pauls face in the second one

A tribute to Demo

Over time Demo has become one of my favourite characters in this whole series. It’s very sad that he gets so little attention (from both the comic team and the fans it seems). That’s why I decided to make a small appreciation post about what I like about him.

Let’s start with chapter 1: Gray Mann took over Mann Co. and fired all mercs. Most of them went into hiding or just moved on with their lives:
Scout: Helped Soldier and then wanted to get his money from the bank before vanishing. Ended up in prison though.
Soldier: Was kicked out of his castle and then started working as a tourist guide.
Pyro: Apparently became the CEO of a freaking engineering company??
Heavy: Returned to his family in Siberia.
Engie: Disappeared and took care of the Administrator.
Medic: Started working for a different team.
Sniper: Went back home to Australia and then started looking for his birth parents.
Spy: Wanted to go underground for a while. Ended up in prison with Scout unfortunately.

But what does Demo do? Nothing. He is depressed and unable to move on with his life. This job was everything to him.

He seems to drink even more than usual and completely lets himself go, not caring for anything. 

And now look at him when Miss Pauling is giving him his job back.

Look at his face: He is so genuinely happy and blissful when he is offered to join the gang again. Totally changed from one second to the next! :D

Another thing to notice about Demo is that he doesn’t bear grudges against his friends, no matter how shitty they may treat him.

Sniper knocks him out and then wants to throw him into a shallow grave!

But who is the one who supports Sniper after he got shot by the TFC mercs? Demo. 

In Chapter 6 Medic joins his old comrades in battle again. 

Medic betrayed the team and got Sniper killed, but he brought him back to life later - and that’s all that matters to Demo. He also doesn’t really mind Medic cutting pieces of his brain out.

(Don’t forget, he also immediately forgave his liver for leaving him.
DemoxLiver = OTP lol)

Look how happy and enthused he is to be back in action and to blow things up. This guy loves his work!

Look how happy he is to be reunited with his team. This guy loves his friends!

He is the only one of the mercs who visibly cares for the others and is happy to work with them. And that’s why I love him. :)

Cool things from seeing the Great Comet live (in no particular order)

Also this is based off my personal experience, so it may be different for others!


-walking through the theatre onto the stage
-old Russian war songs like ‘katyusha’ being played over the speakers before the show and during intermission
-the air raid sirens to tell people the show’s starting
-In the opera how Natasha being in 'a state of intoxication’ involves her seeing Andrey being killed by enemy soldiers
-Dolokhov’s boot strap things that go up his legs
-Balaga being so utterly chaotic
-Anatole’s narcissism
-The whole theatre having a blast during the abduction while violently shaking their egg shakers
-the dumplings
-pages of war and peace being flung at you
-Dolokhov spitting all over Anatole’s face during Preparations
-the costume design
-Anatole flirting with audience members
-Anatole holding the 'WOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHH’ in the abduction for like thirty seconds
-Anatole being drunk basically the entire show
-Hélène’s look of terror when the elopement fails
-prince bolkonsky greeting Natasha in his undergarments
-Paul Pinto as the servant during the private and intimate life of the house
-prince bolkonsky hitting his powdered wig and powder flies out
-the opera singers
-Everyone wearing golden bear heads while dancing (I believe during the ball)
-every single one of marya’s entrances
-Dolokhov skipping along the stage while screaming at Anatole
-Hélène and Dolokhov getting touchy feely right in front of Pierre
-Pierre basically just being in His study the entire show
-The whole cast running around the entire theatre, including up in the mezzanine
-did i ever mention anatole
-Denee’s childlike innocence as natasha
-Andrey appearing in Natasha’s memories and she always reaches for him as he runs away
-The strobe lights during the duel
-Pierre standing completely still to let Dolokhov shoot at him
-Pierre hunching over before realizing he wasn’t hit
-The costume/prop design during the duel
-some ensemble members being paired with partners of the same sex while dancing
-Natasha poisoning herself with the super electric part of Pierre and Anatole
-Anatole’s green coat (not purple anymore) during the abduction
-Anatole not letting Natasha leave during the ball and they end up kissing
-The audience needing to pass Anatole’s love letter to natasha
-Sonya taking Natasha’s letter out of her sleeping hand before reading it
-Anatole striking poses when he enters during the opera
-the guy who plays the announcer at the opera/the guy who gives Pierre Marya’s letter is so good
-“what…. whaT…. wHAt…. WHA T?!”
-the moments that rely on audience participation
-people with eggshakers accidentally moving during a quiet song (myself included)
-Natasha and Sonya’s reactions to the opera
-Pierre basically saying “fuck you” to Napoleon

Great Comet Things

So here’s a list of great comet tidbits from the last two times i saw it. I made another post about the first time i saw it a while ago that has my some other moments of interest. Honestly I’ve now seen this show three times and I still feel like I missed a million things

-I know a lot of people talk about this but Marya wears a black leather jumpsuit and holds a riding crop during the duel and also is having the time of her life on the platform by the door playing a big drum during balata

-i think it was during pierre but there’s just a neat moment where four different men are lined up playing guitar

-Andrey gives Natasha a necklace right at the beginning of the show, and then later during charming Helene actually takes it off of her, gives her one of her necklaces, and keeps the andrey necklace for herself

-oh also during the first half of charming natasha is in her underwear

-right at the beginning of no one else the entire lighting of the theatre changes to blue

-right after the duel anatole and helene mime this little “boxing” moment its just really cute

-When Anatole and Natasha first kiss during the ball, that sound is actually the entire ensemble doing rings around the rim of the their glasses. They each stop one by one and the last person to let go is Helene who lingers a little bit longer than everyone else, and there’s a dim spotlight on her as she stops

-during dust and ashes the ensemble is all over the theatre doing those backup vocals, but they come out in the mezzanine almost in like a procession, and line up all the way across the mezzanine, and also all the way down the aisles in the orchestra. It had a very like voyeuristic quality? Like Pierre is being looked over by all these people it’s really beautiful

-in a call to pierre, when marya sends the letter, paul pinto carries it over to pierre and those hanging lights like light up to follow the letter? its on that big ascending run in the music and you can really only tell when you sit in the mezzanine but its a cool effect

-during the opera if you sit in the mezzanine, after the initial opera part when it gets to “in the second act there were tombstones,” gelsey bell and paul pinto come up to the mezzanine and continue to mime the opera

-during one of the newer parts in the abduction when music gets all big and grand, there’s a man on the stage by the door at the top doing like that russian dance where you’re on your heels and then bounce up, but really slowly, BUT there’s also a man up the mezzanine doing the exact same thing and they’re facing each other almost like they’re having a dance off from across the theatre and they both have huge spotlights on them

-there’s about five million things that are happening during the abduction actually so i won’t go into all of them, but i also love the “accordion-off” that sort of happens between the two women who play it

-if you watch the tony performance you can catch a lot of the other little moments like natasha smashing a painting over balagas head, of course the making out, and everyone throwing what i think are pages of war and peace everywhere 

- so when they do the fur cloak part an ensemble member comes to the front and acts out the whole thing while playing violin, her name is pearl rhein and when i talked to her at stage door i was like “i love your feature!” and she just goes “ME TOO!” and then goes “yeah people always ask me what my favorite part is and i just go well my part!” it was so cute

-there’s one or two times in the show when sonya and anatole cross paths on stage and she just glares at him

-when natasha poisons herself marya and sonya are both sitting onstage in the audience, and i’m pretty sure sonya immediately stands up, but i know marya does, an the she just watches her before they run after her offstage

-dolokhov plays the guitar during natasha very ill which i found neat

-its so funny when pierre sings “unable to find the sleeves” at the end of pierre and natasha, i’m pretty sure that at every show i was at the audience thought he had messed up and ad-libbed that

-when i talked to grace clean at stage door i told her i loved her music and she said there should be an album very soon if anyone was curios

-when i met paul pinto at stage door i told him that he has insane energy and he just goes “yeah it must be all that cocaine” before laughing and going “WAIT don’t do drugs”


Okay so I was in the London Beatles shop, because it’s not far from where I live, and they’ve brought in some new statues… honestly I’m fucking terrified lOOK AT THEM,, id pay £125 for Satan on my shelf.

