offansandflames  asked:

Who is the most oblivious to crushes people have on them?

Brothers//look into distance//:*Time for memories*


Random girl:“Hey sweetie~”

Sasuke//texting on phone//:“Yes, I have some fries.”

Random girl:“I am not a waitress..”

Sasuke:“Then why the hell are you talking to me?”

Random guy:“Hey, my dick is hard-”

Sasuke:“Hard as a pavememt? Must be the asphalt”

Random guy:“…..”

Sasuke:“Get it? Asphalt? ’ ass fault’ ??”

Random guy://walks away//:“Not worth it”


Guy:“Hey, I am not a photographer, but I can picture you and me together?”

Sasuke:“Why not leave that job to a photographer?”


Sasuke:“Whut what?”


Naruto:“Sasuke, are you free on friday?”

Sasuke:“I am fucking expensive, Naruto”

Naruto:“So I have two tickets to the movies, wanna come?”

Sasuke:“Yeah sure”

Naruto:“Popcorn is on you, dattebayo”