The new found love(part 5) - Their perfect world.

A McLennon fic


Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Lennon/McCartney
Summary:  John and paul tell their story to brian and scott but soon they can’t keep their hands off each other ….
Disclaimer: Everything depicted in this story is fictional. 

*john smiles and hugs paul close* well it was a sunny day in good ol’ liddypool and a young little teddy boy was playing up on stage when suddenly another school boy came and made him mess up his words. *john smiles at paul wanting him to continue the story*

And boy did he mess up badly; the confident Teddy boy with the checkered shirt however kept his cool and kept on playing while the little chubby school boy watched in amazement. He couldn’t understand how god created such a beautiful boy with such talent *paul smiles back at him*

*john kisses him and smiles, blushing a little* after the show the school boy was taken by a mate to met the teddy boy and their like a mate once said they circled each other like cats. *john smiled back at paul*

*paul giggles* the school boy strangely wanted to be closer to the teddy boy finding his behavior interesting and well…attracting somehow. The school boy rocked his favorite song for the teddy boy to see and maybe let him in this little band they had *paul grins at john*

and so he did and on the next day the teddy boy invited the school boy to his house and their after the teddy boy needed help with a chord a little weird feeling began.

since the teddy boy knew how to play banjo chords the school boy had to teach teddy boy a chord so he got up, stood behind him, leaned in and put his hands on the right places and unknowingly tilted the guitar a bit. The school boy’s heart was racing, “im nervous because I shouldn’t screw this up ” he thought but actually it was because he was a little closer than he tended to and the other boy was not rejecting.

but the teddy boy was almost daft and kept getting the chords wrong needing more and more help every time. *john grinned*

the school boy was delighted to help the teddy boy again and again making him strum the chords he was showing him but little did the school boy know the guitar was on the teddy boy’s crotch and he learned all the chords he wanted long before they stopped practicing *paul winks*

but the months passed and the teddy boy and the school boy kept getting closer and closer till on hallows eve a little joke made the school boy jump. *john holds paul’s hand and smiles more*

the teddy boy was a little bastard *paul grins at john* and thought it would be funny to scare the little school boy in a old broken down house in the dark. The school boy was scared so much that he couldn’t talk and the only thing he thought of doing was hugging the teddy boy to calm himself down and feel secure, hoping the teddy boy wouldn’t mind. *paul holds john’s hand tighter*

and the teddy boy sure didn’t but as soon as the teddy boy looked in to the moon shined eyes of the school boy he could not deny his feelings anymore and no matter how wrong he thought it was he leaned in and kissed the school boy and the rest. *john looked at paul and sighed* is history.

*paul grins at john and looks into his eyes before pulling him for a slow kiss, not letting john pull away from his lips. Scott smiles at them and turns to brian giving him a little kiss on the cheek*

*brian blushes as john kisses back putting his hands softly holding paul’s face*

*paul puts his hand on the back of john’s neck to pull him closer. Brian looks at john and paul and back at scott* sorry, they usually can’t keep their hands off of each other, they had to keep their hands off of each other for a long time when the public didn’t know about them *brian grins*

well them we may as well follow the example. *scott said with a grin as he slowly leaned into brian kissing him tenderly*

*brian blushes and kisses back tilting his head. Paul desperately pulls john closer as their kiss gets hotter.*

*john grins and kisses back tenderly as he ran his hand up thru paul’s hair feeling his face go hot*

*paul feels his cheeks get redder as it always does. When he got aroused this was the main thing that gave it away. He puts his hands on john’s shoulder to pull him closer. Meanwhile scott had brian against an empty wall but they were just kissing slowly not with a lot of contact*

*john suddenly pulls away from paul grabs his hands and runs with him to the bathroom*

*paul runs after john to the bathroom with his blushed cheeks leaving brian and scott alone in the room kissing*

*as soon as they get to the bathroom john throws paul against the wall desperately kissing him*

*paul pullls john by the waist and kisses him hard and needy. His cheeks get redder the way john liked it, out of arousal* kids *he mumbles between the kiss*

just a little making out luv. *john kisses paul hard again* they won’t even feel we’ve gone.

*paul nods* alright we’ve got to be quick *paul mumbles and tries to pull john closer* c'mere *paul holds john’s thighs*

*john does the same cupping the back of paul’s neck and tilting his head putting one of his legs between paul pressing a bit to paul’s crotch*

*paul gasps and presses back to john’s leg, stroking his thighs at the same time* did you lock the door? sum one can walk in *he mumbles*

oh shit just wait a little. *john runs to the door and locks it running back to paul and almost throwing himself at paul*

*paul quickly goes for john’s pants and starts to take it off and drag it down to his thigh enough to expose his crotch* what’s it going to be? *paul whispers into the kiss as he holds john’s waistband*

*john grins and winks at paul* do your worst.

*paul laughs* i would but.. we have to be quite, you are moaner after all *paul teases and pinches john’s cheeks*

*john makes a cute face* come on i’ll bite me lips, please!

john we tried that once, you know how it ended up as *paul says looking at him and stroking his thighs*

come on i’ll try harder. *john looks in paul’s eyes with a begging look* please!

*paul makes a face* alright alright you know i can’t say no when you say please, what do you want me to do? *paul kisses john’s neck teasingly and very lightly*

ahhh just do something. *john says being way too aroused to think*

*paul grins and runs his hand on john’s back to his bum and rubs it there over the boxers. He puts his hand between john’s legs and slowly traces his fingers on john’s growing hardness* something like this?

*john moans softly bitting his lips feeling himself get even harder* yes.