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i have so many things to say about this…in the first one wtf is wrong with ringos face like he looks like a pterodactyl… and georges lack of eyebrows just make him compeletly unrecognizable and i hate the way paul is looking at john…then in the second ringo looks like hes been kidnapped and forced to be there…and judging by georges teeth im assuming hes the one that bit off johns legs

Imagine #1: Long, Long Night

The crying. It was nonstop crying. Not even for a few hours, but since you’d gotten on the plane in LA to fly back to London. Of course Harry wasn’t there. He’d left with the boys earlier that morning. 

So there you sat. Alone. On a plane. With your crying child. You’re daughter was attached to Harry, just as you were, but you knew that this would happen. She couldn’t bear being away from him when he went to the bathroom, so lord knows him being in a completely different time zone was going to be disastrous.

Harry had been amazing enough in always bringing the two of you with him. Whether it was touring, recording, press events, award shows or just traveling, he made it a point to have you and Y/D/N with you. You loved it. You loved him.

What you didn’t love was the high pitched squeals as you sat in the back of the cab driving you to your flat. You couldn’t take much more, and you knew Harry wouldn’t be done performing until much later in the night. In fact the concert probably hadn’t started yet. 

“Excuse me?” You leaned forward towards the driver. He raised his eyebrows at you and looked in the rear view mirror. “I’m sorry. But could you take us to the O2?” It was your only chance at peace and quiet…or at least no crying. 

The driver nodded and switched his direction. As he drove through the busy streets you did your best to calm your anxious daughter’s tears. 

“Daddy’s here honey. He just has to work.” Her young two year old mind couldn’t understand that he’d be home in no time. It was fair. Sometimes you weren’t even sure you’d get to see him. 

The crying intensified as the cab pulled up outside the stagedoor entrance. 

“You sure about this miss? They’re picky about who gets in here.” The cabbie was watching you curiously as you picked up your daughter and your two bags. 

“Trust me. It’ll be fine.” You assured him as you paid him and left him a tip. “I really appreciate.” You smiled before walking away. You reached the stage door and immediately it opened.

“I’m sorry, but do you have-” Paul stopped when he saw your teary-eyed daughter and your dreary eyes. “Oh my.” He chuckled stepping to the side so you could enter. “What’s the matter?” He asked relieving you of your heavy daughter. 

“She hasn’t stopped since we got on the plane. Not even to sleep or eat. She cries through food and hasn’t slept and neither have I. I haven’t eaten come to think of it.” Your stomach grumbled as you realized the series of unfortunate events you had lived through. 

“I guess she misses Harry.” Paul sighed as she kept crying even in his arms. He handed him back to you with a sympathetic smile. 

“She does.” You mumbled rubbing her back and bouncing on your heels. You were desperate at this point. Even though you’d been bouncing, rubbing, patting and cooing for almost 17 hours you were still hopeful that it might just work this time. “Is there anyway I could see him?” Paul’s face killed any hope of the end of the tears.

“They just went on.” He looked everywhere but at you. At least he understood how desperate you were. “You know what,” He mumbled walking away, leaving you to stand by the stage door.

“Paul?” You waited for a response. “PAUL?!” You called out again. You heard a whistle come from one of the back rooms. “What are you doing?” You followed the sound as your daughter kept wailing. 

“Here.” He placed a pair of soundproof headphones on your daughter’s head and she went quiet for a few seconds. “Follow me.” Paul began to lead you both down a long concrete hallway. “You should still be able to find some chairs in front of the stage. Maybe he’ll see you.” He shouted as the crowd became louder and louder. 

“Thank you!” You mouthed before slipping out from behind the curtain that hid the entrance to backstage. You walked alongside the tall stage hoping to find a seat somewhere. When you eventually found one it was the furthest from where Harry was standing. There was no way you were going to be able to yell over thousands of fans, and certainly no way you could jump or wave your hands to get his attention.  

You were beginning to question your wit. Bringing Y/D/N to the concert to see Harry and hopefully stop the crying fit seemed like a great idea. But now that it was in action it seemed like a waste of energy and time. You could’ve have been back in your flat by now. Unpacked, cooking something to eat and maybe Y/D/N would have stopped crying by now. 

Just as you were about to turn on your heels to walk away you saw Harry walk towards you. As you saw him he saw you and your daughter. His eyes lit up and your daughter stopped crying. 

“Hello!” You shouted as Y/D/N began to smile and laugh instead. “I told you daddy was okay.” You giggled as she waved. 

Harry watched both of you as he waited to sing. For the rest of the night, every time he sang he would blow you both a kiss when he finished. The concert lasted for a few hours, but the lack of crying made it seem like a few seconds. 

As the crowd began to usher out Paul came out to lead you and Y/D/N backstage again. Your daughter began to whimper the second Harry had walked off stage and a pit of anxiety was growing in your gut at the thought of the wails. Tiredly you continued to bounce her watching the door to the dressing room open. When it finally did you almost found yourself crying out of relief. 

“There’s my baby girls.” Harry nearly ran the short distance between the two of you. “Aww, what’s with all the tears?” He lifted Y/D/N out of your arms and held her close to him. “There we go. You gave mommy a hard time today didn’t you angel?” He smiled as she started to close your eyes. 

“Finally.” You mumbled as you watched the two of them. Harry heard you and chuckled. He looked you up and down before smirking a little. 

“You look hungry, tired and stressed.” He laughed a little but adjusted his hold on your daughter so he had an arm to wrap around you. 

“I am. I am. And I am.” You sighed, breathing in his scent and relaxing. Finally you were free of the crying and the desperate pleas for silence that went unheard by your toddler. 

“You wanna go home?” Harry asked kissing the top of your head. You nodded. “Okay. Let’s go. No more crying.” 

Anthony Trujillo - Flirtationship

You and Anthony weren’t in a relationship, but you were always flirting with each other.  It was a flirtationship.  You had no idea if you had feelings for Anthony or not, and no idea if he had feelings for you.  But regardless, it was fun.

“Good morning beautiful,” Anthony said as he came up behind you and wrapped his arms around you.

“Morning handsome,” you said with a chuckle as you turned around to face him.  “What’s on the agenda for today?”

He shrugged.  “Well, we actually have a normal pool again, so I thought maybe we could go swimming?  I’d love to see you in a bikini.”

