pavement drawings

And I’m still not sure why but the tears came falling-
First a gentle stream,

I was still
Painted in mud
Rain ricocheting off of my coat onto the cold, hard stone.

Grey- so much grey
Tripping on my own steps
A stranger to my body
knees folded by some other-worldly force

Wet; Ice; Hard; Pavement.

Feeble fingertips drawing patterns on the old rotting wood,
Slipping, slipping, blood.
The cracks became my thoughts.
Broken. Tarnished. Used.

The past and the present fold into one.
Free spirit. Young. Naive.
Trapped. Old. Wise.
Nostalgia I think they call it.

Hell I think I’ll call it.
I think we have grown.
I’m different.

It was a fence.
I climbed it once.
Someone broke it.
I don’t know who it was.
But I hate them.
A fence.
For Gods sake it was only a fence.
But it was my fence- my goddam fence- and someone broke it.

Maybe it was more than a fence. Maybe it was a metaphor. I don’t know.

And I’m still not sure why but the tears came falling-
First a gentle stream,

—  it was just a fence.

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Hufflepuffs are the kind of people you want to love and be loved by. They are the warm honey trickling down someone’s lips, the soft sunlight drifting in through the window during an early morning. They are the lovely little flowers sprouting from cracked pavement and the small drawings tucked in the corners of a leather notebook. They are the giant willow trees weeping in great happiness and the vast meadows welcoming creatures of all kinds and all sizes.

They are the kind of people to embrace the strength that comes from their peace of mind. To talk happiness, health and prosperity to all that they meet. To be too large for worry, too humble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble. To think well of themselves and to think well of the world, and to proclaim this fact in quiet deeds, rather than loud words. To live in the faith that the whole world is on their side, so long as they are true to the best that is in themselves.

—  thoughts on the Hogwarts Houses (part 2)
Chapter 1 - The Body To Sell To The King Of Hell

Back story: Vivian made a deal with Crowley exactly ten years ago, the deal was that he would make sure that her mother would be alive until her sister turned 15. When she was making the deal her sister was only 5, and Vivian had stage three cancer, her mother was slowly dying as well. Crowley offered to even cure Vivian her cancer, but yet he refused to heal her mother. The biggest twist was that Crowley wasn’t after Vivian’s soul, he was after her body.

Vivian’s P.O.V

I sat at the bar with the simplest attire I could pick out of my duffle bag. Why would I be looking fancy? It’s my last day I should relax before the end.

I left my mother and my sister a year ago, I couldn’t leave my sisters side when my mother would leave our world. Guilt would eat me away that our mum would die on Scarlet’s birthday, (Scarlet is my sister.)

I play around with the expensive whisky that I still have left in my glass. I was startled when I heard howls, and I was pretty damn sure that the sounds weren’t made by wolves or dogs. I swallowed the rest of the drink and left the place without paying.

My heart was racing as if there was no tomorrow, the irony in that is that there’s no tomorrow for me, my own jokes made me laugh, as I let out a nervous laugh.

I heard a loud growl behind me, I looked behind me and there was a dog, not your normal let-me-pet-that-cute-little-thing, but more like let-me-run-the-fuck-away kind of dog. It had horns and it was quite tall. Which made my breath hitch in my throat. I froze in my place, but just as the hell hound growled at me and took one step forward I turned around and started running for my life, the first thing that showed a sharp turn was an alley way, which of course I ran to. I was so glad that I have these clothes on instead of something like a sexy dress and heels.

As I was running with all the thoughts in my head I hit something hard and losing my balance I was going to fall down, but whoever I just ran into grabbed my arm. My eyes met the same face I made the deal with. I quickly removed my hands from his grasp and spun around running in the same direction I saw the hell hound last time, this time it was different. The hell hound wasn’t there at least I couldn’t see it. I hit somebody again, but this time the demon grabbed both of my arms.

“You woman are so predictable” Crowley muttered in a husky tone.

