Story time: my friend and I are taking a tram back to the hotel. We hear a siren wailing in the distance and soon a police car passes us - nothing out of the ordinary so far. But! No longer than a minute later the same police car catches up with us again… on reverse… turning on the siren for a single WOOP sound, and then passes us again, and in the corner of my field of view I can see it taking a turn towards the pavement and the trees growing between it and the road. What follows is a crashing sound and the car passing us again, this time normally though. Prague, the city of adventures.

Untitled (2016-07-14)

You don’t remember the moments surrounding your fall.

You remember the speed–pavement beneath your wheels, trees blurring by, the wind stinging your cheeks and pulling at your clothes.

You remember riding, then flying, but you don’t remember falling. Crashing. Tumbling across cement and dirt and coming to a stop because of a tree.

You remember laughing out of joy, whooping because you’ve never felt more alive. You don’t remember screaming out of fear or crying in pain.

You don’t remember how you ended up in the dirt, tears streaming down your cheeks as you blink your eyes open to worried faces.

Your sister on your left, so careful not to touch you, not to make things worse. A stranger on your right, checking your pulse, your spine, your life.

“Do you remember me asking you questions?” he says, and you say maybe, you say yes, because he is asking one right now and maybe you remember giving your name and your location and your age but maybe that’s the first thing you remember after waking up.

You remember his name is John, a nurse taking a vacation, riding on a tour bus which is now waiting patiently by the curb.

Your cousin comes now, his voice calling out, but you don’t turn to look at him because your head hurts and your neck hurts and you’re scared, too.

You were having so much fun and now you’re scared. Now you’re crying. Now you’re so cold, you’re shivering.

You don’t understand. You were having fun.

You don’t remember what happened.


A/N: uh, so, thankfully, it wasn’t that bad of a crash and I had a helmet so it’s only a mild concussion and some scrapes and bruises (and weird almost-whiplash neck soreness), but there was an ambulance and a hospital stay and some x-rays and stuff so…

I had wanted to be able to post something cool when I “came back” so to speak, but besides my hospital stay, the trip was very busy and I didn’t have time to write anything, much less the Haku/Shikako fic I was planning to do, so… yeah.