You rolled your eyes.  “Keep dreaming, because I only wear one-piece bathing suits.”

He sighed dramatically.  “Fine.”  He stepped away from you to walk over to the fridge.

You heard the door that led outside open, and turned to see Logan Paul sneaking in with shirts and cans of spray paint.  You’d never met him in person, but you’d seen pictures and YouTube videos.  “Um…”

He looked at you for a second, then sighed.  “My brother has beautiful security now?”

“Um, I’m not security.”

He stood up straight and walked over to you.  “So he just has girls this beautiful sitting around his house?”

You face flushed slightly red.  

“I came to pull a prank on Jake, but…  That can wait.  I’m Logan.”

You smiled at him.  “y/n.”

He smiled at you.  “Wanna help me pull a prank on my brother?  Then maybe after we can go get something to eat?”

You nodded.  “Yeah, that sounds great.”

Anthony watched you leave the Team Ten House less than an hour later, Logan escorting you by the arm.  He felt angry watching the two of you together.  

“Hey man, what’s - woah.”  Chance cut himself off when he saw the look on Anthony’s face.  “What’s wrong man?”

“y/n just left with Logan…” he said, before letting out a sigh.  

Chance shook his head.  “You’re not in a relationship with her, Anthony.  You’re in a flirtationship.  She’s free to go out with anybody she wants to.”

Anthony put his head in his hands.  “I know…  I-I just…”

Chance put his hand on his best friend’s shoulder.  “You have feelings for her, don’t you?”

He nodded his head slowly, before running his hand through his hair.  “I think I do…”

Chance sighed.  “Dude, she’s out on a date with Logan Paul.  That guy’s like, the king of charming.  You screwed up bad.”

Anthony let out another sigh.  “I know I did.”

Mama Wolf

“Baby, we are going to get Jake now, we will be back soon.” Sam, my fiancé, said walking out the house with the rest of the pack. I nodded and took my phone out to listen to some music while cooking. I decided to make a Sunday dinner with blueberry muffins for desert.

45 Minutes later

I’m starting to worry. They haven’t come back yet and it never takes them this long to get Jake. My worries faded when Jared, Embry, Quil, Leah, Seth, Brady and Collin right behind him.
“Oh thank Goodness! You all had me worried about you. Wait, we are your brothers.” I say, hugging Jared then going to Embry. They both hug me back and kiss my cheek then head straight for the food. I roll my eyes at them and their appetite. My eyes suddenly go to a girl by the door and I glance back at the boys.
“Who is this?” I ask.
“Bella Swan. Who else? Oh don’t look so worried Bree. Paul phased in front of her after she hit him. Then Jake phased and attacked Paul so Sam stayed with them.” Jared explained as him and the boys grabbed a muffin each. I faced Bella and glared at her for hitting one of my boys.
“You hit Paul. What for exactly?” I ask crossing my arms, pissed off.
“Mama wolf is mad.” I hear Collin mumble causing the entire pack to laugh.
“He wouldn’t answer me.” Bella said. I just raised my eyebrows and scoffed.
“Pathetic. Your lucky I don’t hit you now.” I state making her slightly scared. A few seconds later Paul, Sam and Jake walk in.
“Sorry.” Paul says with a sarcastic smile. He walks over to me and gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek before sitting down and eating.
“Hey baby.” Sam mutters kissing me all over my face then finally my lips. Jake walks in, kisses my cheek then hugging me. I noticed the jealous look Bella had on her face and smirked. Once Jake pulled away I went to the kitchen to finish the food.
“Boys! If you keep eating those muffins I won’t give you any of the Sunday dinner I just cooked!” I warned, laughing when they groaned.

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5 underrated stelena moments? :)

1. Two scenes in 1x17

I choose the first one because it’s actually an example of what Klaus says in 3x05:

Stefan is in the midst of his blood high/ripper rage but the minute he shoves Elena, his humanity returns and he looks absolutely ashamed and embarrassed and scared and it’s a wonderfully acted scene by Paul and it shows just how much Elena means to him and that she directly connects to his humanity.

I choose the second one because Elena is anxious about what she saw in the first scene but when Stefan touches her face, she’s relieved and she’s almost serene, no matter what he is that person for her, like the way she closes her eyes the minute his hand is on her cheek and then she just stares at him basking in his touch, again showing how much he means to her.

2. The 4x05 hug

In one of my older posts I used a quote about Jamie and Claire in “Outlander” to describe SE and specifically their physicality: “When Jamie reaches out his hand toward Claire… They just snap together like a clamshell closing […]” and I think the 4x05 hug is an example of that idea, of snapping together like a clamshell closing:

which harks back to earlier SE hugs:

3. The 4x07 face touch

She sleeps with Damon in this episode but clearly she still loves Stefan, she doesn’t do this with Matt, this isn’t just a friend thing.

4. “Katherine, who?”

The makeout itself is something that’s spoken about a lot but I particularly love “Katherine, who?” because Elena is going on about getting caught and she brings up Katherine’s name and Stefan’s response is literally the best thing he could’ve said at that moment and Elena’s smile proves that and it’s after he says, “Katherine, who?” that Elena switches and is on top, like OK let me lose myself then:

5. The 6x08 phone call

Because they use each other as points of reference for how to love other people, that’s what this phone call is about, but I also think there’s the realization in this pause that they’ll never be able to love other people with that type of devotion and passion.

Sex Jokes

Request Prompt: Hey. Could you do a Jesus x reader where the reader is from Rick’s group and they’re in Alexandria and it’s the part where they’re gathered round the table and Jesus is explaining about his people and stuff and then the reader walks in all sleepily with Judith and is like “what the hell is going on” and asks Rick to take his child and maybe makes a joke about “if you’re finished banging Michonne” or something and she’s just funny and cute and stuff and Jesus takes a liking to her?

Pairing: Paul “Jesus” Rovia x Reader

Warning: Fluff

I rolled over on my back when I heard commotion outside my room. I let out a sigh as Judith let out a loud cry indicating she’s awake. I wonder why I agreed to share a room with her, not that I mind. I walked over to her crib and picked her up gently bouncing her to calm her down.

“What the hell are doing in our house?”, I heard Carl asked.

“I’m waiting on your mom and dad to get dressed.”, he said before I heard Rick’s voice.

“Carl hey.”, He greeted.

I opened my door just in time to see everyone migrate downstairs and quick enough to see Michonne following behind Rick. Something clicked in my mind and I smirked. I could hear an unknown voice speaking about supplies and trading as I walked down the stairs with the now calm baby.

“What’s going on?”, I yawned rubbing my eye.

“This is Paul. Or Jesus as his people call him.”, Rick introduced and I arched an eyebrow.

“Oh are we talking about the love making that went on last night?”, I asked and he blushed.

Abraham chuckled while Carl glanced over at Michonne who avoided his gaze. I moved over to Rick and gave him a pat on the back.

“Its about time that ship sailed.”, I whispered and Paul gave a small smile.

“What ship?”, Rick asked and Glenn giggled.

“A ship. When you pair together two people as a couple.”, he explained and that only caused Rick to blush.

“So whats going on here?”, I asked as I handed Judith to Michonne.

