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Rick’s sister (Daryl Dixon x Reader) Part 2

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Imagine being Rick’s little sister. He thinks you’re dead but you survived somehow to find him and his group at the farm months after the outbreak. Now you live with the group and Shane decides to be a ‘jerk’ to you. 

Part 1 

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Your eyes fluttered open as a ray of sunshine warmed up your skin. You sighed softly and stretched your arms, making your rugged blanket fall off your body. You sat there, a small smile on your lips as your eyes adjusted to the dim morning light. It must have been early in the morning because you could still hear the soft sound of Daryl snoring on his cot next to yours. You chuckled silently and turned your head to the side to look at him. Your cots were at two opposite sides of his tent but you were still slightly flustered by the approximate closeness the tent provided. Your eyes trailed up to his face, he had his right arm over his eyes and the left one gripped his pillow. He looked peaceful, and for once, he didn’t seem pissed off or sad. You shook your head slightly and sat up in your makeshift bed, your head still disoriented and your stomach aching from the lack of food.

It has been three days now that Daryl found you in the woods and brought you back to your brother but you were still too weak to go out and help finding Sophia, even if you desperately wanted to help. You could see how much it meant for the group, Carol was hardly eating or even living. The poor woman was already grieving the loss of her little girl and any trace of hope had already left her heart. Rick couldn’t help but blame himself for what had happened. Even if he tried to stay strong for everyone, you knew your brother. You knew that he had to find her in order to forgive himself. Then, there was Daryl. Your redneck savior was the one who seemed to care the most, even though he wouldn’t admit it out loud, Daryl was out into the woods every single day to find the lost girl.

You closed your eyes for a second then took a last glance at Daryl’s sleeping form and got out of the tent with new clothes and your knife. You were too scared of changing into the tent and taking the risk of Daryl seeing you. As long as you could remember, you had always been modest and shy around people, especially men. As you exited the tent and zipped it back up, you looked over the camp. Everybody was still asleep except from Shane who was on watch on RV’s rooftop. The man looked down at you and smiled, his eyes roaming your body in a way that made you gag. You turned your eyes away and started to walk toward the farm house. You’ve become good friends with Maggie and Beth over the past few days and Hershel gave you the authorization to use their bathroom to change and clean up. You climbed up the small set of stairs before the pavilion house, looking back over the camp to see Shane now standing on the rooftop and looking in your direction. You turned away again and knocked on the wooden door, waiting for the authorization to enter the house. Soft footsteps approached the door quickly and you looked up to be met by Hershel’s squinted eyes. You smiled and the old man opened the door, returning your smile.

“Good morning, sir.” You greeted your host, the old man smiled at you and stepped aside to let you in.

“Good morning (Y/N), you’re up early today.” Hershel said, his voice filled with kindness. You didn’t know why the old man was that nice to you, you knew that he was a good man but Rick had told you that he wanted you gone when Carl would be healed and ready to travel. You suspected that Maggie had something to do with the old man’s behavior towards you.

“Yes, I’m used to wake up early. When I was alone I couldn’t sleep that much.” You answer sheepishly as Hershel closed the door and walked into the kitchen.

“I understand.” He simply answered. “Maggie is already awake if you want to go see her in her room.” He added, already distracted with a book. You nodded your head and thanked the man before quickly making your way upstairs and knocked on Maggie’s door.

“Come in!” You heard her voice say. You smiled and open the door to see her looking out the window toward your camp. You chuckled as you sat on her bed with your new clothes still in your arms.

“Trying to have a good look at Glenn?” You teased her with a mischievous grin, making her groan and turned around to look at you.

“Will you stop?” She said and rolled her eyes as she walked in your direction and sat on the bed.

“Never!” You answered in a chuckle, loving to tease the two love birds. Maggie tried to convince herself that what she felt for Glenn was nothing more than a crush but you knew better. You saw how she was looking at him and, more importantly, you saw how Glenn was looking at her. The young man was completely in love with the farmer’s daughter, it was obvious.

