caused.

Gabriel sighed out, doing anything but looking at your face, knowing it would show a certain sad look he couldn’t stand to feel for.

“You know it’s not that I don’t trust you, I don’t trust the things that you’re going after. “His face stay hung low yet his eyes green and clear peer up at you, glaring almost, trying to fight for his case.

“They’re monsters hon, supernatural beings, not exactly trust worthy.” A slight laugh came chuckling behind your words.

“Is that how you see me? An untrusty freak with wings?” The two of you had been together for years, yet somehow this question still came up. Like he didn’t have any faith in himself.

“Well yeah, but you’re my untrusty freak with wings.” Taking a step forward you cocked your head to the side a bit, raising your eyebrow in a flirting way. “There’s a reason they call you a Trickster babe.”

A small knowing smile slipped on his lips which you had kissed a million times it seemed. Only this time you parted ways with a kiss on his cheek and a gentle hand on the opposing.

“Head on home, I’ll finish up here and drive back.” A still tender and sweet smile lay on your lips and spreading to your cheeks, making his own face reflect the same tender love.

“No, I don’t need you to fly overhead to keep my safe either.” You added on hastily, knowing his intentions.

“Angel radio tune in?” He asked, wiggling his eyebrows. “I’ll tolerate the rock music as long as I can know you’re safe.”

“I’m a Winchester,” you scoffed, turning back to enter the at again. “Who would want to do any harm to me?”

Southern California Gothic

- The drought has lasted as long as you’ve been alive. Surrounded by thick lawns and ocean breezes, you can usually forget. But when when you travel the open spaces between the towns, you feel a sympathetic ache with the earth, as if this land wasn’t made for you. You dream of rain, and wake with your skin cracked and your mouth dry.

- The invisible machinery of your world - the food picked, the shelves stocked, the houses cleaned, the cement poured,  -  is maintained by people who never forget that men that may come in the night to take them away, who see a police car and think of the family that they may never see again. You can taste the fear in every bite of food. You can feel it in the shine of the freshly-mopped floor, drifting on currents of warm air and sunshine.

- The seasons never change. Every day is bright and cloudless.  It’s pleasant at first, but as the years wear on the relentless sameness begins to worry at you, an itch somewhere in your mind. The days feel too long, and the very perfection of the weather has become oppressive somehow. Time slows around you, congealing like amber, imprisoning you in light and warmth.

- This land has a history stretching back thousands of years, but no one knows it; no one cares. No one can tell you the names of the people who used to live here, before the land was covered in concrete and asphalt. But beneath the paved roads and aging malls lie memories of brutal conquest, of slaughter.

- The suburbs stretch on, quiet and endless. The streets are empty; no one is ever outside. When you go for a walk at night, your neighbors watch you from their windows as the automatic garage lights flick on one by one, lighting your path. 

- The loneliness of desert towns that only exist because it’s where cars run low on gas - a small cluster of gas stations, chain restaurants, and motels surrounded by barren ground and distant mountains. Driving at night, you see them calling to you from across the vast silence of the desert, oases of light.

- For hours you can have inescapable sense that something is wrong, that some forgotten animal part of your brain wants you to flee. Only when you step outside do you recognize the orange haze of the sky, the smell of smoke, and all at once you realize that the fires have come again.

The Life of Negan &a Lucille (Here's Negan) - CHAPTER 16

Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds

Negan walked through the hospital corridor with his hands in his pockets. Just leaving Lucille alone for a few minutes was enough to make his stomach turn in knots, but she’d had specific instructions for him and he followed them. Part of her requests was a promise he’d made her, and a smile formed on his face as his hand toyed with the small, plastic bottle of Jack Daniels in the pocket of his shorts.

Lucille smiled as he rounded into the room with a mischievous grin. “There is no look I enjoy more than the one that’s one your face right now.”

He laughed and looked over his shoulder before progressing into the room. “I feel like I’m in high school… sneaking in booze, waiting for your parents to leave.” He handed her the small nip of alcohol. “As I promised.”

“Thank you honey.” She smiled as he leaned down and kissed several times in a row.

“So… may I ask why you had me park in the back?” Negan smirked, “Was it because it’s a longer walk and you think I’m putting on a little fuckin’ weight or something?”

Lucille laughed lightly. “First off, I like it when you have a couple extra pounds. Secondly, it’s all a part of my plan.”

