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worked on Kodama in my ACNL livestream yesterday and updated the dream town! not too much has changed, but it was so fun making improvements with you all! can’t wait to stream again and actually play with some of you. ôヮô

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Mrs prompt ' Rainy June'

Mulder had forgotten how suddenly a storm could roll through D.C.  Even if the sun was shining, that could turn on a dime.  One minute the sky would be blue, the next minute grey and blustery.  One minute dry, the next torrential.  And then it would roll out as quickly as it came, like it never even happened.  If not for the soggy pavement and dripping trees, you may not have even know it was there.

Scully was back in Georgetown in a little condo not too far from where she’d lived back in the “before” time, as Mulder called it.  Before they were together, before he was dead, before they were childless, before they were fugitives, etc.  They were now in the “after” time.  After they were together, after they couldn’t speak to each other without accusations, after putting everything behind them and moving on.

He’d only been to the condo a handful of times.  He didn’t bother her anymore about the work like he used to.  He kept the cases a 9-5 job, or tried to, at least.  It was Scully now that usually kept him going after hours.  It was she who called him when an idea occurred.  And a few times that just led to an after hour visit that was mostly, strictly business.

Her new neighborhood left much to be desired for parking, but Scully didn’t mind.  She liked to walk, even if it took a half an hour to get from the car to her condo, and it would’ve been more efficient to leave the car at work and take the Metro, she preferred the walk.  Mulder, in the few times he’d been invited over, had liked the extra time with her.

June was notoriously humid, not as bad as July, but still.  Scully parked the car about a mile away in a secret spot she had found and Mulder left his suit jacket in the back of her car to retrieve at a later time.  He rolled his shirtsleeves up as they walked, loosened his tie, and unbuttoned a few buttons.  Scully had her blazer draped over one arm and she clipped her hair up off her neck.

They strolled casually down the quiet residential streets, like a couple on their way home after a long day.  The first time he walked home with her, in fact, an elderly lady that spent her days on the porch of her townhouse a block from Scully’s place, had called out to Scully and asked to be introduced to her husband.  Scully smiled, introduced Mulder, and asked the woman if she needed anything.  Secretly, Mulder had enjoyed the hell out of it.  He liked the old lady’s assumptions about that.  He liked that Scully didn’t correct her.  He pretended in that moment they were on their way home together, stopping in to see the neighbor they helped out on occasion and checked in on.  It felt like the most normal thing in the world.

They only made it half-way to Scully’s place before the weather took a turn.  Scully looked up just before he did when the sun disappeared and the light dimmed grey and ominous.  

“Uh oh,” Mulder said.  “We aren’t gonna make it.”

“Probably not.”

And no sooner had they stopped to look up, did they feel the first drops of rain.  Mulder wiped a spot away from his cheek and Scully blinked one from her eyelash.  There was nowhere to turn for cover.

Moments later, the sky opened, letting loose a flood of rain that had them both hopelessly drenched.  Mulder tipped his face up and closed his eyes, giving in to it and letting it shower him.  He took his hands out of his pockets and held them out to catch it.  And then he heard it.  Over the roar of the storm, Scully was laughing.

Mulder looked down at her and twenty five years melted away until they were back in a graveyard, laughing together in the rain.  They weren’t partners yet, weren’t anything to each other yet, just two people who agreed on something so ridiculous they had to laugh about it and he hadn’t heard her laugh like that ever again.  He didn’t know how it was possible for her to look the same as she did back then, but it might have been the hysterical laughter bubbling up that played a trick on his eyes.  He blinked and she was the same Scully.  Different, but the same.

He started laughing as well because how absurd to be back where you started from after all this time.  A slice of hair was slicked against Scully’s cheek, having worked it’s way loose from her clip while they walked.  He pushed it back over her ear with his wet fingertips and she bit her lower lip, still giggling like the Scully he’d just met so long ago.  

He had to do it.  He leaned down and kissed her laughing mouth, catching the side of her upper lip with his.  It was a New Year’s kiss, hesitant and shy.  An ‘I’m not sure if you’ll let me, but I want to test the waters’ kiss that lasted only a few seconds longer than a friendly peck.