“Look who’s talking, you’re sleeping in the tent of mister crossbow over there. I know how you feel about him, you can’t stop looking at that flower he gave you.” Maggie said and it was your turn to roll your eyes and try to hide your flushed cheeks.

“Please Maggie, he’s way older than me. I’m sure he doesn’t care about me as much as you think he does.”

“Keep telling yourself that, (Y/N) but I’m telling you. This man has feelings for you.” She smirked knowingly.

“It’s only been three days, Maggie!” You argued but Maggie shook her head.

“And so what? He saved you, he brought you back to your brother, he looks after you, he gives you flowers!” Maggie tried to convince you but you shook your head.

“Because he wanted to apologize for being an asshole to me before that, not because he wanted to make a love declaration.” As the words left your lips, Maggie groaned in exasperation.

“You’re so stubborn in the Grimes family, I swear!” The southern girl said as she slapped the palm of her hand on her forehead.

You laughed at her antics and so did she, after several more minutes talking with Maggie you decided to use their bathroom and take a quick shower before changing into clean clothes. You told Maggie that she could ask for you if she needed any help with the chores she had to do and went back to your camp. It was still early but some people were already awake, including Dale, Glenn and Rick. You smiled brightly and hugged your big brother from behind, wrapping your arms roughly around his shoulders and jumped on his back. Rick groaned but quickly grabbed your legs as if he was carrying you on his back.

“Morning brother!” You said as you laughed at his grumpy face. You jumped down and he turned around with a small smirk on his lips.

“Good morning sister, you’re already up?” He asked you and kissed your cheek in a brotherly way. You smiled and nodded.

“Yes, I went to talk to Maggie while waiting for your lazy ass to wake up.” You teased him, making him shove your shoulder slightly. Glenn and Dale laughed and you stepped aside to greet them.

Dale had started the fire back and T-Dog was cooking eggs as Carol made her way towards the man to help him. You were chatting with Glenn when suddenly, Daryl emerged from his tent, his eyes wide open and quickly putting his crossbow over his shoulders. He seemed agitated and worried as his eyes looked over the camp in search of something. Then, his eyes landed on you and he seemed to calm down. You smiled at him as he exited the tent more at ease and made his way over the log you were sitting on with Glenn.

“Good morning Daryl.” You greeted him with a nice smile. You didn’t know that but your smile always made his heart skip a beat.

“Mornin’.“ He grumbled out in his morning voice, making you blush unintentionally. “Where were ya?”  He asked as Glenn passed him a plate of eggs and squirrel.

“I went to have a little chat with Maggie.” You answered with a raised eyebrow, taken aback by his concern.

Daryl nodded his head and grumble something before making his way behind his tent to God knows where. You turned your head towards Glenn who was looking at Daryl’s direction as if he had just seen a ghost then his eyes shifted to look at you.

“Well… that was weird.” Your friend said making you giggle and nod your head in agreement.

Daryl came back after a few minutes and sat on a camping chair next to Glenn, his eyes shifting from his food to you as you finished your small share of eggs. You knew that Daryl was suspicious about you giving your food to Carl sometimes but he had never said anything about it… until now.

“Here…” You heard Daryl’s voice say, making you look up at him. He was extending his plate in your direction, his nodded his head towards the plate gesturing for you to take it. You shook your head and tried to decline the offer, Glenn looking from Daryl to you as you answered the hunter.

“No, that’s your share Daryl. You have to eat, I already had mine.” You tried to lie with a smile on your lips. Daryl groaned then grabbed your plate and shoved half of his food into it. You sighed and glanced at Glenn who was smirking at you. Daryl set the plate on your lap and groaned again.

“Eat.” He said sternly making you scoff but eat anyway. Glenn let out a chuckle at your pouting face, making Daryl and you glare at him.