“Paul here, was telling us about his community that has food, supplies, and grow crops.”, Rick said.

“You know food and growing crops are basically the same thing.”, I pointed out and Rick tilted his head.

“Was the sex that good?”, I asked and Abraham burst out laughing along with Carl and Daryl.

“Please no more jokes.”, Michonne said.

“But this is great. This gives me something to look forward to.”, I smiled and Rick shook his head.

“Its kinda funny.”, Carl agreed and Michonne tapped his shoulder.

“It is.”

“Its not my fault you guys slept together. My jokes are just icing on the cake.”, I said and Paul chuckled.

“Please enough.”, Michonne muttered as she blushed harder.

“Alright on a more serious note what’s the plan.”, I asked.

“Trading. Were going to follow Paul to his community to see what they have to offer.”, Rick said.

“So you think you can keep your hands off of Michonne until we get back?”, I asked and everyone laughed.

“That was good.”, Carl laughed giving me a fist bump.

“Okay that’s the last one.”, I said as Rick stared at me.

Within seconds he was up and chasing me around the house. Everyone scattered to avoid Rick running into them. He reached out for me but I easily evaded his hand trying to grab my shirt. I wasn’t watching where I was going and ran into Paul’s arms. He turned so his back was facing Rick while I hid.

“Paul can’t protect you forever.”, Rick said coming to a stop as Michonne laughed.

“Actually I can if I really wanted to.”, Paul retorted.

“Really now? Do you want to?”, Abraham asked.

“Maybe. Only if she’ll let me.”, he replied and I blushed.

“This is pure gold.”, Carl stated with a smile.

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Samoa Joe x Reader

You have a secret relationship with Samoa Joe. Secret, specifically so no one can wield it in their favor. It’s been working out great, until the Beast Incarnate and Paul Heyman manage to figure it out. Now, one of the most intimidating wrestlers has you in his sights and Joe isn’t going to let him anywhere near you. You, however, take things into your own hands, refusing to be used, and decide to confront Brock. Whether or not it’s a good idea.                   

Word Count: 2,000 (I literally finished this and it was at 1,999 words and couldn’t let it go, so I had to add a word.)

Warnings: Cursing

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Mine (Lafayette x Reader)


Request- “I loved your modern imagine!!!! But could you write another one in hamiltime with the same prompts bc I think that would be cool too. Thanks!!!” (This is referring to Salad by the way friends)

#7- “You’re jealous aren’t you?”

#42- “Make me. 

#31- “Kiss me.” 


It all started with a simple sentence. 

“I wanna get drunk.” Hercules Mulligan stated, walking into the office where John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton were feverishly writing essays against slavery. “Lafayette does too.” He added. 

“You already talked to Lafayette?” John inquired. 

“No,” Hercules said, “but it’s Lafayette.”

Alexander nodded and put his quill away. He smiled up at Hercules. “I’m in.”

“Yeah let’s go.” John said. 

“Oooh we should tell Y/N! Her house is on the way to Lafayette’s.”  Hercules said while walking out the door already. He was very eager. Alexander and John agreed. 

The boys knocked on your door and you opened it to see all there faces smiling widely at you. That couldn’t be good. 

“We’re kidnapping you!” John shouted like he was telling you he had just bought you a puppy. Hercules bent down and hoisted you over his shoulder. You squeaked but let it happen. You trusted these nerds. 

You lifted your head from Hercules back and looked around. “Where are we going?” 

“We’re getting Lafayette, and then we’ll go get wasted.” Alexander explained. You nodded and put your head on Hercules back. You all arrived at the door of the Lafayette estate. Someone knocked on the door, but you couldn’t see who since Hercules had you facing away from the door. 

“Hey! Marquis!” Alex shouted. “We’re getting wasted you in?” 

You heard a muffled “Oui!” and a lot of shuffling and crashing. You giggled slightly. You heard the door opening followed by a sweet and familiar French accent. 

“Hey! Allons…. Is that Y/N?” 

“Oh yeah!” Hercules voice vibrated. He set you down and you turned around and smiled at Lafayette, who smiled back at you. 

Within about ten minutes, you all piled into a booth at a tavern. Hercules and Alex went to the bar to bring drinks to your booth. You were now shielded from the cold of outside, but your body still gave a slight shiver. 

“Shit, are you cold, le plus cher?” Lafayette was shrugging his coat off. John gave him a look you couldn’t quite place. Lafayette was always saying things to you in French that you couldn’t understand. 

“No, we’re inside now. I’ll be fine?” You put a hand up. 

Beau, I insist. At least until you warm up more.” he said. You nodded and turned your back towards him. He put his warm jacket around you, and you were instantly intoxicated with his scent. You didn’t need alcohol to feel drunk, not since you’d met Lafayette. Hercules and Alexander came back with a beer for each of you and two rounds of shots. 

It had only been half an hour and you were thoroughly buzzed. Some guy had been looking at you for quite some time, but you ignore his advances. Alexander was slurring stories about the Caribbean. Hercules and John were listening intently, but your eyes were searching for Lafayette. He had left to get more drinks and hadn’t come back for awhile. 

“Hey guys where Lafa-” You’d found him. He was leaning against the bar smiling and talking to a girl. She had her hand on her arm and was laughing loudly. John followed your gaze and gasped. 

“What?” Alex asked, somewhat upset that his story was being interrupted. 

“Oh my god! Get it Laf!” Hercules shouted. They all started laughing and pointing. 

“She’s really hot, too!” John shouted. 

“He’s so getting laid tonight!” Alexander beamed. 

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom real quickly.” You said, and got up from the table. You left his jacket on the chair and left. If Lafayette was flirting with another girl, he clearly didn’t have feelings for you, which meant you didn’t have any for him either. 

You approached the guy who had been checking you out for several minutes. 

“Can you do me a favor?” you asked, cutting right to the chase.

“Sure.” he looked a little taken aback. 

“I need to really piss someone off and make them jealous.” 

“Got it.” He grinned at you. “Which one?”

You pointed to Lafayette at the bar still with the girl. “The French one.” 

“Okay.” The man said. “I’m Paul, by the way.” 

“Y/N.” You smiled at him. He took your hand and kissed it, then walked you over to a table the was right next to the bar and right behind the girl Lafayette was talking to. He sat down in one of the chairs and patted his leg. 

“Sit.” he ordered. You look at him uncomfortably. “You want to make him jealous don’t you?” Paul whispered. You nodded and sat down. Paul wrapped an arm around you waist to steady you. “Now laugh convincingly.” 

“I don’t know if I-” Paul used the hand that was on your hip to tickle you. You screamed for a second and started laughing. Paul brought his face close to your ear. 

“Don’t look now, but it worked.” he whispered. “You got his attention. He’s looking at us. Now smile.” You obeyed his order “Good girl.” The way he said it made you feel sick. “Now I’m gonna put a hand on your thigh, okay?” 

“No I don’t-”

“Shh” he cut you off. “It’s fine.” He laid his hand on your upper thigh and rubbed his thumb across it. You squirmed uncomfortably in your chair. 

“Kiss me.” he whispered. 

“What? No!” you exclaimed. 

“Just do it.” He growled. 

“No I-”

“Y/N mon amie.” Lafayette stood in front of you smiling. His smile looked forced. 