*paul smiles and slowly drags john’s underwear down and runs his finger on him, not grabbing just touching and playing and teasing. He catches john’s eyes, he liked it when john looked at him during because it would drive john mad easily how paul looked when he was aroused completed with his hand on him*

*john looks in paul’s greenish hazel eyes with a begging and lustful look as he moans softly keeping his gaze*

*paul liked seeing john begging and vulnerable because this side was special for him. No one got to see john like that, the way paul saw him on the bedroom, the way he let his guard down. Once john was in his hands the simplest touches made john vulnerable and aching for more. “if only he knew how he looked” paul thought laughing to himself and softly grabbed him, stroking slowly but not letting his hand touch all of him*

*john’s breathing starts to get heavy and faster as paul keeps his very light touches. john’s face looked flushed as he got hotter and hotter in arousal*

*paul plays with john a little more before grabbing him but just letting his thumb rub his tip, the head and under the head. He kisses john’s neck lightly trying not to leave any marks but gets into it*

*john gasps at the contact and moans softly once again kissing paul’s neck back but a bit more tenderly being too aroused to control himself*

*even though he didnt show it paul was really raunchy and cant help reach for himself over the pants as continues working on john, before capturing his lips again and kissing him hard*

*but john knew paul well enoght to know jus how raunchy he was just fromhis kisses so he slowly reached for paul’s pants softly running his hand on the bulge the lied on it*

*paul kisses john harder and to show how grateful he was he grips john harder and makes his strokes faster a bit* mmm *paul says shoving his tongue in john’s mouth*

*john quickly responds by putting his hand inside paul’s pants and gripping paul as he french kissed back*

*paul moans inside the kiss as he brings john near the sink and turns him to look at the mirror, his hand still on him but makes john let go as he is rubbing to cloth covered bum of john now. Paul keeps the eye contact by using the mirror and kisses the back of his neck*

*john puts his hand on the side on paul’s face as he kissed deeper and wetter then before gasping into the kiss*

*paul kisses back as he rubs harder and strokes john faster keeping one hand over his stomach to keep him in his place* we…we should *paul says being breathy* i should…should i? *paul says continuing his actions not being able to complete his sentences*

please, yes. *john gasps back being so hard and so aroused it hurt*

*paul nods and drags his pants and boxers down followed by john’s boxers and opens the drawer next to them to reach for the little bottle they hid there, trying to open is shakingly from arousal*

*john turns and helps paul open it spreading it gently on paul’s member being as teasing as possible*

*paul moans and bites his bottom lip, letting john go for a while before getting too aroused to cope with and makes john turn around, kisses his neck as a warning and thrusts at once letting out a muffled needy moan*

*john gasps a bit loudly as paul manages to get all the way in at once*

*Paul softly puts his hand over John’s mouth to show him he is being a bit loud. He starts to thrust slowly*

*john keeps gasping but keeping it on the low now as he soon matches paul’s movements helping him hit the spot every time*

*Paul makes John look at him from the mirror as he rubs his hand down from john’s mouth to his stomach rubbing under his shirt also holding him place and using it to thrust deeper and harder* Mmmm*Paul bites his bottom lip*

*john gives paul a tender look as he bites his lips and looks sideways capturing paul’s lips in his kissing him very passionaly*

*Paul kisses back and strokes John faster and moves faster and harder.* hmm Johnny *Paul says kissing deeper and wetly*

*john curves himself a little in pleasure and grins kissing paul back even more passionaly*

*Paul curves himself to help John get close as he is and thrusts harder* John ’m…ohmmmm ’m gonna…*he goes faster with both actions*

me too luv please just go…. ohh faster. *john says softly and out of breath*

*Paul goes faster and soon as fast and as hard as he can* ohhhhh johnnhmmm mph-*Paul muffles himself by kissing John hard*

*john kisses paul hard before he gasps and curves himself into paul putting his hand on top of paul’s hand which were on his chest as he cums on the sink*

*paul feels john tense up and after a couple of thrusts he cums inside john panting, moaning as he held onto john’s tshirt*

*john closes his eyes a little before because he is out of breath and because of the warm feel of paul’s cum inside him*

*paul buries his face on the back of john’s neck and pants as he closes his eyes, he plants a little kiss there* how was that? *he says out of breath* did i manage to rock your world?

oh hell you did! *john chuckles kissing paul’s cheek a bit out of breath*

*paul giggles but they hear the kids running around so they snap back to reality and paul reluctantly pulls out and starts to clean up* wonder what happened to scott and brian

we better go and see. *john cleans the sink and fixes himself. he turns around and fixes paul’s shirt* come on

*paul grins and gives him a little kiss before fixing his hair* alright luv *they get out of the bathroom and hear julia and abbey running around* kids brush your teeth and go to bed! *paul says to abbey and julia who proceed to groan* alright where are they *paul says tucking is shirt in his pants because he didnt like it to be messy*

*john looks around and does see them* they must still be up there. *they walk to their room and up the secret stairs to find scott and brian slow dancing to “and i love her”*

*Paul grins at John and holds his hand* let’s just leave them be *he whispers to him* they are so cute

yeah. *john smiles and slowly closes the door as they both start tiptoeing down the stairs. john goes to the closet and get his and paul’s pajamas, he puts them on the bed and starts changing*

*paul takes his pjs and starts changing not before he gives johns bum a little slap and giggling like a madman* you know I do that because I can right? *paul says jumping on the bed*

sure luv. *john says with a huge grin as he lifts the covers and gets under them*

*Paul quickly snuggles with John* I’m so glad we let Scott stay here. Bri looks so happy

*john smiles and snuggles back* yeah, if only jim had let me live with you at that age.

that would be nice, or Mimi, though she didn’t like me back then. Anyways I’m jus happy our family grew by one. *paul closes his eyes*

yeah. *john smiles sweetly and kisses paul’s forehead* goodnight luv

Good night jojo *Paul says snuggling with him again and drifts off to sleep happy as ever*