Your eyes met Daryl’s, his stare made you blush but you nodded your head at him and mouthed a small “thank you”. Daryl’s lips tugged slightly into a small smile then he looked down at his plate. You smiled softly and started to eat the food Daryl had gave you, hopefully this interaction would go unnoticed by the rest of the group but it was without taking Shane into account.

“Well, well, well!” You heard Shane’s loud voice from the other side of the fire, your heart stopped as you knew what he was about to do. “Look at that! The stone-cold redneck seems to have a little crush on my best friend’s little sister, huh!” His voice was so loud that everyone stopped talking and looked at Daryl then at you.

“What the hell man?!” Daryl quickly said in a pissed off voice, glaring at Shane in a way that made you shiver. Daryl could really be intimidating.

“I saw you give half of your food to (Y/N), man.” Shane said as if he had seen something forbidden. You looked at Daryl to see him clenched his fists and glared even more at Shane. Glenn shifted on his seat beside you, clearly feeling uncomfortable about the situation.

“And so what?” You stepped in, trying to defend Daryl. “What’s your problem Shane?” You glared at him then looked at Rick who seemed really tired about Shane’s mess.

“My problem? I don’t have a problem. I just think it’s funny to see a man like him trying to get to a girl like you.” He said and you saw Daryl’s shoulders tensed. Your face flushed in anger, knowing how Daryl felt about his origins.

“Shut up Shane! It’s not because you have your freaking little heart broken that you have to be a jerk like that. I’m not stupid Shane, I know what you did.” You said in threatening voice, making Shane tensed up and glared at you.

“You know nothing, little girl.” He seethed getting ready to get up but Rick stepped before you.

“Okay, that’s enough!” Your brother told Shane in an authoritative voice. Shane sat back down and everyone looked at Daryl and you.

You felt so shy and embarrassed about what had happened that you looked down and stared at your plate. You felt Glenn’s hand on your shoulder and this simple kind gesture made you feel intently better. Suddenly, Daryl shove his plate to the ground and got up before storming away towards the RV. Rick followed him and several people gathered around a car talking about the searching plan for today. You were still pissed off about what had happened with Shane even if you saw Rick lecture him about it, it wasn’t enough. In addition, you knew that because of that Daryl would push you away.

You were hanging clothes with Carol when you saw the group separate from the car and going in different directions. Your eyes searched for Daryl and you saw him walk towards the stable. You quickly excused yourself to Carol and tried to catch up to him. The man entered the stable as you finally caught up and called his name.

“Daryl! Wait up!” You said as you tried to catch your breath. Daryl stopped and turned around, his face only showing annoyance.

“What do ya want?” He asked harshly, making you sighed.

“I wanted to know if you were alright. You know, after what Shane said…” You mumbled shyly.

“I don’t give a shit about what he said. It wasn’t true anyway…” He answered as if he didn’t care at all. You looked up at him but he was already walking away towards one of Hershel’s horse.

“But… I mean, he’s an asshole you know. It’s not personal, it’s…” You tried again but Daryl turned around and his anger took you aback.

“I said I didn’t care! I don’t care about ya! I don’t care about what he said! I could never love a girl like ya! Love is stupid and if ya think that I was giving ya my food because I care then ya’re stupid too!” Daryl shouted at you, almost getting in your face.

You took a step back out of instinct and looked at him with slight fear and sadness. Your eyes dropped to the ground trying to hide your tears as they trailed down your cheeks without your consent. You didn’t want to cry before him but you couldn’t help it. You took a shaky breath in, on order to calm down.

“Well… You made it pretty clear now. Good luck out there.” You said before turning around and almost running out of the stable, tears now running down your cheeks freely.

You ran away from the camp and from Carol who tried to call your name but you couldn’t face her right now. You felt so exposed and stupid as you ran behind the farm house to hide from everyone. You lent your back against the wooden walls and slid down until you sat on the ground and buried your face into your knees. You stayed there, sat in the dirt, crying your eyes out in shame. You didn’t know why Daryl’s words pained you that much, after all, you had met the man only three days ago. You knew that a friendship couldn’t develop in this short period of time but his words still stabbed your heart. Maybe it was because you cared about him when he didn’t care about you in return? You sighed and tried to calm down, a few sobs escaping your lips before you harshly wiped under your eyes and got up at the same time as Maggie walked out of her house by the back door.