“H-hello Lafayette.” You were flustered, but not for the reason Lafayette thought. His eyes traveled to Paul’s hand in you lap, and then back up to your eyes. 

“Who’s your friend?” he asked. 

“I’m Paul.” Paul said with a grin. You looked at Lafayette and tried to tell him what was happening with your eyes. He seemed to get it because his eyes widened slightly. 

“Nice to meet you. Y/N, may I talk to you for a second?” Lafayette said. You nodded and moved to get up, but Paul’s hands held you back. 

“Why?” He stared at Lafayette. 

“It’s a private matter, and I need to speak to her alone.” Lafayette said calmly, but Paul’s hands held you tight. 

“Paul it’s fine.” you told him. 

“I don’t think so. You’re mine now.” he nuzzled into your neck. Tears were brimming at your eyes. 

“I’m sorry she’s what?” Lafayette took a step closer. 

“Mine.” Paul said. 

Lafayette fist collided with Paul’s nose. You leapt off his lap. 

“Shit! Lafayette!” you yelled. He grabbed your arm and pulled you away from the scene. 

Avaient quitté” he said without looking at you. He took you outside the bar. 

“Are you okay?” 

“Yes I’m fine but-” 

“Zen what were you zinking?! Vous pourriez avoir obtenu blessé! He could’ve of done something to you! Il aurait pu prendre avantage de vous! I couldn’t live with myself if je laisse quelqu'un vous touche comme ça! Why did you even talk to him?” 

“What?” You even angrier now.” I can talk to whomever I want Lafayette! Don’t be such a hypocrite you were talking to that girl at the bar!”

Mon Dieu, is that what this is about?” He looked right at you. “You’re jealous, aren’t you?” 

“What? I’m the jealous one? You just punched a guy for having his arms around me!” 

Je ne suis pas jalouse!“

Just admit that you’re jealous! In English!” 

Prove it.” Lafayette glared at you. 

“Make me!” 

Lafayette grabbed your waist and pulled you against him. He smashed his mouth against yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled yourself closer to him. Your lips moved in sync. Lafayette started walking forward and you felt your back press against a wall. 

“Guys? We heard what happened and woah…” John’s voice said. You and Lafayette pulled apart and saw the rest of your friends standing there with their mouths open. Hercules was the first to break the awkward silence. 

“I think you were right Alexander.” 

Alex looked at Hercules with a confused look. Hercules just smiled and said, “Laf is totally getting laid tonight.” 

Poetry Nights | Chapter 1: In which an art student meets a poet

Pairing: John/Paul

Rating: PG-13

Set in: Modern AU

Summary: 21-year-old Paul McCartney, who has recovered from a breakdown due to stress and his mother’s unexpected death, has recently moved to London where he now rents a cheap flat with his friend George. Having needed to give up his medicine studies, he has decided to start over and go to art college instead where he meets the rude and troublesome John Lennon, a young poet, who, much to Paul’s dismay, also happens to be his neighbour.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Beatles and this is fictional. I do not make money off this.

Author’s note: First part of my entry for the McLennon Big Bang! It’s kind of late, but well… it’s here. Before anyone’s going to ask, I’ll be posting A&O every Monday as well, so don’t worry. There is no fixed schedule for this one. I’ll just post a chapter whenever it’s finished. I’m probably not going to be able to finish this on time (there will be seven chapter), but we’ll deal with that when we come it. Also, look at this gorgeous moodboard @fabpaul made for this fic! 

Author’s note 2: It’s been a while since I lasted posted something, and I’m really nervous about this. I hope you guys are going to like this. Like I said, there are going to be 7 chapter in total. Please let me know what you think! You can also read it on AO3.

Although he had not initially intended to spend his first weeks as an art student at the library, it was where he most often found himself after his classes and during his free mornings and afternoons. Because the semester had only just started, the library was practically empty most of the time, save for the occasional over-enthusiastic, over-ambitious student who was already cramming for tests that were still weeks if not months away, and writing essays about topics that had not even been properly discussed yet in class, sitting with their noses buried in books with such flimsy paper, that it looked like it would tear if handled in any way but with the utmost care. There was something “uncool about spending all your days at the university library, making time-tables, revising notes, studying texts, writing essays, and cramming for exams, that made most people want to stay away from such places as much as possible, not wanting to be considered “one of those people”. Paul would have done the same, that is, if he had cared at all about what was and was not considered “cool”, which obviously he didn’t. Not one bit. At all.

Truth be told, he enjoyed the library. It was quiet, peaceful, filled up to the ceiling with books containing fascinating information about curious topics and ideas he did not yet know about, there was free Wi-Fi, plenty of spots to plug in your phone or computer when needed, and, most importantly, no one to bother you by asking annoying questions or playing Guitar Hero at an ungodly volume, while stuffing their face full with potato crisps and diet coke, wearing nothing but a pair of plain, light blue boxers that looked suspiciously similar to a pair you owned yourself and would burn the next time you saw them. On the second floor they had opened a coffee corner where you could grab a cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, along with some (cheap!) sandwiches, cookies, and other snacks (they even had vegan options), of which Paul took full advantage. They had also put down a couple of old battered couches for people to sit on, and honestly Paul could not imagine why anyone would want to spend their days anywhere else, except when they did have normal roommates with at least a sense of common decency.

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okay so here’s some of my thoughts on big brother Percy 

  • For breakfast he always gets his blue pancakes and when his little sister saw them she just had to have purple ones
  • Percy acting like this is a big disgrace because she doesn’t want blue ones but by the third morning hes eating purple pancakes too
  • Him literally doing anything for this girl 
  • like he can not say no to her no matter what 
  • so you have Percy dressing in a princess outfit way to small for him drinking imaginary tea out of an equally as small cup with awful makeup, but the hugest smile on his face when he sees her smiling
  • Walking her to school and picking her up, piggy back rides on the way home 
  • Percy reading to her then giving up and making up these outrageous stories that are pretty similar to him and Annabeth’s quests, but their earlier quests 
  • Percabeth babysitting 
  • Percy’s little sister thinking Annabeth is the coolest person ever 
  • Her and Annabeth teaming up to take Percy down in every game 
  • until Percy promises her ice cream later then they team up to take Annabeth down
  • Sally looking at them and seeing how much Percy has grown and how gentle he is with her and then remembering the childhood that he had and knowing that he doesn’t want her to have any fraction of that 
  • His sister having nightmares and screaming in the middle of the night and Percy running into her room with riptide and trying to put it away as fast as he can before she sees it once he figures out that its not a monster
  • Her having another nightmare and running into Percy rooms screaming “I had a bad dream Percy” “I know, I know. I get them too.” Then her sleeping in his room to the point where they are practically sharing a room 
  • she sleeps between him and the wall where its the “safest” 
  • Once she started sleeping with Percy both of them rarely have nightmares 
  • Percy teaching her how to do the perfect baby seal face and her mastering it in minutes 
  • Sally noticing that Percy taught her that and going to “yell” at him but then he does the baby seal eyes with his little sister to get out of it
  • They really look nothing a like other than there dark hair since Percy looks like Poseidon and she would look like Sally and Paul but when they do that face they look almost identical 
  • Annabeth coming over one night and getting ready to get in bed with Percy when she looks over and sees that Percy’s little sister is in her spot 
  • Percy and his sister giving her the baby seal eyes 
  • “She get nightmares Annabeth, come on. This helps them. Helps me too.” 
  • Annabeth caving after three seconds 
  • They start the night with Percy in the middle and Annabeth on edge but somehow it ended up with Percy’s little sister between them with both of the putting an arm protectively around her
  • Percy and her watching The Little Mermaid and Moana because its their favorite and Percy doesn’t object  
  • Just Percy being the best big brother anybody can ask for and Sally just being so proud of him.

