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Mrs prompt ' Rainy June'

Mulder had forgotten how suddenly a storm could roll through D.C.  Even if the sun was shining, that could turn on a dime.  One minute the sky would be blue, the next minute grey and blustery.  One minute dry, the next torrential.  And then it would roll out as quickly as it came, like it never even happened.  If not for the soggy pavement and dripping trees, you may not have even know it was there.

Scully was back in Georgetown in a little condo not too far from where she’d lived back in the “before” time, as Mulder called it.  Before they were together, before he was dead, before they were childless, before they were fugitives, etc.  They were now in the “after” time.  After they were together, after they couldn’t speak to each other without accusations, after putting everything behind them and moving on.

He’d only been to the condo a handful of times.  He didn’t bother her anymore about the work like he used to.  He kept the cases a 9-5 job, or tried to, at least.  It was Scully now that usually kept him going after hours.  It was she who called him when an idea occurred.  And a few times that just led to an after hour visit that was mostly, strictly business.

Her new neighborhood left much to be desired for parking, but Scully didn’t mind.  She liked to walk, even if it took a half an hour to get from the car to her condo, and it would’ve been more efficient to leave the car at work and take the Metro, she preferred the walk.  Mulder, in the few times he’d been invited over, had liked the extra time with her.

June was notoriously humid, not as bad as July, but still.  Scully parked the car about a mile away in a secret spot she had found and Mulder left his suit jacket in the back of her car to retrieve at a later time.  He rolled his shirtsleeves up as they walked, loosened his tie, and unbuttoned a few buttons.  Scully had her blazer draped over one arm and she clipped her hair up off her neck.

They strolled casually down the quiet residential streets, like a couple on their way home after a long day.  The first time he walked home with her, in fact, an elderly lady that spent her days on the porch of her townhouse a block from Scully’s place, had called out to Scully and asked to be introduced to her husband.  Scully smiled, introduced Mulder, and asked the woman if she needed anything.  Secretly, Mulder had enjoyed the hell out of it.  He liked the old lady’s assumptions about that.  He liked that Scully didn’t correct her.  He pretended in that moment they were on their way home together, stopping in to see the neighbor they helped out on occasion and checked in on.  It felt like the most normal thing in the world.

They only made it half-way to Scully’s place before the weather took a turn.  Scully looked up just before he did when the sun disappeared and the light dimmed grey and ominous.  

“Uh oh,” Mulder said.  “We aren’t gonna make it.”

“Probably not.”

And no sooner had they stopped to look up, did they feel the first drops of rain.  Mulder wiped a spot away from his cheek and Scully blinked one from her eyelash.  There was nowhere to turn for cover.

Moments later, the sky opened, letting loose a flood of rain that had them both hopelessly drenched.  Mulder tipped his face up and closed his eyes, giving in to it and letting it shower him.  He took his hands out of his pockets and held them out to catch it.  And then he heard it.  Over the roar of the storm, Scully was laughing.

Mulder looked down at her and twenty five years melted away until they were back in a graveyard, laughing together in the rain.  They weren’t partners yet, weren’t anything to each other yet, just two people who agreed on something so ridiculous they had to laugh about it and he hadn’t heard her laugh like that ever again.  He didn’t know how it was possible for her to look the same as she did back then, but it might have been the hysterical laughter bubbling up that played a trick on his eyes.  He blinked and she was the same Scully.  Different, but the same.

He started laughing as well because how absurd to be back where you started from after all this time.  A slice of hair was slicked against Scully’s cheek, having worked it’s way loose from her clip while they walked.  He pushed it back over her ear with his wet fingertips and she bit her lower lip, still giggling like the Scully he’d just met so long ago.  

He had to do it.  He leaned down and kissed her laughing mouth, catching the side of her upper lip with his.  It was a New Year’s kiss, hesitant and shy.  An ‘I’m not sure if you’ll let me, but I want to test the waters’ kiss that lasted only a few seconds longer than a friendly peck.

“Mulder,” she murmured, licking rainwater from her mouth or, he hoped, the taste of him.  

