Car Wash (More Jess/Danny)

Jessica wrung out the sponge, water dripping off her hands and into the bucket below. She then began to wipe the hood of the cream-colored Mustang, sending white bubbly spirals out from beneath her hand.

The sun had reached its golden hour and rays of yellow and orange were streaking across the pavement and the trees next to the garage, and as she leaned over the hood of the car, Jess could feel its warmth on her legs that were exposed from her denim shorts. Her hazel eyes drifted across the car to see Danny, also scrubbing on its hood. He looked up at her and pulled a slight grin to the side of his face, his eyes narrowing on hers.

Jessica dipped her sponge back into the water and wrang it out again. She started polishing the spokes of the wheels on the left side of the car when she felt water begin to spray her from above.

“Danny! You’re spraying me!” She exclaimed as she crouched closer to the car to avoid the water. She heard the hose stop. Danny sauntered over to her side of the car.

“Then you’re not going to be happy about this,” Danny said as he sprayed a small amount of water on her back. She squealed and stood up, reaching for the hose.

“Ah ah ah!” Danny said, pulling it away from her. Jessica cocked her head to one side, her left eyebrow raising, taking on his challenge. She lunged for the hose and Danny quickly retaliated by spraying her chest. It was just enough to soak her shirt and she had made the mistake of wearing a shirt that was the same color as the car.

“Danny Huston!” She yelled, shaking some of the water from her hands. He laughed, eyeing the bra that began to show through her shirt. He was too preoccupied to notice her go at the hose again, and this time she got it.

“Give me that!” She grumbled as she tangled her limbs with Danny’s, fighting over who would have the power to soak the other. Danny dropped the hose and held both of Jessica’s wrists, pulling her into him. As her coffee-colored eyes met his dark chocolate eyes, she allowed her breathing to slow. A smile broke out across her face, Danny’s soon doing the same. He brought his hands to her shoulders and ever so gently placed his lips on hers. She put one arm over his right shoulder and her other around his waist. Danny slowly worked his hands down to her ribcage and once he got a firm grip, he lifted her up so that her waist was at his lower abdomen and her legs wrapped tightly around where his belt was.

Danny’s tongue swiped the inside of Jessica’s lips, asking for her permission to enter. She took his tongue between her lips and sucked on it to answer. Danny walked over to the car and set Jessica on the hood, letting her legs fall further down his. The car was not yet close to being fully dry, and Jessica immediately felt the soapy water soak into her jeans. As Danny’s tongue worked harder, she set her hand back on the hood, letting it slide slightly through the water.

With caution, Jessica brought her hand up to Danny’s belt and carefully began to undo it.

“Jessica, really?” Danny asked, keeping his hands focused on her ribs.

“We’re in the middle of nowhere, and there’s plenty of trees, and it’s starting to get dark… No one will notice,” She pleaded, her voice barely above a whisper.

Danny let out a husky laugh, shaking his head back and forth, his nose rubbing against hers, “My God I love you.”

With that, Jessica continued her work. As their lips met again, Danny began to work on the button of Jessica’s jeans. Clothes were almost combatively torn off. Several grunts were made to tell the other to take it easy on the clothes, but the two forgot about them. Heated breath ghosted over flesh. Soon enough the car began to lurch and Jessica had leaned back, fully allowing herself to stretch out over the Mustang. A rhythm was established and the two were dancing the way that both of them had perfected.

Jessica’s hands scraped at the hood of the car as she searched for anything to hold on to. Both of their breaths had become more labored since their dance had begun, but both were feeling awfully satisfied.

“Danny!” Jessica whispered as she felt herself reach the top of her pleasure. She ran her nails along Danny’s back, tracing invisible lines over his spine. Danny finished as well, and he allowed more of his weight to lie on top of her as he breathed heavily in her ear.

Jessica giggled as she wiped a few beads of sweat from Danny’s brow. He lay his head on her chest, his hands finally moving from their anchored positions.

“I think we may need to wash this car again.”


The power of the wind actually uprooted trees and pavement

It must have happened all over Amsterdam too because the trams where all shut off with emergency light things on them

The rain is falling hard outside my window tonight, and I can’t help but think of how beautiful it is. The smell of the air, and the wet pavement and trees. The sound of the rain hitting the leaves. The comfort that it seems to bring. I’ve missed that. I’ve missed this feeling.