“Mulder,” she murmured, licking rainwater from her mouth or, he hoped, the taste of him.  

“I know I shouldn’t have,” he said.  “But, I just…”

Scully grabbed the bottom of his soaking tie and gave it a tug, bringing him closer.  “I know for a fact you can do better than that,” she said.

The sky cleared only moments later, but he was too busy showing her exactly how he remembered that he could do much better than that.

The End

Back to Autumn

Summary: When the beginning of fall has rolled around in Neverland, you find yourself missing what the season was like back home. Peter catches you reminiscing over these old autumn memories, and tries to recreate them for you (literally). 

Word Count: 1875

Warnings: None

You could practically feel the cold, crispy air on your face as you walked through the woods. Your grin couldn’t have been wider as you looked up at the tall, sturdy trees all shedding their green foliage for the season. Orange and brown leaves greeted you instead, and everything about the scene felt so familiar, so comforting, so much like…home.

Felix’s barking voice ripped you out of your daydream. “Y/N, hurry up sharpening those spears already! Pan demands that we have everything ready for the fall equinox celebration before sunset, and I will not be slowed down on the account of you.”

Felix’s scrunched up face would normally make you laugh and roll your eyes, but today, you just solemnly resumed sharpening the wooden weapon in your hands without a word.

At first, you’d been thrilled to hear that there was a “fall equinox celebration” in Neverland. Instantly, you had pictured how beautiful the forest would look set ablaze with warm autumn colors, which then made you picture how beautiful fair-toned Peter would look stood underneath the trees with warm autumn colors. The idea that this time of the year you held so dear to you when you were home could continue in your new life was more than thrilling; it seemed like a gift.

It wasn’t until you heard the other boys chattering about the holiday that you realized fall in Neverland wasn’t what it was back in Storybrooke…at all.

First of all, in Neverland, the leaves didn’t change color, nor did the temperature really drop more than three degrees. Essentially, the island was in summertime year-round.

Second of all, all the cute, fall festivities you would have done in Storybrooke like shopping for Halloween decorations or sipping frothy, pumpkin-flavored drinks at Granny’s Diner were not a thing in Neverland. In fact, you had listened, in horror, as one of the boys exclaimed how excited he was for the big animal hunt, a competition in which Peter awarded whichever boy could slaughter the most animals and have the bones to prove it.

So, basically, the beginning of fall in Neverland was more like the ancient Pagan version rather than the commercial, modern-day version, with slaughtering and saying a weird chant around a fire and all.

After you’d completed your work (and Felix whined and eventually stomped off over your spear “not being sharp enough to stab a quail, or even a Lost Boy”), you glanced around the camp and then headed alone down the path into the forest.

You didn’t really know what you were expecting. You closed your eyes, trying to envision it as much as possible:

Big, fiery trees, both orange and red, looking both so warm and so alive;

The smell of apple cider and bonfires in the chilly air, cold enough to need a jacket but not cold enough to be biting;

A boy with the perfect brown, tousled hair, holding your hand and pulling you down the pathway, brown leaves falling all around him, shaping his face until he pulls you in and…

“Y/N, what in God’s good name are you doing?”

You spun on your heels, feeling your cheeks go hot.

Peter looked at you with a bewildered expression, his arms crossing over his chest and his head tilting to the side quizzically.

You tried to imagine what you looked like right now: a crazy fool, standing in the middle of the forest with her eyes closed and her hands bawled up into fists, trying to wish herself into another dimension.


Peter cleared his throat, and you realized he was waiting for an explanation.

“Oh, um, I was just…” You started, but Peter’s eyebrows were arched at you, and you knew there was no easy excuse to get yourself out of it.

You decided to go with the truth, no matter how awkward and strange it would sound.

“Fall…fall was a really big deal when I was back home. As a kid I remember it was the one thing I would really look forward to every year, because I loved seeing the leaves change color and everything get cold, and I guess I just miss that.”

You’d avoided Peter’s eyes as you talked, not wanting to see the possible judgement on his face. But when you finally looked at him, you saw he wasn’t grinning coyly or crinkling his nose in disgust. Instead, his face looked oddly…sympathetic.