“Your plan?”

“My plan.” She smiled wide.

Negan folded his arms over his chest and stared at her with a grin. “I’m intrigued.”

“I figured you would be.”

He continued to smile. “You look like you’re feeling better today.”

Lucille nodded. “I am. I was waiting for a day like this to carry this out.”

Negan chuckled. “You wouldn’t be trying to seduce me, now would you?”

She laughed and placed a hand on his forearm. He slipped his hand down, interlocking his fingers with hers. “I can’t count the number of times I’ve thought about attempting that.” She sighed with a little flutter of laughter. “You might break me.”

“Well, I wouldn’t want to do that.” Negan sat down on the side of her bed and kissed her forehead. “So, what’s the plan then?”

“Are you up for a little bit of trouble?” she said softly.

Negan’s smile widened and he looked over his shoulder and then back at her. “I’m always up for a little fuckin’ trouble, honey. What do you have in mind?”

Lucille squeezed her fingers against his. “You’re going to sneak me out of this hospital.”

He laughed. “Is that right?”

“That’s right,” she went on, “If you followed my directions… which I know is hard for you to do because you just love to be in control…” Lucille winked making him chuckle, “You should be parked right by a door by the back stairs over here.”

“I think I got it right.” Negan smiled a little wider.

“Once we make it out of this hall you should be clear to carry me down. It’s starting to dark outside so no one should be able to see us really.” Lucille smiled, “And from here to the stairwell is only about ten yards.”

“10 yards to the goal line… touchdown.”

She laughed. “Exactly. I knew you’d like it if I gave you the distance in yards.”

“Nobody fuckin’ gets me like you do.” Negan leaned in and kissed her. “Are we going now?”

Lucille unscrewed the top of the Jack Daniels nip and drank half of it before passing the tiny bottle to her husband. “Yes.”

“I love it when you’re the trouble maker.” He downed the rest of the liquid and scooped her up out of the bed. “What’s the plan when we get out of here?”

“This is step one,” she informed him, “I’ll tell you step two once we make a left out of the parking lot.”

Negan laughed again and hurried them both toward the door, looking out both ways. “I feel like James Bond or some shit,” he whispered, making Lucille laugh quietly against him. “Taking you away from the bad guy.” He hurried out of the room, closing the door behind him with his foot and then slunk through the doorway that led down the stairs. His hurried footsteps and Lucille’s giggles echoed off the walls and he cursed with a laugh of his own as he struggled to open the door with her in his arms.

“Fucking truck,” he huffed, laughing again as he finally opened the door and got her inside. Negan rounded the car to the driver’s side and then turned on the headlights, backed the truck out of the space and made his way out of the parking lot, taking a hard left as Lucille had instructed. “What a rush.” He reached for her hand, and took in the all blue hospital clothes. “You make all blue look good baby.”

She chuckled and leaned her head against his shoulder. “Hop on the highway going north for one exit,” she told him.

“Get off 55?”

Lucille nodded. “Yeah.”

Negan did as she asked, taking his time on the drive with his wife. He didn’t want to rush whatever it was that she had planned. For the rest of the ride he listened to her instructions, taking lefts and rights through the town until she finally pointed up ahead for the final direction. “There’s a small road up here with no street sign,” she explained.

He slowed the car down and glanced up ahead toward the right where she pointed. “Got it honey. Sure this truck’s gunna fuckin’ fit?” the road was narrow and hadn’t been paved in years. The lingering asphalt was cracked and dirt had taken over a good half of the road. In some spots there were weeds growing through the cracks.

“I hope so,” Lucille said with a chuckle, “I almost forgot how big it was.”

Negan whipped his head in her direction and Lucille laughed at her purposely suggestive choice of words. “I’m so glad you’re feelin’ good today honey.” He winked at her.

“Me too.” She grinned. “I love laughing with you.” A content sigh left her mouth and she pointed, “We’re not far.”

“You taking me out here to kill me?” he joked, “Because I’d be just fuckin’ fine with that.”

Lucille smiled. “If I was going to kill you, I think it would have been in one of our fights a lot earlier than this.”

“We didn’t fight much,” he agreed with a smile, “But when we did…” Negan raised his eyebrows. “You threw your hair iron thing at me once.”

Lucille laughed and scrunched her nose. “I know…”

“While it was still hot,” he added with a laugh.

