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  • Akutagawa: I will make you feel sorry that you were ever born.
  • Atsushi: Well, for your information, I'm already sorry I was ever born.
He isn’t shooting for the stars. He’s shooting for you.”
There’s a pause, a grimace, a wildly beating heart.
Her eyes are wide with disbelief and his are narrowed in despair when he adds, “But then again, what’s the difference?
—  H.L. // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #8

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Can you post all the "round arse" parts with J and C?


“Of course, I thought it might ha’ just been the effects of spending
four months in a monastery, without benefit of female companionship, but then that ride through the dark together"—he paused to sigh theatrically, neatly evading my grab at his sleeve—"with that lovely broad arse wedged between my thighs"—he ducked a blow aimed at his left ear and sidestepped, getting a low table between us—"and that rock-solid head thumping me in the chest"—

“Jamie… I said… for all she’s a Sassenach bitch… with a tongue like an adder's… with a bum like that… what does it matter if she’s a f-face like a sh-sh-sheep?”

Dragonfly in Amber

Jamie shook his head at me admiringly. “And here I thought I married you because ye had a fair face and a fine fat arse. To think you’ve a brain as well!”


“I’ve never before seen a great-auntie wi’ a lovely plump arse like that,” he said with approval, bouncing me slightly on his knees.

“Oh… my… God!”
His hands were large and hard and cool on my heated flesh.
“You’ve the roundest arse I’ve ever seen!”

Drums of Autumn

“No, they don’t.” I backed out from under the table, clutching the quilt. “I’ve told you before, it’s germs that cause sickness. If I haven’t been exposed to any germs, I won’t get sick.”
“Ah, gerrrrms,” he said, rolling it like a marble in his mouth. “God, ye’ve got a fine, fat arse! Why do folk have more illness in the winter than the springtime, then? The germs breed in the cold, I expect?”

The Fiery Cross

“Keep your voice down, Sassenach,” he murmured, touching my hand. “Ye dinna want the bairns to hear ye. Besides,” he added, his voice dropping low enough that he was obliged to lean down and whisper in my ear, “it’s not all women. Only the ones with lovely round arses.”
He let go my hand and patted my backside familiarly, showing remarkable accuracy in the darkness.

He held Claire close, curving his free hand low over her belly. She sighed, a small sound of pain in it, and settled herself, her arse nesting round as an egg in the cup of his thighs. He could feel the melting begin as she relaxed, that odd merging of his flesh with hers.

His fingers twitched, remembering that one rebel lock, spiraling free down her neck, and the feel of her slender nape—and the feel of her plump warm arse through her skirts, pressed against his leg. He had not had her in more than a week, what with the press of people round them, and was feeling the lack acutely.

A Breath of Snow and Ashes

“Ye look like a boy, Sassenach,” he said. “Though damned if I’ve ever seen a lad with an arse like yours.”

An Echo In The Bone

“There,” he said. “That‘s the best thing I can think of. Having a good hold on your arse always makes me feel steady.”

“And I can see the sweet wee crease of your arse, too—and once I‘ve got ye pinned under me and ye canna get away… d‘ye want it lying on your back, Sassenach, or bent over on your knees, wi‘ me behind? I could take a good hold either way, and—”

Written In My Own Heart’s Blood

He’d been in there perhaps five minutes and recalled every second. Claire’s hair, half brushed and clouding up around his face as he bent to her, smelling of bergamot, vanilla, and her own green scent. Her warmth and solidness in his arms, his hands; he’d grabbed her by the arse, her lovely round arse so warm and firm under the thin shift, and his palms tingled with the memory of instant lust. And no more than an instant later …

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I read that rosemary ao3 fic you reblogged the choice quotes from yesterday and now it’s on my mind all the time

Damn! I gotta read it; I’ve heard good things so IDK why I haven’t yet. 

Here’s the link for those interested.

Skam February Challenge - Day 9 - A clip I have seen more than 10 times and why

I believe I have seen the clips in s2 and s3 about 4-5 times. I haven`t gone back to see one scene again and again in the same way I have done in s3. Well, maybe the last episode of s1, or the scene where Noora disses Nicolai in s2. They are fantastic.