“I know I shouldn’t have,” he said.  “But, I just…”

Scully grabbed the bottom of his soaking tie and gave it a tug, bringing him closer.  “I know for a fact you can do better than that,” she said.

The sky cleared only moments later, but he was too busy showing her exactly how he remembered that he could do much better than that.

The End


Kodama • 5F00-000F-7BCA

worked on Kodama in my ACNL livestream yesterday and updated the dream town! not too much has changed, but it was so fun making improvements with you all! can’t wait to stream again and actually play with some of you. ôヮô

I had a vague dream last night about a CS daughter getting healed by Mama Emma and it got me thinking.

I wonder about how they would deal with their child’s injuries in the future. Like I mean, at first, it’d probably seem like a given that Emma use magic to heal all her baby’s wounds, because why not if she has the power. But then… at some point she’s gotta realize that if her kid knows they’re gonna be healed so easily every time, it might encourage risky behavior. ‘Oh, Mom healed my scraped knee last week from falling off my bike. This time, I’ll ride it up a ramp and leap over something!’ Or 'It’s not dangerous if I climb this tree over pavement cause I’ll just get Mom to help if I fall and break my arm.’ There’s no true consequences to anything.

You know? So at what point does Emma just… stop healing them. And how angsty would that argument with Killian be, who let’s be honest would be thinking in the moment and not in the long term, when she’s trying to explain why their kid has to let that stubbed toe or busted lip heal on its own? And Killian just sees his kid is hurt and wants to make it better and if HE had magic he’d do it himself but he doesn’t and Emma does and he doesn’t understand why she’d let their kid suffer. And would her kid feel betrayed too? It kinda breaks my heart to think about it. Cause of course Emma knows she may not always be there to heal her child, so it’s not okay to teach them they can get away with anything and Mom will just fix it better on the spot.


This is how I see Tyler’s “normal” or “off-stage” voice with my synesthesia!

Tyler’s voice is midnight black skies, the rustling of leaves beneath your feet, and the night sounds that can be found around rivers and in the forest. But it is also the reflections of streetlamps on the pavement, and trees heavily laden with snow.

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Nishinoya with #83 on the 100 ways to say I love you. “Stay there. I’m coming to get you.”

I hope you like it! feedback is always welcomed!

Oh no.

No, no, no, no, no this cannot be happening right now. You had gone out for a job interview at a local sweets shop earlier in the day, and fortunately the interview had gone well. Unfortunately, a local, well known, location quickly turned into unfamiliar territory when you’d taken one too many wrong turns on your way home. Now you were lost, alone in an unfamiliar area, and it was starting to get dark out.

Just great.

You took a hard look at your surroundings. There was a laundry mat and convenient store situated across the street and a run down building to your left that had its windows busted and paint peeling. Other than that, nothing but pavement, street lights, and trees. If there were a worse place to get lost you couldn’t think of it at the moment. You swiftly pulled out your phone, scrolling through contacts to see who may be able to help. Just as your were about to dial a friend who, you hoped, lived somewhere close by, your phone started ringing. You jumped a little, more than startled by the sudden noise on the otherwise quiet street before checking the caller ID- you couldn’t have been happier to see that it was your wonderful boyfriend. Talk about perfect timing.

“Yuu? you have great timing.” you exclaimed, letting out a breathe of relief. “Really? why’s that (Y/N)?” he asked. “Wait- are you okay? are you hurt? in trouble? do I need to beat someone up cause you know I will!” he started, “Yuu i’m ok.” you interupted. “Well.. maybe not.. all that ok. Actually i’m lost at the moment.” you explained. “Lost?” he asked, “well where are you?”. “Yuu if I knew where I was then I wouldn’t be lost.” you replied, a bit snippier than intended. “I’m sorry, it’s just, it’s getting late and i’m really scared.” you said, wrapping your free arm around your body for both warmth and comfort. “Can you describe to me what’s around you? maybe I know where you are.” “There’s a laundry mat… convenient store… and a creepy abandoned building. That’s it.” you finished, heart pounding a little faster as daylight began to slowly slip away. “Oh! I know where you are! I some times take short cuts through there on my way home from getting groceries. Stay there, i’m coming to get you (Y/N), ok?” he exclaimed. “Ok,” you answered, surveying your surroundings. “Please hurry Yuu…” you mumbled, before hanging up.