“(Y/N)?” She asked in surprise, seeing the miserable state you were in. “What happened?” She seemed worried as she took you into her arms and hugged you close. You tried to talk but your throat felt soar so you simply shook your head as she pulled away.

“It’s Daryl, isn’t it?” She asked in an annoyed voice. You looked up at her briefly then shrugged your shoulders before nodding your head ‘yes’. Maggie sighed and took your hand to lead you into the house. “Don’t worry, whatever he said, he doesn’t mean it.”

“I highly doubt that.” You said just above a whisper, making Maggie look at you with sad eyes.

“Come on, you’ll help us with dinner. It will make you think about something else.” Maggie said as she took you with her into the house and made you help her, Carol, Beth, Patricia and Lori.

Daryl was laying in the dirt, his head and side hurt but he could only focus on the voice of his brother. He couldn’t believe that he let this happen, the horse he had took to search for Sophia sent him down a cliff and he was now hurt with one of his own arrows piercing though his side. Even if it hurt as hell Daryl couldn’t help but think that he deserved it. He could still see your pained eyes, your tears trailing down your cheeks as your heart broke in pieces. Seeing you hurt was the most horrible thing for him, and knowing that he had caused you so much pain made him hate himself more than anything.

“What did you think, man! You’re not good enough for a sweet girl like her! Nobody will ever care about you lil’ brother, except for me.” Merle said and Daryl groaned in exasperation.

“Shut up man!” Daryl said as strong as he could. “Ya don’t know what ya’re talking about.”

“Oh, but because you do?” Merle laughed, making Daryl close his eyes as he tried to stay awake. Merle shoved Daryl’s feet, making his little brother open his eyes once again.

“Hey man stay awake! You have to make it out of here or I’ll go back to your camp again and shot officer friendly in the head then take care of your sweet girl for you!” Merle laughed again, making Daryl groan in anger and opened his eyes widely.

“Don’t ya dare hurt her, man!” Daryl searched for Merle around him, ready to beat him to the ground even with an arrow through his side.

“Why did you say you didn’t care about her if you do, man?” Merle asked and kneeled before his little brother. Daryl felt suddenly too dizzy to even keep his eyes open.

“I… I don’t know man… I don’t know…” Was all Daryl could say before he passed out, hearing his brother laugh at his answer. All he could think about was if he would ever see (Y/N) Grimes again.

“I’m sorry angle.” He thought before falling into darkness.

Hi guys! So here is the second part! I hope that you like it! Tell me if you want a part 3 ;) 

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Also, dearest, when you get the chance, I'd love a written up version of our bby Shisui biting Tobirama's hand in the Oval Office while Wifey is on vacation and Tobirama just glaring at Kagami like "Why did you have this child now I am scarred for life

More Political AU! This is probably the most iconic scene in this whole AU tbh; i dunno if i did it justice…

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There were many things that Tobirama expected when he became President, some were simple and some were problematic, but none the less, all of which were things that he knew he could deal with. He had full faith in his ability to be able to combat whatever may pass along his way during his time in office. Never before had he faced something that he could not deal with, and so as he entered the presidency, he had been quickly approaching a point where had begun to think that he would ever find anything that he could not handle. Though there was one particular issue that came into the picture shortly after he became president that he had never anticipated and he was well aware that he was not fully prepared to handle…

And that was a nine month old Shisui Uchiha.