She laughed again and laid her head back down against him. “Well… there’s going to be no fighting tonight.” She pointed toward a small clearing. “Park here. Can you help me down through a short path in the woods?”

“Can I… of course I fucking can.” Negan killed the engine and turned off the lights. Things were barely visible around them as the sun had almost turned in for the night. He lifted Lucille out of the car and then carried her down the path that began just a few feet away from where he parked.

Lucille kept her arms around his shoulders. “It’s just past this little bridge.”

He walked over a small wooden bridge, eyeing the saltwater stream beneath it and then felt the ground begin to turn to sand. When the trees thinned out he could hear the roll of waves on a shore and smiled when a small beach came into view. Negan looked down. “What is this place?”

“I used to come here with my friends when I was a kid,” Lucille confessed. “It’s been years and years since I’ve been here.” She smiled up at him. “It’s really private. I never used to see anyone when we came here.” She pointed toward a blanket with some food and a case of beer on ice. “I was going to do wine… but both of us would rather have a nice, cold beer I think.”

Negan laughed and then shook his head. “How did you do this?”

“I have good friends,” she told him, and then leaned up to kiss him once.

“I wish I fucking thought of something like this,” Negan said, still shaking his head in disbelief.

“Well… I know no one will come out here and I had to do this on a day that I felt just a little bit better than the rest.”

Negan stared down at her in his arms and kissed her again, leaving his lips against her for an extra couple of seconds. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She smiled, “And like I said… I kind of like you with a couple extra pounds… so it’s mostly junk food.”

“Perfect.” He carried her toward the blanket and set her down before cracking open a beer for both of them. “Can you have this being on your meds?”

Lucille looked over at him with a closed-mouth grin. “Negan… I’m dying. What the hell do I care?”

Negan swallowed hard, hating when Lucille or anyone else acknowledged that. He couldn’t quite manage a smile until she raised her glass and touched it against his. “To us.”

He toasted with her, nodding as he did. “To the best fucking years of my life.”

“And mine.” Lucille took a long sip from the bottle and then took a deep breath before accepting another kiss from her husband.

“You should’ve told me about this place.” Negan slipped an arm around her shoulders and stared out.

“Honestly… it didn’t cross my mind until I was looking through old photos… and then I thought about this.” Lucille grinned. “This could have been our little getaway, huh?”

“That’s exactly what it is right now.” He rubbed her back and took a sip of his beer, taking in the final glow from the sun along the horizon that had already slunk down below the water line. Negan glanced down at the small collection of food. “Chocolate covered cherries.” He reached down and grabbed one and then held it up to her mouth. Lucille took it from him, catching his finger with her tongue on purpose and making him laugh.

They alternated between all different types of junk food, washing each bite down with the ice cold beer and then Lucille finally looked at him. “Ready for the crazy part?”

Negan glanced over at her. “What’s that?” Lucille smiled, slowly stripping off her clothing and couldn’t help but giggle when he raised his eyebrows with a smirk. “I thought I was in danger of breaking you,” he said with a laugh.

“It’s called skinny dipping,” she told him, “Ever hear of it?”

He laughed and shook his head. “No… never,” he joked.

“Take your clothes off.” Lucille gave a light tug on his shirt. “Even if we don’t have sex it doesn’t mean we can’t be together physically. I miss touching you.” She took in a deep breath and looked him in the eye. “Who knows if we’ll get to do something like this again.” She reached for two towels and then slowly began walking through the sand.

Negan felt a strange sadness, but managed a smile and stripped down before following her down to the water. “Don’t judge me if the water’s cold… if you know what I fuckin’ mean.”

Lucille laughed as she entered the water first and looked over her shoulder as Negan followed just behind her, sighing and shivering as he got deeper into the water. “The salt water is supposed to help heal,” she told him, moving her arms and legs as the water crept up just above her chest. She shivered once and then turned toward him.

Negan scooped her body up as he approached, holding her across his body and Lucille touched his face. “You’re so good to me,” she whispered.

He smiled and kissed her, surprised when she kissed him back a little more urgently. Negan closed his eyes and kissed her harder, taking short breaths in between the gentle lapses of his tongue against hers.

“God, do I miss that,” Lucille whispered against him before accepting his lips against hers again.

Negan traced down her legs with his fingertips and then allowed her back on her feet in the chest-height water. He positioned himself behind her, massaging her back and shoulders gently before running his hands down her arms, carefully paying attention to her aching muscles.