 I heard a light growl behind me, it made me jump and push myself against the demon.

Crowley let out a low chuckle, “Love are you scared of a sweet little puppy?” He sarcastically spoke as if it was nothing.

“Shut it Crowley.” I hissed at him.

“Feisty just as I remembered.” He caressed my cheek, and I just sent a glare his way, “Still haven’t lost our virginity have we?”

“Not the time to talk about my virginity Crowley.” I looked away from him as the colour red was painting my cheeks.

“Oh no need to blush on my behalf, sweetheart. When I’m done with you, you’ll be begging for more.” He smirked at me, the words sent a cold chill down my spine.

The hell hound barked, it scared me even more, so I pushed myself that hard against Crowley that we ended up hitting a wall.

“Oh love, are we already getting into this?” He smirked at me like a Cheshire cat.

“Shut. Up.” I glare at him, going red again. I felt the hell hound breathe against my leg, and I pushed myself even more into Crowley, I felt his hard on. My first instinct was to jerk away but his death grip on my arms would let me move, so the only option I had was to stay where I am. He snapped his fingers and the dog was gone.

Finally letting myself breathe I look up to Crowley, remembering the deal we made, I have to give my whole body to him and only him, including my virginity. He hasn’t said anything for a while now, so I looked up to him, and he was examining every single detail that was on my face. His grip loosened on my arms and I jerked them away. Before he knew what was happening I was running again.

This time I ran straight to the main street, my leg muscles were aching from all the running. As I was running I heard Crowley’s voice shouting, “I do love a good chase!”
I sprinted across the dark streets, and I stripped over something. Falling down and scraping my knees on the pavement, drawing blood. “Fuck me.” I whisper harshly.

I quickly picked myself up and as I was going to run again, I felt Crowley press himself into my back, “Any time. Where are we running kitten?” His voice made a shiver run down my spine. My body was betraying me as my behind pressed against his groin. He let out a growl, and grabbed a handful of my hair pulling my head back so he would have an easier access to my neck. Crowley then started putting light kisses on my neck until he bit down, making a long and loud moan escape my throat, from the pleasure and pain mixed together.

“You see kitten, there’s no need to run.” He whispered, as he started to grind into my behind.

After a couple of moments he let go of me making a groan of disappointment leave my mouth, he chuckled, “So eager are we kitten.”

He then snapped his fingers with no warning and we appeared in an office, the room contained only three colours, black, red and grey.

“Where are we?” I looked at Crowley confused.

“In hell, love. We’re in hell.” He smirked at my face when he saw all the surprise in it.

*A week later*

It has been a week and my body hasn’t had a single release, Crowley either acts like I’m not there or he brings a demon whore in to fuck, and normally they scream they’re brains out just to make me jealous.

I stood in his office sexually frustrated as he didn’t even acknowledge that I’m there. My body felt like it was on fire, he got out a bottle of expensive whisky and he was going to ignore me for the rest of my existence here. The rage and frustration was bottled up in me, and I was going to let it out. Before he could open it I was there and grabbed the bottle, smashing it in pieces when I threw it into the wall.

“You get me here! Sexually frustrated! And then you bring other whores to fuck! And you won’t treat me as a woman! And you ignore me!” I shout in his face.

He looks at me, “If I was you Vivian, I would pick carefully what words I say.” He threatened me.

“Fuck. You. Asshole.” I turn around and start making my way out of the office, but before I could reach the door, I hit the wall with a thud hitting my head, his hand is lightly choking me and he presses himself against my body.

“No.” I say trying to hold myself from giving in.

“Why not?” He smirks inhaling the smell of my hair.

“If you won’t please me, I’ll do it myself. And might as well rip that virginity.” I say angrily, his hand holds onto my throat even harder than it was before.

“It’s for me to rip and not for you.” He whispers darkly into my ear, I hold in a moan from coming out.

“Well if you would’ve wanted it, you would’ve took it.” I whisper harshly at him, making him chuckle.

