Kodama • 5F00-000F-7BCA

worked on Kodama in my ACNL livestream yesterday and updated the dream town! not too much has changed, but it was so fun making improvements with you all! can’t wait to stream again and actually play with some of you. ôヮô

Field Interview

I wrote a prompt for /trash/ yesterday. Someone wanted to see Judy asking pointed questions about Nick’s past that made him deflect with sarcasm or humor. I decided to pick his brain mid-movie.

Vine and Tujunga was a dead end, in that the pavement stopped and the trees started.

The rabbit threw her little cart into park on the side of the road and pocketed the key. She had the little light on her phone out again, shining it into the overgrown foliage as if it was going to cut through the fog and leaves.

“Have you been down here before?”

“Once or twice,” Nick said.

“Doing what?”

“You really want to know?” He looked down at her. “After what just happened?”

“I don’t see how it could be any worse than skunk-butt rugs,” she said. “But yes. Why would you get tangled up with that, and then tell me about it? I could arrest you for ties to organized crime.”

“Ah.” Nick followed her into the underbrush, so he could keep her where he could see her. “Big scares me more than you ever could, see. I’d think a good near-icing would get you to learn to keep your mouth shut, too.”

She stopped long enough to arch an eyebrow back at his choice of words. “So you won’t tell me.”

“No.” He kept his voice low. He was in fact very familiar with this part of town, specifically the myriad ways it could ruin his day. Nick didn’t feel like attracting any more attention right now. This cop didn’t even have a taser.

“They why stick with me?”

“You know, most wouldn’t look a gift fox in the mouth.”

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I know some angels get their wings clipped too soon and falling seems like fun until we hit the pavement, I know some trees fall in love with the wind, the breeze, it’s home. I know it won’t always be happy and all smiles, but you’ll be remembered among the carving of those trees and the little shyness of airy first times; falling off your bike, a band-aid from mother, and the many times we could have given those wings back to you, and we may not know each other or have met, but little girl, I know god has a place for you too. Somewhere among the clouds, the gates are painted gold and the stars are made from candy, if you get the chance, steal all of the stars. I know some angels fall too soon, quickly returning to the sun and the moon, I’m sorry about the wisdom tooth pain you’ll never get to feel, it’s okay my dentist said mine will stay. If this life could offer apples and worms, then life must come hand in hand with its sister. Death, it loves all of its guest. Kept forever in a snow-globe & a musical box with your favorite bed time lullaby. I know life isn’t what it seems and sometimes, we must accept those things. If we could live forever, us human beings, it’d be a doomed fate anyway. You may never read this from up high or understand the alphabet all the way, but if god has a smile, I pray he has a heart. You’ll get your halo, you’ll get your wings. You’ll get your books, you’ll get your smile. If you should make it to the gates of gold, I’ll promise that it’s a place you can always call home.
—  For the tiny souls that god has plans for.
// k.c.
Traffic At 17:46

Agatha’s theme plays against the silhouette of
Flowers in my beard, the woman in the other
Car casually lights a cigarette and asks for directions to
India Gate; cops take a hundred under the flyover
Where the homeless share pavements with
Sparrows, neem trees rustle, unrelenting honks–
Peep peep peep, a swarm of suit & tie, briefcases.