Peter nodded, he himself glancing up at the trees around the two of you. “I can understand that, Y/N.”

Now you had your eyebrows arched at Peter, half expecting him to make a snarky joke out of it. “Really? You can understand that?”

His eyes fixed back on you, sensing the skepticism in your voice. “Yes, I can.”

Peter proceeded to walk around you, adopting a gradual pace down the path. “Believe it or not, I haven’t known Neverland my whole life either. Where I came from is, or…”

He paused, as if the memory took strength to recall, and you took a few strides until you were following closely behind him,

“…was very different.”

You became aware of the fact that this was the first piece of personal information Peter had ever shared with you, and the thought made your chest tighten.

Why was he telling you all this?

Peter didn’t continue talking, so you just let him lead you deeper into the forest, the crunching of twigs under your feet the only thing filling the silence.

Finally, the two of you came to a clearing, and it took you a minute to register that Peter had stopped walking.

You turned to face him, only to see him extending a hand out towards you.

You took a step back, your first instinct with Peter being to assume a cautious stance before anything else. “What are you doing?”

“Y/N,” he said, gesturing towards his outstretched hand. You looked down at it and then back up at him, raising your eyebrows.

“Y/N,” he repeated, his voice firm but not mean, “Take it.”

When you hesitated once more, Peter stared into your eyes, as if making a wordless promise. “Y/N, you can trust me. I’m not going to hurt you. Just take my hand.”

Reluctantly, you reached out and grabbed it, and instantly, the world around you transformed.

You gasped, almost letting go of Peter’s hand, but he held on tight to you, giving you a look that said, “Hold on.”

Suddenly, the scenery around you became something very familiar. The forest floor turned to pavement, the trees becoming small, quaint shops and businesses all dressed up with fall wreaths and pumpkins.

You were no longer standing in the forest, but instead in the center of Storybrooke.

You let out a breath, feeling for a moment you were about to cry. Then you remembered Peter was there, and you turned to him, your eyes wide with astonishment.

“How…how did you…?” You tried to ask, but something out of the corner of your eye caught your attention.  

Across the street was Granny’s diner. Through the windows you could see Granny pouring coffee and Red serving their first pumpkin pie of the season. Inside were all the townspeople you’d known, wearing their warm coats and talking to one another, laughing. Two little kids ran out of the diner and towards the farmer’s market, chasing each other around a pumpkin.

The whole site made your heart ache.

“What you’re seeing is not real, but instead a specific memory you hold of Storybrooke.” Peter spoke into your ear, following your line of sight to the kids playing in the pumpkin patch. “This is the version of fall you must be remembering the most.”

Feeling a tear escape your eye and slip down your face, you nodded, knowing fully well which memory you were reliving.

Lifting the hand not holding Peter’s, you pointed at one of the little kids. Breathless, you whispered, “That’s me.”

Peter’s face transformed with surprise as he stared at the child you pointed to. Then, he looked back at you, seeing the tears that had fallen down your face.

“I was only five years old. I…” You started to speak, but your voice faltered, a small sob coming out instead.

Gently and wordlessly, Peter let go of your hand.

Just as quickly as it had appeared, Storybrooke began to fade, the shops and kids and Granny’s Dinner vanishing before your eyes.

Now you were back in the forest, still holding Peter’s hand as if nothing had ever happened.

You quickly let go of him, using your hand to wipe the tears from your face. You tried to recompose yourself, not wanting Peter to think any further that you’re a vulnerable mess. Instead, you tried to harden your voice, questioning, “How the hell did you do that?”

Peter was still looking at you, and instead of answering your question, he said, “I’m sorry, Y/N. I didn’t mean to upset you with this.”

You sniffed, trying to play it off and wishing he would stop looking at you like that. “No, no, it’s fine. Really, it was just…”

“Overwhelming?” He guessed.

You nodded.

The wind ran through the trees, finally distracting Peter enough for him to get his eyes off of you.