The wait for him wasn’t long, he was there in under fifteen minutes- of course those fifteen minutes felt more like little eternities since it had become dark out. “(Y/N)?!” he called out, “that you?”. “ It’s me!” you called back, relief washing over you as you briskly walked to meet your boyfriend. You greeted him with a hug, “I’ve never been happier to see you Yuu.” He lauhed a little at that and gave you a squeeze before releasing you from his hold. “I’m just glad I knew where you were when you described this place to me, saved me a lot of time.” You looked at him preplexed. “What do you mean?” you asked. “Well, if I hadn’t known where you were then I might have had to spend half the night looking for you.” he responded casually. Your eyes widened slightly, touched that your boyfriend cared so much for you and your safety. “You really are a guardian diety Yuu.” you said, intertwining you fingers with his. “W-What?! i’m just a good boyfriend is all!” he quickly retorted, a light blush taking over his features. He glanced over at you, “Of course… you can always count on me to be there to keep you safe from harm (Y/N)…“ he mumbled, eyes looking anywhere but at you. Now it was your turn to blush, a smile making its way to your features. “Thank you Yuu.” you said, leaning over to kiss his cheek. He smiled widely,

“Anything for you (Y/N)”.

-Admin Sunshine

🌿Sometimes you are walking alone, and it is late, and you are lost once again in the dream of past and future, of yesterdays lost and tomorrows unlived, of choices to be made or not made, of words to be spoken or left unspoken. Now, there is only the sound of footsteps on a cold pavement, the rustling of trees before sleep, the naked glow of orange streetlamps, and a deep melancholy burning inside. You are out of time, out of body, finding your home in neither form nor the formless. Perhaps you are the only one of your species on the planet. Perhaps you do not even exist at all. Perhaps this is the price you pay for awakening, for your commitment to opening your heart to everything, this never ceasing questioning of everything solid, this abandonment of every single reference point.
🌿And suddenly you remember: this too is life! For whatever reason, you turn towards your present experience, you hold it again the way a mother holds her new-born baby. You focus on what you have, not what you have lost; what you see, not what you may never see again. Your solitude is sacred, you remember, your doubts are nothing less than holy, the evening breeze on your cheeks is a caress, a kiss, not a block to some imagined future. It is okay to feel the way you feel. It is okay to feel a little broken by life. It is okay to touch the depths in yourself. It is okay to forget, and to remember, to remember and to forget. All movements are held in the vastness, as the ground holds the trees, as the sky holds the planet, as the house holds the family, as the story of your life is held in pristine awareness on this night of all nights. Even your disconnection is so damn connected. There is something humbling about never being able to come to a conclusion, something touching in your raw vulnerability to the evening, the way you are moved by everything now, your sensitivity to even the subtlest movement of consciousness, your heart that cannot be closed.

🌿You vow to never lose your love for these evenings. They have brought you so much. Presence is not a destination, friend, it is the ground. You are wild now, and unbound.

I know some angels get their wings clipped too soon and falling seems like fun until we hit the pavement, I know some trees fall in love with the wind, the breeze, it’s home. I know it won’t always be happy and all smiles, but you’ll be remembered among the carving of those trees and the little shyness of airy first times; falling off your bike, a band-aid from mother, and the many times we could have given those wings back to you, and we may not know each other or have met, but little girl, I know god has a place for you too. Somewhere among the clouds, the gates are painted gold and the stars are made from candy, if you get the chance, steal all of the stars. I know some angels fall too soon, quickly returning to the sun and the moon, I’m sorry about the wisdom tooth pain you’ll never get to feel, it’s okay my dentist said mine will stay. If this life could offer apples and worms, then life must come hand in hand with its sister. Death, it loves all of its guest. Kept forever in a snow-globe & a musical box with your favorite bed time lullaby. I know life isn’t what it seems and sometimes, we must accept those things. If we could live forever, us human beings, it’d be a doomed fate anyway. You may never read this from up high or understand the alphabet all the way, but if god has a smile, I pray he has a heart. You’ll get your halo, you’ll get your wings. You’ll get your books, you’ll get your smile. If you should make it to the gates of gold, I’ll promise that it’s a place you can always call home.
—  For the tiny souls that god has plans for.
// k.c.
Field Interview