“Picture yourself in a boat a river… with tangerine trees and marmalade skies…” Negan smiled to himself when she laughed and he wrapped his arms around her as she leaned her back against his bare chest. He continued with the lyrics to her favorite Beatles song, singing them quietly into her ear. “Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly… a girl with kaleidoscope eyes.” Negan kissed the area just below her ear, skipping the next few lines to get to the chorus, “Lucy in the sky with diamonds…”

Lucille joined him in singing the chorus and melted against him with her eyes closed as he bit down lightly as he trailed his lips down her neck until he got to her shoulders. “This might be the best night of my life,” she whispered to him.

Negan moved his lips from her shoulder to her earlobe and latched his teeth there before whispering. “I love you.”

She placed her hands over his and the two of them stood there together beneath the glow of the moon. In that moment there was no pain. There was no illness. There was no sadness. There was only Negan and Lucille.

Realizing after finishing Half a War that the Shattered Sea books were actually lowkey post-apocalyptic this whole time has me so immensely shook


Like, okay, “elf-weapons” are guns. That part’s pretty easy to figure out, but once you realize that SO MUCH BECOMES CLEAR

“Elf-ruins” are skyscrapers, big cities. The roads are black because they’re paved with asphalt.

The Breaking of God/Breaking of the World was probably some kind of catastrophic nuclear event. That’s why elf-ruins like Strokom are forbidden, because they’re irradiated, and while this future primitive society might not understand why that’s deadly they sure as hell understand that IT’S DEADLY.

And then there’s that one scene in Half a War… FUCK I went to reread that again and found so many more details than I was originally going to discuss. “Things of crumpled metal, their blistered paint flaking,” cars. “Masts as tall as ten men, festooned with skeins of wires…,” telephone poles. And then (this is what I originally wanted to discuss), “Koll saw it was a painting of amazing detail,” a photograph. “A woman, holding up her wrist to show a golden elf-bangle, smiling wildly as if it gave her great joy to wear such a thing,” a shop-window advertisement. (Sidenote, isn’t it really fascinating to think about how a society with no framework for things like cars and guns and photography – things we take for granted – might describe them?)

It’s the kind of plot twist that easily could have been hackish and laughable in the wrong hands, but Joe Abercrombie handles it so masterfully that it actually, in my opinion, made the series better. Like, it was already a strong candidate for my favorites shelf, but that twist just solidified its place and then some. Holy crap, these books. And to think I never really had high hopes for Half a King, I picked it up because I found it at the dollar store (of all places) and I’d seen one of my mutuals post about it at some point (I think it might’ve been @low-key-liberal but I’m not sure), and I figured “Eh, it’s a good hardcover copy for a dollar, why the hell not?” I did not expect to like it as much as I did, and I definitely did not expect to immediately go in search of the rest of the books. So thank you to whichever mutual that was, I owe you one for finding me my new favorite series 😃

American VS Australian Names for Things

lol that title could of been better. basically aussies call things different thinsg to american things and things. things. the list will be as follows: 

what an australian calls the thing vs what american call the thing. 

hope that makes sense. hopefully i get it right cos americans like yelling at me when i get things wrong. some most of these i also found online cos i dont know everything anything. so lets not shoot the messenger aka ME.

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after a year of working, scrapping ideas + reworking, sol is exactly the way i want it to be! its a lively modern town w/ asphalt and sidewalks and brick paved roads. there are four houses to explore, and i placed outfits & handhelds all over the town, so be sure to look everywhere! if you visit and take pics please tag them as #prolistening! i'd love to see what you have to say! ✿ da: 5F00-001A-86DC

Construction Going Green With Asphalt And Concrete

by Katharine Gammon, Inside Science

Construction and maintenance of roads and buildings use up lots of money and resources. Asphalt roads wear out over time, and acquiring concrete for buildings means digging deeper and deeper into quarries for material. But new recycling technologies may take some of the pressure off the world’s resources while keeping roads paved and buildings safe.

Asphalt is a paving material made of gravel and other materials bound together with a thick petroleum. Over time, exposure to the elements causes asphalt to age, become brittle and crack. This means that roads paved with asphalt must be repaved periodically. As the old asphalt is pulled up, only a tiny fraction can be reused: most of it heads to a landfill or gets stacked up for later use.

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