With the sound of a small hand clashing against paper in attempt to play with it, Tobirama’s thought process was completely halted, the small noise breaking his concentration over the documents he was trying to analyze. Nearly scowling as he lifted his eyes up from his papers and to his Vice President, Tobirama’s annoyance with the entire situation was evident as he silent questioned many of the events that had led them to their current position. On any normal day, he would have left his office hours ago and would have been enjoying his night in the blessed silence of the living quarters of the White House, yet that was not a possibility right then. With the nation in the midst of a somewhat controversial healthcare reform and a major decision over it all needing to be made within the next sixteen hours, both Tobirama and Kagami were trapped within the Oval Office until they could decide on what the morning would hold.  

And so, as Tobirama remained questioning why on earth he was still in his office at 11:34 at night, he looked over to his VP as he sat rereading over one of the legislative proposals with his child in his lap, gnawing on a vanilla wafer and trying to grab a hold of the very paper his father was trying to read. Tobirama’s frown was evident as he watched Kagami try to balance his attention between the nation’s newest healthcare reform and his son, the already burdenous night weighed down even more by the fact that there was a rather ornery child in the room. For a moment, Tobirama just watched as the nine month old continued on trying to grasp the paper, the cookie somehow remaining in his mouth as he reached for the document, while Kagami just kept reading the fine print almost as if he didn’t have a baby trying to get a hold of it. Now, Tobirama was well aware that this was going to be a long day, but the fact that it had lasted this long and now there was now an infant in his office causing interruptions, he was beginning to lose his patience. Breaking to silence of meticulous work, Tobirama questioned the presence of the unexpected guest in the Oval Office, “Is it really necessary to have a child in here this late? Couldn’t you have just found a babysitter?”

Glancing up from the paper, Kagami frowned slightly before trying to reason with him, knowing that this wasn’t an ideal situation, but at the same time Tobirama could have very much prevented having a baby in his office at such an hour if he hadn’t waited until the last minute for this reform. “Well, since you sent my wife out of the country on four hours notice, because of your trade with Romania falling through again, we couldn’t find a babysitter that could get him to sleep. He was just throwing a fit for the one we had and I wasn’t going to let them go through six hours of Shisui crying.” Kagami offered up, knowing that his son wasn’t the easiest to get to sleep, and it was just easier on everyone for him to simply take Shisui with him.

“Is it my fault your babysitter couldn’t get a child to sleep?”

“No, but-”

“And why couldn’t Y/N just taken him to Romania?” the president questioned, knowing that child had used his passport more in his nine months alive than Tobirama had used his in his entire life.

With a deep breath in Kagami decided that it was best to forego the President’s questions and just try to make to through the night as quickly and seamlessly and possible. “He’s not doing anything right now, and the faster we make a decision on what the final vote will be, the faster we can both leave. Besides he should be falling asleep pretty soon, normally he’s out by 7:30,” the Uchiha offer up, trying to appease both Tobirama and his baby.  

Giving a disapproving glare to Kagami and then Shisui, Tobirama inquired his VP’s previous statement, “Kagami, It’s 11:30, and he is still wide awake.”

Looking from Tobirama to Shisui, Kagami just smiled at his nine month old and questioned him, his tone completely changing as he talked to Shisui “Why won’t you go to bed? Aren’t you tired?” he asked lightheartedly as he held onto his hand, “Or do you just really care about passing this universal healthcare?” Kagami continued to joke, a completely different attitude evident when it came to his son.

And as soon as that was questioned, the only thing that could be heard throughout the Oval Office was the laughing of an infant as he hugged onto his father.

Helplessly smiling despite the fact that he could feel Tobirama’s glare, Kagami just laughed at Shisui’s reaction, “Aw, your mom would be so proud-”

“Are you seriously asking an infant about the approval of the nation’s healthcare?” Tobirama interrupted, almost in disbelief.

Standing up and placing Shisui on the carpet with a handful of teethers and links, Kagami shook his head as he turned back to the President, “No, but he needs attention, because I’ve been here all day and Y/N’s in Romania.” he offered up, justifying his reasons- reasons that were caused by Tobirama’s demands. “And if we’re being realistic, Shisui probably has more education and understanding behind universal healthcare than most conservatives in Senate.”