I wrote a prompt for /trash/ yesterday. Someone wanted to see Judy asking pointed questions about Nick’s past that made him deflect with sarcasm or humor. I decided to pick his brain mid-movie.

Vine and Tujunga was a dead end, in that the pavement stopped and the trees started.

The rabbit threw her little cart into park on the side of the road and pocketed the key. She had the little light on her phone out again, shining it into the overgrown foliage as if it was going to cut through the fog and leaves.

“Have you been down here before?”

“Once or twice,” Nick said.

“Doing what?”

“You really want to know?” He looked down at her. “After what just happened?”

“I don’t see how it could be any worse than skunk-butt rugs,” she said. “But yes. Why would you get tangled up with that, and then tell me about it? I could arrest you for ties to organized crime.”

“Ah.” Nick followed her into the underbrush, so he could keep her where he could see her. “Big scares me more than you ever could, see. I’d think a good near-icing would get you to learn to keep your mouth shut, too.”

She stopped long enough to arch an eyebrow back at his choice of words. “So you won’t tell me.”

“No.” He kept his voice low. He was in fact very familiar with this part of town, specifically the myriad ways it could ruin his day. Nick didn’t feel like attracting any more attention right now. This cop didn’t even have a taser.

“They why stick with me?”

“You know, most wouldn’t look a gift fox in the mouth.”

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Living in The Moment

Part II/VII of The Playground

Pairing: Hakyeon/OMC/OFC

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: AU, bisexuality, explicit sex, semi-public sex, medical talk, miscarriage mentions (non-graphic), non-monogamous relationships, alcohol mentions, adult language/themes.

Wordcount: 8078

Notes: Hey everyone! I’ve been a little out of the loop lately because of health issues but I’m on the mend, worry not! Here is another instalment of my ongoing single dad AU featuring Hakyeon in a very unconventional love story. I hope you guys enjoy the result. Love y’all and happy easter to my followers celebrating it *hugs* xoxo

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12:05 PM eastern standard time, the Muslims have vanished.

Check for yourself if you don’t believe me. Where have they gone to?

There is speculation, of course. Scientists mention a cosmic storm that passed the Earth on January 20. A man says they are all in caves. Certain groups lament a faulty Rapture. A woman says he has taken their power and absorbed it into himself. She means Barack Obama. I doubt it, but he does seem somehow taller. The ground rumbles at times. The breaking news says WASHINGTON DC, with red concentric circles. I’m uneasy, but what can we do? Terror is defeated and if Obama were a Muslim, he’d be just as gone as them. There’s no cause for alarm.

Within months, Barack Obama has declared a war on vague unease. It’s a good idea, because frankly we could all use some peace of mind. Approval rating is higher than ever now that the Muslims had left, but I don’t think we are happy yet. His eyes are shining sometimes, as a deer’s eyes shine in a flashlight beam. Small fissures criss-cross the pavement. Trees are swaying, but the breeze is gone. Something is changing in our world.

Aeroplanes don’t exist anymore. Scientists explain that the density of the air is too low to support their wings. Then how do we breathe?! We should have died by now, but I think we are evolving. Our bodies haven’t changed, but the atmosphere..

One man says it was the rapture after all, and we have since entered the Kingdom of God. Barack is now the size of an oak tree. He sleeps outside since the rains have ceased, and his skin is thick to bullets. Now he wanders through he countryside impassively. He ignores a rural photo-op. He studies a leaf for twenty days. Only a fool would call this Heaven.