“I used to think it was a dumb power,” he began to explain, and for a moment, you forgot what you’d asked him. “I didn’t think it would be helpful unless I was trying to get into someone’s head and figure out their fears or something. You know, as a manipulation tactic. I think this is the first time I’ve used it for something…good.”

The wind swept his hair above his eyes and carried his scent towards you, and you realized Peter kind of smelled like fall all the time.

“So, you can just touch someone and see their memories?” You asked.

“Kind of. It’s more like I can see their strongest memories. Whatever they’re holding onto the most.” Peter turned to face you once more, and for a minute, his eyes lingered on your palm.

Taking your hand into his again, he stepped closer to you, his chest nearly touching yours.

His green eyes looked meaningfully into yours, and you felt your heartbeat quicken.

“Y/N, I know what it feels like to leave a large portion of your life behind. So whenever you want to go back home and experience fall, you can come find me. I’d be happy to go there with you.”

The sincerity of his words and the close proximity of his face to yours made your head feel light, and you nodded, letting a small smile onto your face.

“Thank you, Peter.” You told him, and you hoped he meant what he was saying, not only about taking you back to Storybrooke, but about wanting to go with you. 

Then, even more unexpectedly, Peter leaned in and kissed your cheek.

Your surprise must have been visible on your face, because Peter began to laugh, which in turn made you begin to laugh, resulting in the both of you laughing harder.

When you both finally calmed down, Peter pulled you back in the direction of camp, his fingers still intertwined with yours.

It’s true that you really hadn’t been looking forward to fall in Neverland.

However, with everything that had happened, you knew the season couldn’t be that bad as long as Peter was by your side.

Hi dears. I apologize for the long hiatus. With fall starting, I couldn’t help but upload this small little imagine, at least to get the season started! I’m going to try to start uploading more again and responding to inbox messages, but I can not set a definite upload schedule as I can unfortunately only write when I have the time now (which seems very rare). I hope everyone is enjoying their time back to school, and I hope to be able to talk to a lot of you soon! With love always, E 


Plant of the Day

Sunday 19 November 2017

In an urban environment this Gleditsia triacanthos f. inermis ‘Sunburst’ (honey locust) forms an excellent small deciduous tree that tolerates pavements well. The tree has airy, ascending branches with a foliage of bipinnate, small, leaflets, that are golden-yellow in early summer, becoming greener as the season progresses. In autumn there are large these large flattened seed-pods.

Jill Raggett 


Home home home,
Is where my retinas have registered
The same trees, same patterns of pavement
Same front door,
The grocery and the shops
Retain relative sameness,
Same eyes in the same skulls
Of same people I once shared
The same situations with,
We exchanged dialogue
And drank in warm sunlight
On benches and rivers
And pavement patterned around
Ancient trees and structures
That retain their sameness
Their constant sorrow and potency,
Somber and allowed, grieving and smiling
Itching for the next wave.
Home home home,
Ive come and went
I’ve been back and gone and back again,
Will your judgment too, remain the same?

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Back at it again with another prompt request \●□●/ Hell's studio au; susie tells sammy she's pregnant?? Oooooor Hell's studio au; the tons experience snow for the first time ⊙□⊙

It was December when Susie told Sammy the news. She’d known for about a month now. She’d just needed to find the right time to tell him. December worked out the best. They were having the studio Christmas party and Sammy was in a decent mood. Susie had put the positive pregnancy test in a little box and put it under the studio Christmas tree, addressed to Sammy.

“You’re looking happy.” Alice said, walking over to Susie. “What’s got you all smiley?” Susie leaned over and whispered the reason into Alice’s ear. Immediately, the toon’s face lit up.

“That’s amazing!” She said in a loud whisper. “Have you told Sammy yet?”

“That’s going to be his present.” Susie grinned.

“Do you think he’s going to cry?”

“Oh, most definitely.” Susie giggled a little. “He acts all tough, but believe me, he’s a real softie.” Alice and Susie’s conversation didn’t go unnoticed by Sammy, who had been dragged into a conversation by a slightly tipsy Joey and Wally. Henry was busy keeping Bendy from hitting the colored ink too hard. Wally had a plate of food, stuffing his face in between talking.