“It’s so fun to watch you in need of my touch, eager to get fucked thoroughly.” Crowley states, brushing his fingers against my neck.

“No… I… No…” I try and say something that would make him believe that I don’t need him. Failed at it.

“No? So if I remove my body from yours, would you like that?” He chuckles, and slowly starts to push away from me.

But before he could fully move away my hands make their way to his behind and pushed him fully into me, I could feel his hard member, I finally give in and close up the space between us, kissing him. His tongue exploring my mouth as if it was a map. He started grinding, and I let out a moan. Crowley looked at me and growled, the growl was animalistic and it turned me on. He started placing kisses on my neck, and he looked at me, “You want me to treat you as a woman? Well you’re going to get what you want.” His words made me so wet, and the only answer I could give was a loud moan.

Before I could register what is happening I was pinned in his bed, with invisible ropes attached to my arms. With no clothes at all, his eyes hungrily stared at me like I was his prey.

“You know as I recall you weren’t nice to me at all.” He simply states taking off his clothes.

“If you were sexually frustrated for a week with no release at all, you wouldn’t be nice about it at all.” I growl at him.

He shrugs his shoulders and gets on the bed, “You know what? I will teach you a lesson first, now. Don’t ever talk to your king like that, ever again.” He growls, and snaps his fingers.

I moan as an orgasm rips through me, that bastard is using his powers. My hips grinding into nothing, “Let’s count, kitten.” My eyes widen as I hear him.

“Two!” I scream as another orgasm rips through me, bringing all the ecstasy.



“Five!” I gasp from all the orgasms making my private part sensitive, “Please… Crowley… I…”

“You what kitten?” He strokes my thigh, making me shudder.

“I won’t disrespect you again.” I say, gasping for air after every word.

“Oh, I know you’re lying.” He puts his finger near my slit, and my hips move trying to get some friction.

“Ah, ah, ah, no. If you move again I will stop and leave you here. All hot and flustered.”

Crowley starts making circles on my clit, and my mouth uncontrollably starts making noises, “Purr for me kitten.”

I open my eyes as Crowley enters me with his fingers perfectly twisting and hitting the right spot, “Oh God Crowley…”

“No God love just me.” He chuckles at my reaction.

He bends down and blows cold air at my slit, “Crowley…” I moan his name out.

His tongue starts licking around my clit, and I can’t keep myself from moaning, my hand grips his hair showing him that I’m more than enjoying it.

I can feel the orgasm slowly climbing up, “I’m… Going… To… Oh Crowley.” I moan loudly.

He stops and I let out a whimper, he chuckles “We’re getting to the main event kitten, wait.” Crowley leans over me, taking his boxers off. He lines his cock along my entrance, “Are you ready?” “Wait.” I stop him, his confused gaze stares at me as I try and move my arms. He chuckles and snaps his fingers making my arms to cling onto him.

He looks at me, and I nod my head. I feel pain as he enters filling me up completely. We stay still for a couple of seconds, I test the waters by slowly moving my body, I moan, from pain to pleasure. Crowley thrusts slowly and I throw my head back pressing my hips against him, while arching my back. He fits inside of me so perfectly, so perfectly. His breathing became heavy as he let me adjust to his size, he leaned over and kissed me roughly and managed one hard thrust, and I moaned loudly.

“Kitten you better find something to hold on.” He smirked as he wasted no time in waiting, I grabbed onto his back scraping with my nails on his back drawing blood as he pounded into me, hearing the skin slap into one another made me wetter, an animalistic growl escaped Crowley’s mouth and he grabbed my neck, just to make sure I get who is in control.

“Crowley…” I moan, “I’m so close… Don’t stop…”

“I’m not planning on that.” He growls at me, picking up the speed even faster than what he was before.

My walls tighten against his cock, and I orgasm. Screaming his name, after a couple of thrusts so does he.

