pav's ramble


So, I found out about this con in Alaska and I simply cannot wait to go! It’s 4 months away, but still. It’s hard making friends up in Anchorage and the people who I thought I made friends with turned out to be my distant relatives. Funny how everyone you know is family and somewhat related to you. Le'SIGn~ Wish I could find some Homestucks and I guess the only way I could find them is at this upcoming convention. They don’t have to be Homestucks, but I’m still lonely.
My plan for the convention is for me to try to get a table and cosplay as well. I’m not sure if it’ll be a big con, hopefully it is, but it is the only convention in Alaska. Or all that I could find. It’d be nice if there were Homestuck meetups too.

Well, I have less than ½ an hour on this library computer. Finished updating myself with the updates. Haha, man! Wish I could talk to my friends on skype too! ; u ;

nulfii replied to your photo: More like Johnny and Plank stuffs.

dont. stop. this is magical. DO ALL OF THE PLANKxJOHNNY THINGS. ALL OF THEM.

Haha, yes I shall do them allllllllll
I’m finishing up a Kanker Sisters one. Like the Scourge Sisters, but I haven’t yet drawn a third one, or if there should be a third one. Since there are 3 in the show, but aren’t there only 2 Scourge Sisters?? Idk I might just put Aradia or Fef as the third, haha.