“What do you think they’re whispering about?” Sammy said, watching Alice and Susie.

“Probably you.” Wally said, snorting. “Maybe she’s talking about your sex life.”

“Very funny, Franks.” Sammy rolled his eyes.

“Cheap shot?” Wally shrugged. “They’re probably just talking about work or something.”

“You know, Christmas actually falls on the pagan holiday of Saturnalia.” Joey said, swaying a little. “It’s very interesting, really. It’s a Roman holiday celebrating the roman god Saturn and…” Wally and Sammy respectfully drowned him out. Until, that is, he pulled out something that looked like a sigil made of blood.

“And that’s why I made one of these! It’s not actual blood, it’s just paint. No one would let me use their blood.”

“Joey….What is that?” Sammy asked as Wally scooted away.

“It’s the seal of Saturn.” Joey said brightly. “I’m going to put offerings on it!”

“Oookay.” Sammy patted his back tentatively. “I think you’ve had enough to drink, buddy.”

“What did he do now?” Henry walked over, carrying Bendy under one arm. The demon was basically a rainbow at this point, hiccuping slightly.

“He made a weird sigil thing.” Wally explained, going back to eating.

“At least there’s no blood sacrifices going on this time.” Henry sighed.

“I’ll blood sacrifice you.” Bendy muttered, flashing red. “Put me down! I’m a grown man…demon….I’m an adult! Can stand on my own two feet.”

“I know.” Henry patted his head.

“Hey! Let’s open presents!” Boris said, holding up a box. “This one’s for Sammy!” Sammy strode over, snatching the box from the wolf’s hands.

“Wonder who it’s from.” He said, turning it over. From the wrapping, he assumed, it was Susie’s gift to him. He smiled a little and tore it open. Inside he found a mostly empty box, which puzzled him at first.

“Susie? What’s in he…re…” He trailed off when he saw the item at the bottom.

“What’s in it?” Henry asked. Sammy just stared into the box, his face blank. Then he looked at Susie.

“Is it….You’re sure, right?”

“I’m sure.”

“Are…Are you crying?” Wally frowned.

“Shut up!” Sammy wiped his eyes. “I’m just…This is great.”

“Well what was in there?” Joey asked, tilting his head to the side.

“It’s a positive pregnancy test, you idiot!” Sammy tried to sound angry, but he was smiling so wide it hurt. “Susie’s having a baby. We’re going to be parents!” For a moment, the room was silent, then everyone erupted into applause and cheers.

“Ya..Ya think the baby’s going come out frowning?” Bendy said, squinting at Sammy and Susie. “If it’s Sammy’s baby, it’s gonna be grumpy.”

“Oh hush.” Alice swatted at his head. “This is a happy moment.” Bendy would likely congratulate the two better once he was sober. Then Boris came running into the room, his face all lit up and his tail wagging.

“Guys! Outside!” He said. “There’s stuff coming from the sky! It’s all white and fluffy and I don’t know what it is!”

“I think he’s talking about snow.” Susie whispered. “Have they ever seen snow before?”

“I guess not.” Sammy shrugged.

“I wanna see!” Bendy wriggled free, scrambling out to the front door. The human employees, and Alice, followed the little demon out to the parking lot. It seldom ever snowed in California, so this was a treat for all of them. Puffy white flakes drifted lazily down from the dark sky, lighting dusting the pavement, trees, and cars.

“Oh my.” Alice gasped, her hands flying to her mouth. “This…This is amazing!”

“I…I’mma fight it.” Bendy put up his fists. “What’re you look- lookin’ at?!” He did a few swipes, then fell over. Boris was just running around like an excited dog.

“Henry! Henry look at it!” He said, pointing. Henry laughed and nodded.

“Yes, Boris, I’m looking.”

Sammy and Susie leaned on one another, watching the scene before them. Sammy couldn’t believe it. He was going to be a father. He would worry later. For now, he wanted to enjoy the moment. Susie squeezed his hand.

“Not a bad Christmas party, huh?” She said, smiling.

“No.” He said. “Not a bad Christmas party at all.”


