Adventures in home improvement: Operation backyard 2013 (Part 1):

We live in a very small house built in the early 1950’s.  Apparently, people building houses at that time didn’t acquire nearly as much “stuff” as we do because there’s a real lack of storage.  To some extent, this has been a blessing because it forces us to limit our purchases to things we have room for.  If we buy something, usually something else has to go.  Unfortunately, when it comes to tools, this rule doesn’t really apply so we decided to put in a shed.  Enter, operation backyard 2013.

As usual, any home improvement project we undertake sounds easy at first.  Putting up a shed- no big whoop, right?

As it turns out, it’s best not to put a shed right on the ground (unless you want it to rot in a few years.)  Therefore you need to put some sort of base down, be it concrete, stone, etc. This is where things get interesting.

Being the earth conscious recyclers that we are, we thought it would be swell to dig up our sidewalk to nowhere (it goes to the middle of our backyard and just stops) and repurpose the concrete blocks as the base for our shed.  This also gave us the perfect excuse to build a paver path that would be more functional and stretch to our shed as well as our expanded garden.

So…last weekend, we decided to start excavating the concrete and successfully removed 2 4x2 slabs of the concrete sidewalk.  We didn’t even injure ourselves! When it came to the 3rd slab, Mike just couldn’t seem to get it to budge out of the ground.  After some levering and digging, we realized that it was not another 4x2 foot piece of concrete, but a 12x2 foot piece of concrete.  There was no way that sucker was coming out of the ground with the tools we had available.  Oh cuss….So we dejectedly decided to put some of the concrete back, and sleep on it to figure out our next steps.

After weighing a few options, Mike borrowed a hammer drill and we decided to proceed with our original plan.  This may not have been the easiest option but it cost $0. We got back to work yesterday.  Mike started by drilling a bunch of holes in the seams of the concrete which effectively broke it into 4 foot pieces.  We dug out the sod against the fence line in a 10x4 rectangle and one by one removed the sidewalk pieces and put them in their new home. 

Only one pulled muscle in the process- I think that’s a success. Stay tuned for more progress.


WEEK 28 - DAY 3 / 131
1. Adjusted walk path paver spacing and re-cut…
2. Noted to Pat just few adjustment before polymeric…
3. Mailbox is almost done except number and lamp base
4. Quite fed up ally and paced barks on pavers w/ issues
5. Will meet w/ Pat to discuss progress & materials…

Creating Spaces with Interlocking Natural Stone Pavers

Paths and plazas can be a lovely way to create usable and appealing outdoor spaces. Stone surfaces can complement your furniture and fashion clear boundaries for planters. A gently winding path made from natural stone can even stir a sense of natural mystery and transport you into your beautiful new outdoor space. Pavers can bring disparate area together and create smooth and appealing indoor and outdoor transitions. Interlocking natural stone pavers from the experts at SBI Materials combine the beauty of real stone with the convenience and modularity of their interlocking design.

Because each paver is carefully crafted using state of the art stone cutting systems, installation can go more smoothly, saving you time and money. This same modularity makes estimating the volume of stone you need quick and easy. Even better, interlocking pavers fit tightly and precisely together for exceptional durability and performance even under high traffic conditions. This is the real beauty of interlocking natural stone pavers.

The stone surface and design you choose can be the defining elements of your home’s curtilage for years to come. Stone can lend an image of the ancient or of opulence. From warm red and brown trails to soothing gray or blue courtyards, interlocking natural stone pavers can frame the experience of your home. Subtle plays on color and stone variety can help to create interest and instant curb appeal.

Because these can be critical construction decisions, SBI Materials offers a variety of consulting and engineering solutions for your home. SBI is able to able to partner with some of the most talented designers, masons and architects in the industry to help build your dream home. Years of combined experience can create innovative and original designs unique to your circumstances. Each and every natural stone block is carefully chosen to evoke exactly the style you are looking for.

The union of real natural stone with modern interlocking paver technology can lend your project a unique and timeless appeal.

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