Hearing that, Tobirama fell silent for a moment, knowing that last comment was not far off from the truth. So inhaling, he just nodded, “Very, well. Let’s just finish this, so we can both go home.”

And for a good moment, the two men were allowed to work and make progress on their decision of what was going to happen in the morning, yet that was only for a moment. Like before, it was a small unfamiliar noise that broke Tobirama’s focus on the proposed bill. Instantly looking behind himself as he heard a small hand clash against the metal post that held the nation’s flag, an immediate grimace was upon the Senju’s face as he was able to take in the scene behind him. There, right behind him, was his VP’s child just casually chewing on one of the most iconic flags in the entire world as if was nothing more than a mere toy.

Taking note that he now had an audience, Shisui looked up to the President, and just gave an ornery little smile, the flag still very much in his mouth.

And it was that cheeky little smile that made Tobirama’s grimace turn into a full on glare as he picked up the small child, no longer having the tolerance for the baby. “No- stop being disrespectful.” he commanded as if he was talking to an adult before looking to the child’s father.  “I understand that he’s an Uchiha and your family does not have morals half the time, but allowing him to chew on the flag is inexcusable.” he reprimanded Kagami for allowing Shisui to crawl around and do as he pleased.

Wanting nothing more than to just go home with Shisui and go to sleep, Kagami didn’t even look up from the document as he replied to his superior, “Well then, you can hold him while I decide what the vote tomorrow will be since I am the one who gets the tie breaker vote.” he offered, never once breaking his concentration on the document.

With a shift of his glare, the President looked to the baby that he now held and just shook his head at the infant. “Just because your parents are two of the main political forces in the nation doesn’t mean you have free range in this office. I will not let you abuse these privileges, Shisui.” he lectured the baby as if he was cognitive enough to understand what was being said.

Though all this scolding did nothing, but evoke another laugh from the child. Shisui Uchiha may have only been nine months old, but in his short time alive, he had become very well aware of all the scowls and frowns that his uncle made, and even though these expressions instilled fear in many, there was something about irritating his uncle enough to cause these expressions that amused him like nothing else. Continuing that ornery little smirk, he grabbed onto his uncle’s hand and continued to play.

A small sigh escaped Tobirama, knowing that his competencies did not lie within the world of children, but if dealing with Shisui now allowed him to leave his office quicker, then he would do so. Leaning back in his chair, he allowed the infant to hold onto his hand as he glanced out the window, wanting nothing more than to have this healthcare reform decision made, so he could bask in the serenity of childless silence. And as he continued looking out into the White House pavilion, Tobirama honestly wasn’t even paying that much attention to the child in his lap until he felt a wet slobber envelope part of his hand.

Looking down in disgust as the baby began gnawing on his hand, Tobirama scrunched his nose as he questioned why his VP’s child was acting more like a dog than a human child. “Why is he trying to bite me? I didn’t do anything to him? He should be grateful I’m letting him stay in this office.” he snuffed.

Absent mindedly, Kagami answered, again not looking up to the President, “He’s teething. He can’t actually bite you; he only has two teeth right now. He’s cutting four others right now though, so he’s gnawing on everything,” Kagami explained as he kept on reading. “Just let him do it- he hates teethers and I ran out of frozen vanilla wafers, and if he’s chewing on something, it’ll stop him from crying.”

Inhaling sharply, Tobirama looked back down to Shisui from a moment and just shook his head. “Children are fowl …” he murmured out before he looked away, not wanting to see an infant gnaw on his hand as if it were a chew toy. And though Tobirama was able to distance himself from the fact that he was now no better than a piece of plastic in the eyes of Shisui, that only lasted for a moment. Snapping him back into reality -in what felt like only moment after Kagami had told him that Shisui wouldn’t bite- was a sharp pinch down on his hand and sudden sharp pain piercing through his hand.

