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Hi guys,

It has become a bit quiet on my blog lately. It’s because I’m working on my super interesting illustration project. I get so many great self-portraits, so I would like to present you some of them here.

Here is a small selection of self-portraits from my upcoming book about the own drawing style.

f.l.t.r. Frannerd, Sibylline, Mareike Engelke, Lara Paulussen​, Jan Vismann, Mawil, Quint Buchholz, Amrei Fiedler, Romina Birzer 

Adeline Molamure (1890-1977)

Art by Lara Paulussen (tumblr)

After her father died while in office in 1931, Adeline ran for his seat on the State Council of Ceylon.  She won and become the first female legislator in Sri Lankan history.  Adeline served on the State Council until 1936.  In 1947, she was elected to the Senate and she was appointed Deputy President of the Senate in 1955.