In the last season, I have no trouble finding clips or scenes I have seen more than 10 times. I have so many favourites, it`s ridiculous. I know I have seen all of these: “Mekke øl”,  "Ultrahomse", “Bånder”, “21:21”, "Hjernen er alene", “Pause”, “Pride”, “Returned”, “Kan du varme en til meg også?”, "Vært litt spess i det siste", “Slutt å meld meg”, “Tenke det du føler”, “Life is good”, “O Helga Natt”, “Minutt for minutt”, "Passe på meg", and “Nå" more than 10 times.

If I have to pick one clip, I would pick 21:21. I struggle to explain why, I guess I don`t have the vocabulary to describe what I find so fascinating about that clip. It has something to do with all the unspoken Things happening in the interaction between the boys.

- At the pregame, Isak and Even are stealing glances of each other every time the other looks away, and it just kills me.  It`s aparrent that both are aware that they have almost kissed, both are unsure about if, or how, something more will happen. - Isak seems a bit unconfortable and confused, and Even seems irritated. Now we know that he has been interested in Isak for a while, we can understand that he`s irritated on the girls crashing his party, and anxious to get Isak on his own.

- It`s something innoscent and promising about the whole bicycleride. And Isak`s hand on Even`s shoulder is promising.

- In the pool scene it`s happening a lot. And it`s here I really struggle to put into words what I find so fascinating. It`s something about Isak entering the pool room, and he realizes, and we realize, that this is just like in Romeo & Juliet, AND MAYBE THEY WILL KISS. We know, or guess, that Even is determined to get a kiss, but that he doesn`t know Isak knows about this scene.

- It`s something about the way Even teases Isak, to make him relax. Even knows, or senses, that Isak is stressing out about if he has to undress everything, are they going to be naked, what is going to happen (WÆÆÆÆ?), so he teases Isak, moving the focus from fear of intimacy to fear of water and hair obsession. It works. Isak follows his teasing like in a dance. And pushes them both in the water.

- It`s something about the way Even pushes out of the water, right in front of Isak. He could have kissed him there, but he does`nt. He starts teasing again (the foreshadowing to “O helga natt" (did you think I died?) just hurts a little bit), and Isak follows.

- It`s something about the "dance” between them. They both know they almost kissed last weekend, they both know that something is about to happen, but they both choose to make believe everything is… normal.

- It`s something about the way Isak initiates the holding breath-contest, and about the way Even follows up. It`s about how their eyes meet under water, how the world becomes silent, the masks fall of them. It`s about how Even takes a chance, and “strangles” and kisses Isak under water.

- It`s about how Isak hides his excitement when they come over the surface again. To me, it seems like Even does this as a test, he both “strangle” and kiss Isak to camouflage the kiss as “cheating”. If Isak freaks out about the kiss, he can back off, save face, and just say he did it to cheat. But Isak doesn`t freak out about the kiss, he just pretends to freak out about the cheating. Then Even knows. And he smiles, the biggest smile in the world.

- And Even says “Du you think there are any rules here?”, teasing Isak again. And he pushes him a bit: “What are you thinking?”. And Isak doesn`t know what to say (he just knows that he wants to kiss Even again), so he says they should try again.

- And when the go under water again, their eyes meet, the masks are off, the game is over, and Isak is moving towards Even straight away. Finally. They kiss.

- When they come to the surface, they continute kissing, and there are no games anymore. Even smiles the biggest smile and Isak is all in the kiss.

I don`t know. There are so many unspoken things happening in this clip, and I have only mentioned a few of them. It just makes me happy to discover new details when I watch the scenes several times. I have the same feeling about “Mekke øl”,  “Bånder” and “Tenke det du føler”. These scenes just keeps giving and giving and giving.

There are small details in the acting and the interaction between Isak and Even, details that I somehow catch, but don`t have a language for. And I guess that`s one of the reasons I watch the scene again and again. That, and the fact that it just makes me happy and a bit lovesick.