Victoria logic

Sydney faces three day storm, the worst storm we have seen in 100 years.
Me: wakes up, sees sun for the first time since the storm. ‘Now is the perfect time to go for a run. My normal running route has turned into a battle zone, trees uprooted, pavement torn apart because of the roots, flooding etc. My run was an obstacle course

You Float Away

You float away
like water-foam or a cloud.
You are every possibility
of lights and laughter,
of joy and starry conversations.

But were I to meet you again and see–
returning to an old home
filled with endless rain
and dying grass,
cracked-road pavement
under too few trees–

dreams born of distance
are rotten wood and regret
only upon seeing closely–

I’ll keep watching you float away.

eliza-art asked:

Top 5!! 1. Vegan food that is not gross 2. Lolita 3. Musicals 4. Boxes and Boxes of music 5. Sitting on some rough pavement under a nice tree in Junior year of high school

:’) this is so me and cute and yay thank you ily