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Asakusa Ryounkaku 浅草凌雲閣 (Cloud-Surpassing Pavilion) building or Juunikai 十二回 (12 floors) - 1890-1923

The Ryounkaku was designed by the Scottish engineer W. K. Burton in the late 1880s. The opening was made in November 11, 1890 - Adjacent to Tokyo Asakusa Park, 46 merchandise stores from around the world were up to the 8th floor, the upper floor was likely an observation room. A lounge was on the eighth floor, and art exhibitions were held on the ninth floor, while the tenth through twelfth were observation decks. From there, all of Tokyo could be seen and on a clear day also Mount Fuji. Many artistic and cultural events were held in the Ryounkaku, including Western music concerts, geisha photograph exhibitions, beauty contests etc. Famous was the store where wood-block prints were made for Sugoroku, a popular Japanese board game. 225 Feet (65 m) height. There was a second floor of a wooden building on the 10th floor on the top the brick part. First building equiped of 2 electric elevators in Japan at this time. The billboard in front of the tower advertised Jintan, a breath mint product still sold in Japan.

It was the first “Tokyo Sky Tree"… After the Great Kanto Earthquake 関東大震災 in September 1, 1923, it was demolished.