anonymous asked:

I have two prompts: In the middle of shooting hard days night and they're finding it difficult to stay away from each other even though there's other people around. The second one is just fluff. Face touches and long stares and the like. Thanks!

yaya woo! im going to morph this into one, all the fluff will be back at the hotel after their day of filming


“Cut!” Richard Lester yelled from behind the camera. “Paul, you’re suppose to be on the other side of George, not beside John!” He added. Paul and John both felt their stomachs flip. Richard was right, they weren’t suppose to be beside one another. But this day had been so bloody long, they physically couldn’t keep themselves away from one another. Paul moped and walked away from John, over to where he was meant to be. John glared at Richard the entire time, hating that he made his Paul move. “Right, and… action!” Another scene. Another set. Another scene. Another set.

“Cut!” Richard yelled again, this time stepping out in front of the camera. “John, you’re meant to be here beside Ringo. Not next to Paul.” Richard pointed to the empty spot beside Ringo. John once again, glared at the director and walked himself over to his rightful spot beside Ringo. “Right, that’s much better then.” Richard said as he went back behind the camera. “If I Fell, take 5!” He yelled, queuing the music and the boys were back in character. That song made it even more difficult for John and Paul, it was their song. John made sure to look at Paul while he sang and played, wanting him to remember that the words he sang were all for him. Paul gave John a quick blink in recognition, so he knew Paul was listening to him.

“Cut!” Richard called after the song had finished. “Great scene boys. The dynamic between John and Paul was great, shows off your song writing relationship.” He smiled at the Beatles. John and Paul chuckled to themselves, because Richard truly had no idea what their dynamic was. “Alright, gather round and we’ll discuss this next scene.” Richard waved the boys over. They all gathered in a circle of chairs with Brian and a few camera and effects workers. Paul and John, of course, sat next to one another. They couldn’t help themselves anymore, the distance between them the passed few days had been unbearable.

As Richard spoke, John was being his usual flirty self with Paul. He makes Paul smile greatly when he did his signature spider hand creep up Paul’s leg and touched his nose. “Enough, lads. Pay attention to Mr. Lester.” Brian snaps his fingers at the boys. They both nod apologetically and paid attention, but not without stealing quick glances or brushing hands beside their chairs. “Alright, you all seem extremely distracted. I think it’s time we called it a day and pick up where we left off bright and early tomorrow.” Richard sighed and closed his copy of the script. All four Beatles were extremely excited to hear they got to leave for the day, but the words “bright and early” made all of them want to throw up.

“Right. To the car. The driver will take you back to the hotel, I expect you’ll be in your rooms. No trouble.” Brian said, pointing toward the exit. “No trouble tonight!” John said, winking at Paul, who somehow managed to hide his deep red blushing cheeks from the rest of them. The car ride was almost as unbearable as the day they had spent filming. John planted himself right beside Paul, in front of George and Ringo. Oh, how they just wanted to touch. After the car ride that felt like an eternity, they finally arrived back at the hotel. “I’m off t'get a drink. Lads wanna join?” Ringo asked as he pointed to the bar in the lobby. “I’m game.” George agreed. “Nah, we got some songs to work on.” Paul lied for the both of them. “Whatever,” The other Beatles shrugged and walked away toward the bar.

Paul and John headed into the lift. Just the two of them. The doors closed. “Security cameras.” Paul reminded John as he noticed John creeping closer to his side. “Aye, I know, Macca. Can’t help meself.” John chuckled and looked at the floor. Finally, after another ride that seemed like an eternity, the door to the lift opened, and they headed for their room. John fumbled with the key for a few moments before Paul got a little agitated, and grabbed the key from him. The touch of their hands surprised both of them, causing the small key to fall onto the floor. “Bloody hell,” They both said and laughed at the same time. Paul finally got the door open, and gestured for John to go inside first.

Paul closes the door behind him, and looks around to see John trying to fix his hair in the mirror in their hotel’s sitting room. Paul smiles to himself and walks over to him. “Who are y'trying t'impress, then?” Paul asks from behind John. “Oh, nobody.” John shrugs and hides his smile. Paul knew how self conscious John was all the time, so he did everything in his power to try and make him feel good. “I missed you today,” Paul began as he touched John’s cheek with his left hand, his right holding his weight against the dresser. “I missed you,” John replies with a smile. Paul’s thumb began slowly rubbing against John’s cheek.

Their eyes finally lock, and they lock for a long time. They could stand there and stare into each other’s eyes for hours. “Love you,” John whispered, trying his absolute hardest not to blink. He didn’t want to miss a moment of Paul’s beautiful eyes"Love you.“ Paul replied with a small smile curving in his lips. John brought his hand up to rest on Paul’s cheek, opposite of the one Paul had his on. Just staring, breathing each other in. “Can’t stay away, not like that,” Paul whispered as he brought his face closer to John’s, referring to the terribly long days they’d been having to endure with this film. “I know.” John agreed, resting his forehead against Paul’s.

They both closed their eyes, hands still resting on each other’s cheeks, and just appreciated the fact that they could touch. Of course, they wanted to kiss like they’d never be able to kiss again. But, in a relationship like their’s, touching was something they didn’t get to do enough. “Macca,” John whispered. “Mmm.” Paul hummed in reply, lifting his head slightly to brush their noses together. “Macca,” John whispered again as if he couldn’t keep himself from saying the name. They finally allowed their lips to briefly brush against the other, lingering close as if ready to indulge in a passionate kiss. But they didn’t. They just held each other close.

Hush (Part Five)

Rafael Barba x Reader
Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven

The few minutes of evening rain had left a crisp air in the city. You pulled your blazer closer to your body, thankful that the destination was near. You make a turn at the next block and wave at a familiar face.

“Hey, Paul.”

He stretches his arm forward to hug you briefly. The gesture surprises you, but you patted his back in return to avoid any awkwardness.

“Are the others here yet?”

“No, Karen and Lee are running late. Traffic.”

You nodded and just then a gush of wind blew over. Shivering even through your layers, you look up to him.

“It’s getting pretty cold out here. Do you wanna’ head on inside?”

The pub was relatively crowded for a weeknight. You scanned the room in search for a vacant table. When a quick glance through provided no luck, you opted for the bar. There were a handful of empty stools.

As you walk towards it, your eyes land on one end of the bar and you recognize the back of the person sitting on the last stool. When he throws his head back downing his beverage, you manage to see the side of his face.


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Um hi, my friend said she hates Jake Paul and I'm dabbing on her furiously, but she keeps dabbing back what do I do?