Instantly pulling his hand back out of pure instinct, Tobirama looked down to the baby and snapped at the child, “WHAT, CHILD- WHAT ARE YOU DOING-?!” he barked at the baby before looking back to his hand, which was now sporting a deep two teeth bitemark that was now beginning to bleed.

Almost immediately stopping his work as he heard all of this commotion, Kagami was almost in disbelief as he saw Tobirama glare down at his son, holding his now bleeding hand up in the air, away from Shisui in fear for the baby would bite again. Now, if Tobirama hadn’t hit his tolerance threshold earlier, then he certainly did then, and it was evident in the evil look he was giving Shisui, who was still giving him that ornery little smile, finding the whole reaction amusing. And so knowing that this was not the prime time for his son to be acting like this, Kagami nearly bolted up and took Shisui back from Tobirama.  

Glaring at Kagami almost as if he could have ended him right that second, Tobirama handed off the child. “I thought you said he wouldn’t bite-”

“He’s never bit me or Y/N-”

With his bloody hand as evidence, Tobirama shook his head in annoyance, “Kagami- do you see this; this is a bite- a bite that broke skin somehow.”

Running his free hand through his hair, Kagami just shrugged, unsure what to tell him, “I- I’m sorry; It wasn’t vicious; it’s just his teeth. He’s never done anything like that before.” he tried to defend his son, as he looked over to Shisui who was now just resting his head against his chest, as if nothing had just happened.

Still, the death glare persisted. “I am going to have a permanent scar on my hand, because of your child.”

“I don’t think that it will scar-”

Interrupting Kagami’s defense, Tobirama just shook his head. “Do you realize that when I picked you as my VP, you didn’t have children?”

“I know, Tobirama, but-”

“It should have stayed that way.” Tobirama butted in before his VP could have had a chance to explain himself.  Standing up, Tobirama began walking towards the door, “I’m done for the night. Vote for whatever in the morning, I don’t care; it’s your job. I’m going to go have to wrap up my hand that your child maimed.” he announced, making his irritation with the situation known as he exited the room.  

Hearing the door close, Kagami just looked over to his son and shook his head, “I know your teeth are bothering you, but you can’t bite people, you know?” he sighed as he kissed his son’s head, not upset by what just happened, but more or less just exhausted by it all, and the fact that his nine month old son had the power to cause the President to act as such. And so, picking up his messenger bag with his free hand, Kagami made sure that his important documents were in there before he began talking to Shisui again.  “Let’s go home. We’re going to have to call your mother and tell her what happened before Tobirama calls her saying you threatened treason, or something,” he shrugged as they began their way out of the White House and towards their car.

Within minutes, the two curly haired Uchihas reached the black Volvo and as Kagami strapped Shisui in his carseat, he pulled out his phone and dialed the familiar number, hoping that it wasn’t too early in Romania.

Picking up the call after about the third ring, Kagami was greeted by the commonly upbeat voice, yet in this instance there was some confusion in your voice due to the uncertainty of why he would be calling at such an hour.  “Hey, Babe, what’s going on? Isn’t it like one in the morning back home?” you asked him,  knowing that the time difference between you was starkly different at the moment.

Putting the phone on speaker as he got into the car, so that Shisui could hear your voice, he wasn’t even quite sure of how to tell you what had happened “Y/N.”

Caught a bit off guard by his concerning tone, you frowned. “W-what happened?” you questioned, knowing that it was seldom that Kagami ever sounded so exhausted. “Are you still at a stalemate with the reform? Just vote to pass it, Kagami. It’ll help a lot of people; some of the pharmaceuticals will have issues with it, but they shouldn’t be charging over a thousand dollars for an epi-pen.” you tired, thinking that could have been the only thing that would have caused him to be so exhausted.

“Oh, don’t worry about that; I was already going to vote to pass it tomorrow,” he agreed with your thinking before getting to the point of why he called you in the middle of the night, “I just wanted to warn you that Tobirama will probably be calling you soon-”

A small sigh escaped you, “Why- what happened? What did he do now?” you questioned, not wanting to go on another impromptu business trip, because the President was terrible at handling foreign affairs and you were always the one who had to go out and fix it.

