pavel demitra


How much will Pavol Demitra be on the minds of some of the guys before the game tomorrow?

Branko Radivojevic: I think Demo, he’s still with us right here, so hopefully he’s going to be with us tomorrow, and it’s going to be great for us.

Miroslav Satan: We have guys who still have his number on parts of the uniform, on the heads and the t-shirts, so he’s been very close to this team.  And he’s been a close friend to probably half of the guys on the team, so we still think about him, and the guys are playing for him.


You know what? Sometimes it’s hilarious, the things you stumble upon on YouTube when you’re looking for something else.

This is an ad featuring Marian Hossa and Pavel Demitra which aired in Slovakia (approx 2007) - it’s supporting its sponsor, Orange, for the national team - and the voiceover says:

Can you imagine the world if there was no ice-hockey?

Neither can we.

Orange is the general sponsor of Slovak ice-hockey team.