Satellites fall to earth like rain used to. No friction burns them away, so we trudge past countless flecks of solar panel and ribbons of golden cloth. It’s a silent car crash every few hours, though cars themselves no longer run. No oxygen remains to ignite their fuel. Obama strides across the landscape, taller than the Freedom Tower. We’ve given up on assassination; all men are immortal now, and guns no longer fire.

I’m starting to wish the Muslims were back.

We found them with a telescope. Images of a colony on the right side of the moon. See the parts that jut from the lower right? I think they’re mosques. Soon they are visible to the naked eye, but how? Their cities are enormous. We watch them as they live and die. They have our former atmosphere; the moon is fringed with blue. “Look at how they wield their guns,” writes a man. “I always said he’d take our guns away.” They eat and sleep like we once did, building worthless ziggurats. We have everything we wanted, but oh how we envy their strife!

It’s long been clear that Obama brought this uncomfortable perfection upon us, but I can’t bring myself to blame him for it. He’s reminded us all of how our lives had been discarded out of fear. I know now why he grows each day. In time, when we are ready he will reach out into space. He will raise us up in his great hand, to this new Earth that gleams like a frozen star. And if Obama does not carry us, we can climb…

AU: Lily and James live! Yay amazeballs!

For @jilytober. I almost wrote something tragic and terrible, but then I decided not to. Title to be decided. Sister piece thingy to ‘Copilot’. :D


It’s a beautiful day, and Lily Potter is teaching Harry how to drive. Everything about this is thoroughly illegal, of course, because Harry has only just turned fourteen. Indeed, he’s barely tall enough to reach the pedals of Lily’s now-antique 1969 Ford Cortina, which James and Sirius have been maintaining with various enchantments since roughly 1980 - and Lily is pretty sure that most of those enchantments would make the car itself illegal if anyone were to inspect it…well, closely, anyway.

Lily smirks to herself. There’s no way in hell anyone at the Ministry of Magic is clever enough to work out what James and Sirius have done with this car over the years. And, truly, they’ve done a marvelous job, having used Sirius’s motorbike as a testing ground for all the enchantments they’ve put on the Cortina - because now, with over two hundred thousand miles on it, this car can not only fly; it can also fly invisibly. Not only that, but it can also drive like a completely normal car, except James and Sirius have charmed it to oil and fuel itself in a pinch. But as far as anyone else is concerned, the Cortina is just a vintage car that’s been restored.

Lily loves this car. This was the car she’d learned to drive in, also at the very illegal age of fourteen, with her father in the passenger seat. This was the car she and James had taken into the Scottish Highlands during the summer of ’78, right before all hell had broken loose during the war, and this was the car they’d lived out of for a week after Voldemort had blasted their house to a crater in Godric’s Hollow that fateful Halloween night. And even though they’d never had a second child, Lily still keeps Harry’s baby seat tucked away in the boot.

Except, now, he’s in the driver’s seat. And Lily is as happy as a pig in shit.

RRRRRRR-rrrrrr-rrrrrrRRRRRRRrrrrr-ptt ptt ptt.

The engine sputters and stalls as Harry tries and fails to shift gears. He sets his jaw in frustration, the muscle in his cheek twitching exactly the way James’ does when James grits his teeth. Harry pushes the brakes and brings the car to a stop; then, in a very un-James-like manner, he glances about the parking lot, straightens up in the car seat, and puts his hand back on the gear shifter. His arm wobbles a bit as he pushes the shifter forward.

“Not yet,” Lily says patiently, putting her hand over Harry’s to stop him. “Remember, put the clutch in first and give her a little rev. There you go. Now let the clutch out - there you go - not too fast now, gently does it.”

Something deep inside the transmission lurches as Harry locks the car into first gear. After a moment, the car bounds forward; startled, Harry moves to hit the brake, but accidentally pushes the clutch pedal instead. With a yelp, Harry shoves them into second gear, and - much to his apparent horror - they speed up, hurtling towards a tree at what feels like eighty kilometers per hour. Eyes wide, Harry swerves hard to the right, and they miss the tree by about a meter.