“Is that good enough kitten, did that make you feel like a woman?” Crowley looks at me, smirking commenting on my statement at the start of the argument.

“I hope it never ends.”

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Au where Murphy bites the reader to hurt 10k but for some reason nothing happens

“You really think we’re gonna stick around after we get to California? Any of us?” You snarl, jabbing a finger into Murphy’s chest.

“Newsflash! You’re going to be all alone. Maybe that’s why you don’t want to go. Because you know everyone’s going to leave you.”

“And you and sniper boy are gonna run off into the sunset, huh? That it?”

“All I know is I won’t be stuck with you anymore.”

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Drabble inspired by BTS pictures and this 'new' Robin

He startled at the sound of the car horn, jumping back onto the pavement and drawing his bow and arrow with a speed Regina had only witnessed during battle. She stopped him from firing, however, with a gentle palm on his bicep. “It’s okay,” still a little surprised by the dark fire in eyes she’d always known to be filled with nothing but kindness - he’s not the same man she knew, it’s a reminder she needs to keep giving herself - though she made no comment on it as she explained, “they’re modes of transportation in this world, the horn was to warn you from stepping out in front of it lest you wish to be flattened upon the tarmac.”

The joke was lost on him as his brow merely creased in confusion before he asked, “So I am not to shoot at them?”

“No,” she replied on a gentle chuckle, “best not to.”

He nodded, still frowning as he turned to look over the street once more, eyes trailing over the buildings and their strange signs, watching as more cars sped past before he heaved a deep sigh and mused, “This is going to take some getting used to.”

“I know,” Regina replied sympathetically, reaching for his hand and squeezing gently - she still wasn’t used to the way he’d stare and stare at the contact, as though it were completely foreign (it was to him, to them both in all honesty because it wasn’t him, not the Robin she’d known) - before reminding him, “but that’s what I’m here for remember,” she smiled as best she could despite the strong urge to cry, “to help.”

“I’m sorry,” he shook his head, eyes moving between her own in a way that was almost reminiscent of the man she’d loved - it had her heart aching in her chest - “that I’m not him.” He could read her just as easily as the Robin she’d known, that much had been obvious from the very first day they’d met in the strange Wish Land from whence she’d rescued Emma.

“You have nothing to apologise for,” she shook her head, “thank you for coming with me.”

He laughed softly, turning towards her more fully and ducking his head almost bashfully as he confessed, “In all honesty, m’lady,” the term still made her heart flutter in her chest, “I don’t think I could’ve let you leave without me.”

This part she’d found came easier, the flirtation, the teasing, and so, with a breath of laughter and her own step closer to him, she whispered, “Is that so?” breath catching in her throat when he met her step with one of his own so that they were practically toe to toe.

“Most definitely.”

He’d been lifting his hand to thread his fingers through her hair and pull her closer to him in a way they’d only done once before whilst in Wish Land, when a shout from the opposite side of the road caught their attention and one that was most certainly not a warm welcome.

“I thought we’d finally ridded ourselves of the riff-raff.”

Both of their gaze snapped to find the Sheriff of Nottingham leering at them from outside of the ice cream store, a vicious scowl on his face and, had the Robin beside her been her Robin, there would’ve barely been a reaction but, as it was, this Robin was still so very different and in much of a different, darker place as demonstrated by the way he was instantly leaning down to grab the dagger from his boot with bloody murder in his eyes.

No, this was not her Robin but still, Regina found herself just as enthralled by him.

This past summer I was hired by Arts In Stark to create a pavement chalk drawing for the annual “chalk the walk!” for Canton’s first friday! Even though it rained breifly while creating the drawing, I was able to complete it for the festivities. I hope to do more pavement chalk drawings in the future!
Walk in the Rain

Based off the song by Passenger.

Bucky x reader

Word Count: 1,757

Summary: The reader helps Bucky through some of his past that still haunts him.

