before i start, i know this may be considered ‘nothing’ compared to what other victims of sexual abuse on youtube had to contend with, but after spending a lot of time thinking this situation through, i’ve come to the conclusion that what happened to me last year wasn’t acceptable and alongside everything else that has been occurring thoughout youtube these past couple of weeks, i feel ready to finally come forward with my story. i know the youtuber i’ll be talking about has only a fraction of the huge followings of the likings of Sam Pepper or VeeOneEye, but after the allegations made against PaulsJournal, a 'small youtuber’, it made me realize that the significance of the person is, and should always be completely irrelevant. forget subscriber counts; no one should get away with this. 

i’ve also completely underestimated how difficult this is to actually write, and this is a huge and extremely nerve-wracking thing for me to do so i’ve decided against making a video about it, and thought channelling my story into a text post would be a better option.



so, around mid-2013, through youtube i befriended someone called Daniel Glover. (who goes by the username and channel name ShoutItOutTV) we talked, exchanged phone numbers and became pretty good friends. 

this continued for a few weeks, until i realized some of the things he’d say to me were starting to go from friendly comments, to just making me feel plain uncomfortable. i think it’s definitely notable to add that during the time of these messages, i was only fourteen years old, and i believe he was around the age of eighteen/nineteen, which in itself is already pretty weird.

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