For a moment, Kagami was silent as he looked back to Shisui, who now looked like he was about to pass out, exhaustion finally hitting the infant. With a deep breathe, he offered up the truth, “Shisui bit Tobirama earlier…”

A slight pause came from you, before a slight laugh could be heard. “Oh, no. He made Tobirama a chew toy?” you joked, finding it comical that of all people your son chose to bite, it was Tobirama.

Hearing your laugh, a small smile came upon Kagami’s face before he told you the severity of it, “Yeah, but it actually bled-”



“I bet he’s going to milk that as long as possible…” you remarked, knowing the Senju too well.

Kagami nodded to himself as he gave you more details to that aftermath of it, “He said he was ‘maimed,’ and ‘permanently scarred,’ by Shisui and then went on to say how he picked me as his VP before we had Shisui.”

Rolling your eyes, you frowned slightly before advising something that Kagami probably was already thinking, “So, maybe we should hold off before telling him about the second baby then?”

“Yeah, I don’t think he would be able to handle the possibility of us having another child that has the ability to bite him…” the Uchiha slightly chuckled.

Joining in with the laugh, you shook your head, “Whoever would have thought that a nine month old child had the ability to test Tobirama so much?”

Don’t need mistletoe to kiss you

I finally finished a gift for @delta-roseblr for @pjosecretsanta2016
It’s not as long and as good as I wanted it to be, but I’ve been working hard on it and although I write a lot, it’s the first fanfiction I’ve ever posted online! I hope you enjoy it! Merry Christmas! <3

Don’t need mistletoe to kiss you 
Pairing: Solangelo
Words count: 2274

Someone opened the door.
The mid-light crept into the cabin, falling on the back of Nico’s head. His messy dark hair was sticking in a lot of different directions, giving away the fact that he was asleep just a second ago. He let out a tired groan, covering his head with a pillow as soon as he felt sunlight on his face. What time was it? Why was anyone bothering him so early in the morning?

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Feelings for Khadija Saye from a mutual friend.

i can’t believe my DOB is just 2 days before Khadija Saye’s. May she rest in peace. That fact combined with the fact that we both lived in council housing in west london, and were both artists, making work that had something to do with identity, generally speaking. But she lived in a tower block, on one of the top floors, whereas i live in a semi-detached house on a road full of identical houses, which you wouldn’t think comprised a council estate, given that it is quite leafy and suburban-looking. And she lived in a deliberately neglected tower block that had especially flammable cladding added to it for rich people to enjoy the view. Well I hope they enjoy the fucking view now; the site of a corporate massacre, the view of injustice, inequality, death and destruction, murder for money, the view from their safe bubble. Because of money, she died, along with her mother and hundreds of other people (though the media is not admitting this yet, but do the maths: how many would have lived there minus how many survivors there are; the unaccounted for who are still alive will be only a handful if any are left). Her and many others’ lives were cut short; their opportunities to do amazing things in the world, but also just to be, taken away from them.

Sadly, I only learnt about Khadija for the first time because of the fire, and realised that we both knew or were friends with some of the same artists.  

Also, I’ve always made weird but largely meaningless associations with numbers (or the meaning depends on what you want it to mean i guess). And when i saw Tate collectives’ display in honour of Khadija, which included her DOB, I was surprised at the coincidence. I’d already come to know in the last few days that we were the same age, but to be born 2 days after me and my twin sister….and to be born on the 12th of December, on which in 2010 my sister fell into cardiac arrest (the worst night of my life, but she survived)…….I feel slightly disturbed by that, although I probably shouldn’t, especially since I don’t believe in fate. This fire was not meant to happen. She was not supposed to die on that night. She was supposed to be revelling in her achievements this summer with the Diaspora Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. I never even knew her but I am finding it difficult to accept that she’s gone. I can’t imagine how difficult it is for those who actually knew and loved her.