Ah yes, you see this #whatifthehatersdabback mind puzzle is truly the most difficult puzzle to solve. Not even Einstein has been able to solve this one. But, fear not little grasshopper for I have the answer to this world-breaking question. See you simply have perform a dab while a jake paul brand fidget spinner is balancing on your ever so perfectly pointed hand. Hold this dab form for 10 seconds, and point it straight at their face. This super dab will annihilate all of the haters and destroy anything in its path.

Yes I did spend 10 minutes making this myself

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could you write some angsty mullette please? if your heart is up to it, that is

“Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, will you marry me?” Hercules asked, staring up at the other man while balanced on one knee.

The dim candlelight shone on Lafayette’s face, easily revealing the shock at Hercules’s words. His thick coiled curls swirled into the starry night sky, deep brown against royal blue draping the atmosphere, only interrupted by the soft gleam of starlight.

“Hercules, I-” Lafayette attempted to said, but was quickly cut off by the man in question.

“Just- give me a second, alright? I…being with you, these past few years have been magical- no, better than magical- mystical? Perfect? I’m not good at words, or speeches, or even speeches that I prepared and rehearsed for the past month and a half. But I hope you can look past that, and make me the happiest man in the world. I love you so much more than you could ever imagine.”

Lafayette stared down at Hercules with wide eyes, tears quickly beginning to form. He covered his parted lips with a shaky hand, and fought back tears in the tense silence before whispering a soft, nearly inaudible-

“I’ve been cheating on you.”

Sunday 21st of May 2017

So i’d like to apologise in advance for the state of this recap as i was crying through out entire act 3 and 4 and the fact that most of my attention went to Jamie. However, im gonna try anyway and some facts are derived from things i heard others say.

The emotions started already with the opening music and the potters arriving on stage. I nearly lost it at the sight of them but managed to contain myself. During scene two, were Noma was apparently crying already and had to turn around to compose herself (i missed this bc the too busy staring at jamie part) And i got the feeling that jamie and poppy were holding each other more firmly here.

Then enter scorpius. I had never seen James as Scorpius before so that took a bit to getting used to, but she had me in tears during the scene where astoria died, which had never ever happened before. I just broke there, which resulted into my first tears of the day.

Upon act six i started to realise that Jamie pulled of his glasses to wipe at his eyes a lot. I thought it mightve been me but it kept on going and others seemed to have picked up on it too. I guess he was really emotional, but then again, the entire theatre was. During this scene sam actually also fell of the stairs when Delphi came in, which i had never seen to this extent before, but it definitely made for a good scene.

During the next scenes the emotions even came more apparent, when it came to the nightmares and the way jamie reacted after the famous line about albus being his son. He seemed more hurt and seemed to plead even more emotionally than he did before and that carried through to the next scenes and jamie seemed sad and with his mind there a bit even still at the extraordinary wizarding meeting.

The polyjuice scene was brilliant and got massive, massive cheers. Jamie absolutely killed it and i loved the look on his face when Ron/albus started going on about a baby. It was really obvious he both did not want to be there and was also surprised about the turn of events and i dont think ive ever seen him bolt away from that so fast. And then during the riddle part themselves… they all were glorious. Jamie fucking killed it. The happy and high notes he made when speaking aa scorpius… it was again a sight to behold.

Act two had jamie being more emotional during nightmare scènes again than i ever saw him before and it was really painful to watch because you could actually feel his pain. It was terrible and all i wanted to do was hug the man.
I also happened to notice jamie kept holding his wand in his right hand, but did it with his left at the end of part 2. I wonder what that all is about…
Anyway jamie got me all to the point of tears again when hé was with albus in the hospital wing, which actually didnt help much at all because james was full on crying at points during the staircase ballet which had be bloody crying all over again. SHe really hit me there and it was just painful to watch.

The audience had to laugh when alex was smiling about harry doing most of the cooking, but it was really funny to watch because jamie was looking over at him like ‘what?’.
But then james played it up again in the libary and the entire rant about his mother had multiple people sniffing if the sounds in the audience where anything to go by. You could really feel the pain she was projecting. It was amazing.

Noma and Paul on the staircases were just really sweet and yet again i thought that there was going to be a kiss but unfortunately that didnt happen :(

Enter annabel. Annabel has been fucking nailing it as both Delphi and myrtle so im very glad shes staying on. Today she was myrtle again and she really pulled it out of the park, especially when she said the line about being impartial about a certain Malfoy and the reaction she had to both draco and harry. She completely stole the scene to the point that i was not watching jamie as much (which probably says a lot) And when the scene ended and the lake scene went up a massive cheer came from the audience for her performance. And with massive i mean massive.

Before act three i hardly saw people who werent hugging and crying and bring all sort of emotional. For me it felt like huge weight was pressed on my chest and that was the moment i knew i was not gonna be fine. Sure enough, within the first seconds of act three i was a blubbering mess and that did not stop until it was over.

James killed it in the alternate reality and the tears really started to flow when it came to astoria again. It looked like Paul bentall was honest to god crying when it came to the lily ,mention as his shoulders seemed to be shaking and then the following was just as emotional (even though the audience got yet again to laugh at nomas giggle and pauls the universe rests on neville line).

The romione kiss was the best one i had seen up until then and it was a shame when the dementors came bc i really thought it mightve gotten heated. James seemed to be crying or near tears again after having witnessed it all and snape got one massive cheer after he got rid of umbridge. Like truly massive. I think he changed his line a bit there too but im not entirely certain there.

James was amazing when everything got back to normal and there were massive laughs when hé adressed them all.
But then the scene with mcg. Poppy seemed to be comforting noma and then i cried even harder between cherelle and noma because it was so emotional and i think noma was crying and cherelle maybe too and gooood. Ive never seen it played so well.
Meanwhile jamie got me in tears the following two scènes and i think he was starting to lose it there because he pulled off his glasses so much.

CUE ACT THREE SCENE SEVENTEEN. I think every romione shipper loves it because of the entire renewal part and they took it up big time yesterday. First we got to laugh about the Ron being drunk line and then Paul went fucking down on one knee when hé threw out the line, which got massive whoops from the entire audience. The kiss was also a sight to behold. What a kiss.

The crucio scene was really painful to watch too. It was horrid to see them all in pain and then they threw it up a notch when craig died, with james actually pressing her face to the floor.

Cut to extraordinary meeting second go around.
This was truly hard. Noma was choking up on her last lines here with Paul comforting her. She could hardly get her lines out as she was so emotional and that made it really painful to watch. It caused many people to tear up again if the sniffing was anything to go by.
Aand then jamie and dumbledore. Ill never not get emotional at that and even when draco entered later i was still in full cry mode while jamie took forever to put his glasses back on his face.

The help shouting part was brilliant as always and then back to Jamie and poppy bc yknow, my attention. When jamie said the line about the shrine poppy honest to god seemed close to tears. She managed to compose herself enough but the emotions on her face were absolutely real. The kiss was absolutely intense too. Fuck i love their chemistry so much.

Godrics Hollow Time! Alex once again got the audience in stitches with his farmers market comment and then when they all got into the right time and poppy was running up to albus i swear she was crying. It was so hard to watch and james and alex also seemed to be hugging so hard.
Poppy remained an emotional mess during the Church scene and there was a really tight hug between her and jamie where poppy was crying after she told him that she was happy to discuss just how lucky he was.

