pavement arts

Over the summer I created and worked on a project called Black Bodies on Pavement. It was my first ever public art installation and it was a mental and physical process. I researched 60 cases of unarmed (with a few exceptions) black men, women and children who have been murdered by the police (exception to Trayvon). I watched videos of press conferences given by their families, read the articles, learned the details and for some, watched the videos of their deaths. When we speak about #blacklivesmatter only certain cases or names are put in the spotlight or given media coverage. We’re familiar with Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown etc..and while these are still very important cases - My project was about highlighting and honoring the many people, including women who have lost their lives. 


@sixpenceee this is calçada portuguesa (portuguese pavement roughly translated) and it is also laid by hand. I took these pics near the oceanarium in lisbon but they usually have different patterns/ art throughout the country.
I can’t add these to the post you made about other pavement laid by hand because i’m on mobile


Black Bodies on Pavement : Dupont Circle, Washington D.C

My first public art installation. First I researched 60 cases, then I cut out life sized black bodies to represent the 60 people who lost their lives. Then I created evidence markers that had the names, date of death and the age of the victims on the back. I wanted this project to physically show what a black body looks like on the ground. It’s easy to ignore the news report but to see it right in front of you makes you stop, observe and hopefully think. A big thanks to my friends and family who helped me set up and also the strangers who shared their stories with me. A mother and her two twin 8 year old daughters stopped to help me I appreciated was how honest she was with them about my project. It’s really sad how we can no longer afford to shield black children from the harsh realities of the world, because as they get older, they too will become targets and they need to know that the color of their skin matters. The reaction I received was mostly great and then I had a few people who were upset with the project. From the old man yelling how black people aren’t special, the white man who ran over my project with his bike a couple times to another man asking “Why do these people get an art exhibition? If black people respected the police they wouldn’t die.” The oldest person killed by police was a 92 year old woman who was in her home. The youngest person was 7 years old, she was asleep in her bed. So yeah, I guess if they had “respected” police they would be alive right? I will never understand racism and the need to justify murder. There’s no room for hate at all.  Anyways, let’s remember their names and keep fighting for justice. 


I was dressed for success, but success it never comes
And I’m the only one who laughs
At your jokes when they are so bad
And your jokes are always bad,
but they’re not as bad as this.

( This song was part of “The Art of Getting By” & The Perks of Being a Wallflower soundtracks)