Lily lets loose a quick cheer, but then catches herself. She swallows her laughter and puts a hand on Harry’s shoulder, steadying him.“It’s okay,” she says calmly, although she can’t stop grinning.”That shift into second was a bit unexpected, but you handled it all right. Nice job avoiding that tree. Try to relax.”

“You don’t even seem worried,” Harry grits out. “You’re worse than Dad.”

Lily laughs. “Oh? Well, that’s high praise.”

“Mum,” Harry groans.

“Don’t worry, I’ve still got my foot on the emergency brake over on this side. I’ll stop us if anything dangerous happens.”

“Yeah, well, you drive like Dad flies,” Harry says, and Lily struggles not to cackle with glee. She clears her throat.

“Guilty as charged,” she admits. “Easy now around that corner, though.”

The car swerves again, and Harry swears as their tires scrape the curb of the parking lot.

“That wasn’t too bad, actually,” Lily says cheerfully. “Just look at the point on the road where you want the car to go. The car will follow your eyes. And we’re still in second gear, but you’re doing fine. Downshift when you’re ready.”

Harry swallows and clutches the wheel, refusing to take his eyes off the pavement. Trees and parked cars roll smoothly past the window.

“There,” Lily says. “I think you’re getting the hang of it.”

There’s a short pause. Then: “Can I take us on the road?”

“Absolutely not. You’re still stalling on the startup, and I won’t have you doing that at a traffic light where you could get rear-ended. We’re not going on the road until you can handle this car in fourth gear, in this lot, without crashing or stalling.”

“Mum, this lot is tiny.”

“That’s what I mean. If you can control the car at high speed in this lot without crashing or stalling, it’ll mean you’ve got the timing and reflexes to handle anything that comes up on the road.”

Harry looks skeptical, but doesn’t take his eyes off the pavement. He steers the car around another turn, a bit less jerkily this time. “Oh, so that’s what you did, then. Obviously.”

Lily leans back in her seat, stretching like a cat. “Oh, yes. This car is nimble enough, trust me.”

Excitement flickers across Harry’s face, and Lily notices him forcing back a grin. So that’ll be something he and James play with when I’m not home, then, she thinks. Well, that’s all fine. James handles the car well enough, and if anything he’s a bit more cautious behind the wheel than she is; the car isn’t a broomstick, so James doesn’t push his luck quite as much when he’s driving it. But he’ll know how to let Harry test himself without getting into a wreck.

“Hey,” Harry says, snapping Lily out of her reverie. “I’m, er, going to try shifting a few more times. How do I - what’s the timing again?”

“Clutch pedal in,” Lily coos. The car screeches. “Oops, not the brake. Ah, there we go. All right, push the clutch in. There you go - wait for it - okay, now move the shifter…good…all right…now let it back out…”

They continued for another two hours. Harry learned quickly, managing to start the car without stalling several times by the end of it. Lily was enthralled. By the time they drove back home, the sun was setting. All the sky was alight with color.


“Hey,” James says, sauntering onto the drive as Lily parks the car in front of their house. “How’d it go?”

“Pretty well,“ Lily replies. She flashes Harry a grin, but Harry shrugs modestly and pulls the latch to open the car door. Hiding what looks like a grin, he gives both his parents a quick glance and then turns to go inside. James sees Harry’s expression and raises an eyebrow.

“I’m going to take that to mean he drives like you,” James says.

“Nah.” Lily watches her son’s retreating back. “He drives like you.”

“I think he’s leaving us alone.”

Lily blinks. “You didn’t tell him about that road trip we took when we were eighteen, did you?”

“Well, I told him how you got a pile of parking tickets, how you steered with your knees, and how you tried and failed to teach me how to drive in that field next to the A82.” James rests his elbows on the sill of the passenger’s window and leans forward to whisper in Lily’s ear. “But I didn’t tell him anything else.” He kisses her jaw, and she shivers.

“So,” he says after a moment. “Want to go for a spin?”

Lily blushes, but then she catches herself and smirks. She sweeps her hair out of her face and steps out of the passenger seat, holding the door open for James. “Sure. Where to?”

James grins and gets in the car. “Anywhere you want to go.”