A/N: Sorry I haven’t posted something in a while. I have been super busy with summer assignments from school. But today I heard this song and the lyrics really spoke to me, so I thought I would write something for you guys. I’m really hoping this helps to make up for my absence. Enjoy!

I walked the steps of my father today
Worked till I froze and my face turned grey
and all of my fingers calloused and worn to the bone

Bucky paced back and forth across the living room, worrying etched into his features. You had only left an hour ago to go grocery shopping, but his minds jumped to reasons why you weren’t back. Hydra had found you, he worried. They’d taken you and he would never see your smiling face again. They could be torturing you as he moved into the kitchen, peering through the window to see if the tires to your car have met the gravel of your driveway.

Only the sound of rain greeted him. His mind continued to race; what if you had lost control of your car on the slippery road and were bleeding all over the leather upholstered seats, life draining from your body? What if you needed him, and he wasn’t there?

‘Oh god, oh god.’ He thought, not even hesitating to grab a jacket before storming out into the pouring rain. He barely made it down the driveway before his knees buckled underneath him, unable to support his weight and he crashed into the pavement. Images flared in his brain, replaying the memory of him falling from the train, slipping through Steve’s grasp. He looked around, and instead of seeing rain surrounding him, he saw blood. Red stained the concrete next to him, and all he could do was sob uncontrollably. He couldn’t control the tears pouring from his eyes, mixing with the water from the sky, drenching him from head to toe. He slammed his fists into the hard rock, letting loose a scream that would surely disturb the neighbors. He heard sirens and blinking red and blue lights blurred his vision as his eyelashes clung to his cheeks.

And I felt like a child in a world of men

Trying to capture that someone again

Strong as an ox but slowly turning to stone

A man dressed in a dark blue uniform approached him, a shiny badge pinned on his chest. Bucky was too blind to see that; all his mind willed him to see was the German scientist heading toward him, ready to put him under again. He didn’t want to forget, he didn’t want to forget you. His muscles were frozen, and his breath hitched in his throat. Why was it so hard to breathe? He closed his eyes, trying to ignore the raging pain that coursed through his head. He opened them, only to see a swarm of people watching him from a close distance. Why weren’t they helping him?

The police officer moved closer, kneeling down to his level.

“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to stop screaming while medical assistance is on it’s way.” He ushered, resting a hand on Bucky’s shoulder. Instantly, he lashed out.

“Don’t you dare touch me! I don’t want to forget! You-you can’t make me forget!” He shrieked, shoving the police officer several yards back, making him lose his balance. As a reaction, he pulled out his gun. Bucky rolled his head, cracking all of the muscles in his neck and let loose the most heart wrenching scream he could muster.

“I can’t go back there!” He pleaded, punching the ground, his fists colliding with the pavement and drawing blood upon his knuckles. He shut his eyes and the pictures came again, this time more colorful and vivid. Images of him in his uniform, laughing with Steve. Bucky getting down on one knee, pulling a box from the pocket of his coat. Reveling in your beauty as you fell asleep in his arms. He didn’t want to let that go.

Walking away from this room dark and grey

Smoke hangs in the clouds and the old echo plays

And then there was you, singing along to the radio as you drove down the street, only a block from your house. You drummed to the beat on your steering wheel, bobbing your head up and down. You eased on the brakes as you approached a stoplight, enjoying the new song that played, until the sound of someone tapping on your window pulled you from your reverie and you turned down the music.

“Elenie! What are you doing here? I’m nearly five minutes from home if you-“ You greeted your neighbor with a warm smile, but she cut you off.

“It’s Bucky. He’s screaming in the middle of the driveway. The police are there, Y/N, I’ve never seen anything like it before.” She sputtered, rain dripping down her hair. Several cars continuously sounded their horns behind you, and annoyed, you parked your car next to the curb nearby. You slammed your car door shut and thanked Elenie as you raced back to your house.