This is how I see Tyler’s “normal” or “off-stage” voice with my synesthesia!

Tyler’s voice is midnight black skies, the rustling of leaves beneath your feet, and the night sounds that can be found around rivers and in the forest. But it is also the reflections of streetlamps on the pavement, and trees heavily laden with snow.

A bookshop AU in which Sam owns a second-hand bookshop and Dean is a car mechanic who likes to drop by his brother’s shop often, especially after Sam hired a new employee called Castiel.

A/N: I wanted to write some sweet, carefree, everyday life stuff for these three, and what could be more appropriate than a bookshop AU? This is chapter 1, there will be more. In this chapter Dean is not subtle at all, but he has some major problems with putting his feelings into words. And I don’t think Cas even understands what’s going on yet. Oh dear. I think they will really need Sam.

Warnings: Very silly and cheesy. Would not recommend if you’re not into sweet things.

The door opened, letting a breeze of crisp September air inside the small, dim bookshop. Sam looked up from a delivery order and smiled seeing his brother there for the fifth time this week. And it was only Wednesday.

“Oh, hi Dean”, he said cheerfully. “Just can’t get enough, huh?”

He thought he saw Dean blushing.

“Of what?” Dean asked.

Sam looked about the room, then gave Dean his “are you stupid?” look.

Dean’s face got redder. “Of what?” he repeated impatiently.

“Of books”, Sam replied, frowning at his brother for being weird. Even though Sam knew why Dean was being weird. He had been weird that way ever since Sam had hired a new employee a few weeks back. His name was Castiel, he was quiet, diligent and polite, and Sam had instantly liked him. Sam had been suspecting that Dean was into guys at least as much as girls, but now he was positive. Of course, Castiel didn’t know it, but in a way, he had another job besides selling books, and that was helping Dean out of the closet. He had proved to be successful in both of his jobs.

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I just realized I have seen like zero oras musical talent headcanons???? here are some off the top of my head

-Archie plays fiddle like the devil himself, he’s so fucking good at fiddling and loves playing sea shanties and ballads, lots of traditional music and stuff. he can also play squeezebox/a tiny bit of accordion, and he can sing pretty well too. he can’t keep tempo at all though
-Shelly keeps tempo like a pro and has a lovely singing voice, even if it’s gotten rougher around the edges as she’s aged. she likes traditional ditties well enough but really loves electronic music and other more modern stuff, and knows some shit about synthesizers.
-Matt is tone deaf and can’t carry a tune in a bucket, but he is AMAZING with found percussive music - buckets, trees, pavement, pipes, if he has something to hit em with, he can and will make them sing their hearts out! he needs direction, though, so he jams best w/ someone like Shelly who keeps the pace constant.
-Maxie is either not musical at all OR knows how to play a bunch of strange dramatic instruments. like, pipe organ and full size upright bass. actually now in leaning towards the bass… also maybe he learned cello in school orchestra, idk.
-Tabitha doesn’t like music. however, he’s actually got a lovely, strong singing voice; he’d be a god given gift to opera if he didn’t find the volume and musical pieces offputtingly loud and old fashioned, though. he’d also be pretty good at rapping, too - he’s got a quick wit!
-Courtney learned violin through the Suzuki method, and also knows how to play concert piano. very straight laced stuff.

(Shelly teaches Courtney how to loosen up her style, Tabitha and Matt become an awesome street music duo, and Archie and Maxie started jamming together when they were in college and make a pretty good team, particularly playing ragtime.)

((shhhhhhh I love old fashioned music))

Living in The Moment

Part II/VII of The Playground

Pairing: Hakyeon/OMC/OFC

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: AU, bisexuality, explicit sex, semi-public sex, medical talk, miscarriage mentions (non-graphic), non-monogamous relationships, alcohol mentions, adult language/themes.

Wordcount: 8078

Notes: Hey everyone! I’ve been a little out of the loop lately because of health issues but I’m on the mend, worry not! Here is another instalment of my ongoing single dad AU featuring Hakyeon in a very unconventional love story. I hope you guys enjoy the result. Love y’all and happy easter to my followers celebrating it *hugs* xoxo

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