Yellow caution tape was drawn around the entire perimeter of your front lawn, citizens decorating the once silent street. You pushed past the crowd of people and ducked underneath the tape, your shoes squishing into the grass as you made your way across the yard. A policeman ran up to you, stopping you with his arm.

“I’m sorry miss, but you can’t cross the police tape. I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” His voice was cold and harsh. You brushed past him.

“This is my yard, and that,” You pointed to Bucky, his head hanging low as he sat crumpled on the driveway, “Is my husband. So I’m not going anywhere.” You huffed, making your way toward Bucky.

And the music is soft

And the voice is hushed

And the boy he has loved

And the man he has lost

And I walk out in the rain

All over again

Bucky didn’t even hesitate to lift his head as he heard another person approach him.

“I told you, I’m not ready to forget!” He screamed, and you placed a hand on his shoulder once you had reached him. He grabbed your arm and pulled you over his head in one easy, quick motion, and for a moment, the breath was knocked clean out of you as you landed on the asphalt. As soon as Bucky saw it was you, he hovered over you.

“Y/N, oh my god. I’m so sorry; I didn’t know it was you. I didn’t know you were here” He rested a hand on the side of your face and you smiled.

“Of course I’m here. I married you, for better or for worse.” You cooed, sitting up and pushing the hair from his face. Surprisingly to you, Bucky started to cry.

“I thought they were coming for me again. I thought they were going to put me under and make me forget.” He pulled you into his chest and cried into your soaking wet hair. His shirt had clung to his torso, drenched from the rain.

“You won’t forget me, Buck. I won’t let you.” You soothed, wrapping your arms around him. He let loose a shaky sigh.

“I love you.” He rested his chin on your shoulder, breathing in your scent, which always soothed him, even if you didn’t know it.

“I love you, too. Now let’s get you inside so you can get changed into dry clothes.” You sat up, looking over his shoulder to wave off the policemen. Hesitantly, they put their weapons away and began removing all of the yellow tape that decorated your property.

You lead Bucky inside the house, heading straight for the bathroom, where you grabbed several towels for him to dry himself off with. You lay out a fresh set of clothes for him on the neatly made bed and knocked on the bathroom door.

“I’m going to go put a pot of water on the stove to make tea. I have to go move the car after so that I can make dinner tonight. I’ll be back, Buck.” You informed him, earning an ‘okay’ from him in response.

I felt the touch of my mother today

Gently pushed me forward again

Closing my eyes but still feeling the way

And I’m clutching at fingers through crumples and creases

I came to my senses and it cut me to pieces

‘Cause I needed more but I was pulling away

Bucky waited for you at the small island that sat in the middle of the kitchen, listening to the hiss of the kettle as the water began to boil. He picked up a picture of the two of you that rested on the windowsill above your sink. It was the first picture ever taken of you, one where you both were sitting on a hideous red blanket that was very itchy to Bucky, but it had been your mother’s so he refused to complain out loud. You weren’t wearing any makeup that day, only the sun enhancing your features, and to him you looked more beautiful that way. He was smiling in the photo, which was rare, and you were laughing, the corners of your mouth turned up and your eyes closed. Bucky was watching you laugh, reveling at how easy it was for him to picture himself being by your side forever. Steve was the one who had taken the photo, although it took several try because his finger was covering the lens the first seven times. But it was beautiful, and so were you. He hadn’t heard you come back in through the front door, ripping your coat off and hanging it to dry. You blinked for a few moments, wondering why on earth Bucky was so stationary. You moved toward him, and saw him holding the photo of the two of you having a picnic. You smiled, smoothing out his hair.

“What’s on your mind, James?” You asked, and his eyes focused on you.

“I’m home. I’m finally home.” He grinned, pulling you down to kiss you, the kettle shrieking in the background.

Walking alone with these legs made of stone
I’m almost dry and I’m almost home

where the photographs smile
And I’m still someone’s child
and my place it is set
so I’ll stay for a while

till I walk out in the rain
like water would stain
And I’m born all over again