And then the last scenes… they were all messes when it came to jily. James was standing there shocked with his mouth open and jamie was yet again held upright until lily died and he collapsed to the floor. And the scene after that he literally did not stop crying still. Kept wiping his nose and eyes and then sam was starting to get emotional too.
I was literally crying so hard because of that i was unable to scream at all until cherelle came up, visibly crying, and when i thought the audience could not possibly get louder than they already were they proved me wrong when the Final five came up. The cheers were massive. Wands went up in the air. The cast was crying. They came back three or four times for applause and then it was a mad dash to stagedoor.

I wont say much about that, aside from the fact that when secufity told people at the front jamie was coming a cheer went up so loud we at the back wonderen what was going on until word travelled and we got news jamie was on his way - proven one minute later when hé and noma jogged around to our end to start with us so we wouldnt have to wait as long. The cheers for him went wild and werent even as loud for jack and John who showed up for stagedoor as well.

All in all it was one massive show and i was so glad i flew out for it again. I wouldnt have missed it for the world and im gonna miss this cast so much.

Thanks for everything. Thanks for portraying the characters so Dear to our hearts so well and went above and beyond with them. Thank you for this experience. Thank you.

What Could Have Been

Pairing: John/Paul

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 3,143

Set In: Modern AU, 1966 boys

Prompt: “Take my hand.” “Why?” “I’m trying to ask you to marry me, so take my bloody hand!”

Summary: The One Where They Get Engaged Ft. An Exceedingly™ Anxious John

John Lennon was terribly anxious. Paul could sense it from a mile away, although it was sometimes difficult to tell, as he was excellent at hiding his feelings. It was in the way he carried himself, how his voice faltered whenever he asked Paul out that night, how unusually timid he was acting as he picked him up outside his apartment. He seemed jumpy even as they walked down the street to their destination, the small retro diner that had become one of their favorite haunts while living in New York City. The way that he was acting made Paul incredibly curious as he observed him as best as he could, noting how his hands were crammed deep into his trouser pockets, and how his fingers moved around beneath the fabric, making it increasingly obvious that John was fiddling with something. Nevertheless, they continued on down the sidewalk, Paul’s unhurried stride making him fall slightly behind John’s quick one.

They took their seats across from each other in the small booth in the corner of the restaurant. The general atmosphere of the diner was cute, with the little chrome accents all around and the shimmering royal purple seats. A large mural was painted on the back wall, including several vintage cars and motorcycles, next to an old jukebox that the owners bad added not too long ago. It played on its own mostly, changing songs as it pleased, and Paul could head it blurting out one of John’s favorite songs from the fifties: Be-Bop-A-Lula by Gene Vincent. Usually, if a song he liked came on, John would be singing the world along with the track, doing some oddly sexy dance to the music to get Paul’s attention. This time, however, was vastly different, as John was dead silent, looking out the window with nervous eyes. At this point, Paul also grew impatient, thinking in fear that something might be terribly wrong. Before he could speak up, the perky waitress skidded over to their table on her roller skates and asked what they wanted to drink. “I’ll have a banana milkshake please,” Paul answered politely, still eyeing John suspiciously out of the corner of his eye, who was seemingly in a daze, as he didn’t notice at first that both Paul and that poor waitress were still staring.

“John?” Paul spoke up, bringing him out of his racing thoughts. “Oh, sorry, I’ll have a banana milkshake as well,” John spoke quickly, his voice shaking at his unknown nerves. Paul snuck a peek at his phone for the time as the waitress rolled away, before turning his concerned gaze back to the man across the table. He examined his face, John’s thick eyebrows furrowed together in thought, how he’d pulled both his lips into his mouth to chew at them. Paul’d had about enough of his boyfriend’s odd behavior, and was determined to find out what was going on, even if the truth ended up hurting him in the long run. “Alright, darlin’?” Paul questioned, trying to coax something out of the man’s mouth. He’d caught his wandering eye for a moment before he looked back down at his menu. “Yeah,” he replied shortly, glancing back over at Paul again and realizing that he wasn’t going to settle for one silly half-hearted ‘yeah.’ “I’m j-just not feelin’ well, is all,” John continued slowly, stuttering pathetically even thought he was trying so hard to convince Paul.

Just as expected, Paul was seemingly far from being convinced as he raised an eyebrow in his direction. The waitress returned with their milkshakes and took their orders, John ordering a simple hamburger and Paul ordering his usual: the diner’s famous roast beef dinner. The waitress went away again, leaving John and Paul in the strange silence that had surrounded their table. They sipped their banana milkshakes, John watching intently outside as the cars passed by the restaurant. Paul could feel the table shaking from John’s leg bobbing up and down underneath, brushing a foot along the side of his trousers to make him stop. Paul eyed him, and John could feel another interrogation on the way.

“Are you sure that you’re alright, John?” the man pushed with pleading eyes, taking John’s hand and smoothing his thumb over his knuckles, concerned. “I told you, I’m just not feelin’ one hundred percent,” John chuckled lightly, trying to ease some of the tension that had grown substantially thicker. Paul sighed and continued to sip on his drink, still keeping his attention focused on the man across from him, who was shifting uncomfortably in his seat. “I’m gonna use the toilet,” John blurted out suddenly, pulling his now clammy palm away from Paul’s and stood up shakily before strutting off to the restroom.

Paul was extremely overwhelmed by all of the negative thoughts running through his head. ‘Oh God, what if he doesn’t feel the same anymore?’ Paul worried silently, the ball in his throat growing larger by the second. 'What if he wants to be just friends?’ Paul thought back to the long period of time where they were 'just friends,’ how excruciating it was to not be able to kiss him and hold him as he wanted. Even the mere thought of it was terrifying, not getting to see the one person he truly loved the most on a daily basis. The other side of him was saying that maybe he really didn’t feel well after all, that he’d been telling the truth all along. The flu had been going around for a little over a month now, and he couldn’t remember the last time John had a flu shot, so he’s probably just come down with a nasty case of it. Still, something was telling him that John was just off, and he was going to get it out of him sooner or later.

Meanwhile, John found himself in the bathroom, two hands gripping the bowl of the sink and hunched over, trying to catch his breath. God–he’d never felt this painfully anxious in his life. He was having a major problem keeping himself composed in front of Paul, who was genuinely concerned that something was wrong. And nothing was terribly wrong or anything, other than the fact that he felt as if his insides were slowly turning to mush and about to spew out of his mouth. It was that little piece of jewelry in his pocket that was causing all this trouble, the small, golden ring that felt like a million pounds holding him down like a weight. John dug the thing out of his pocket and examined it in terror, careful not to drop it down the drain. He ran his fingers along the smooth, cool metal, wondering how Paul would react when he got down on one knee before him, peering up into those brilliant, warm eyes as they clouded over with fresh, bubbling tears. That was the way he had hoped that it would go, but it seemed like Paul was getting slightly pissed off with his behavior. John didn’t blame him one bit, knowing that if the roles had been switched, he would’ve came right out to Paul and said “What the fuck is your problem, mate?” The sweat that had broken out on his brow had grown more persistent, and he shoved the shimmering ring back into his pocket before splashing the crisp water in his face. Looking himself in the eye through the mirror he took a deep breath. “Get a fuckin’ grip, mate,” he told himself sternly. “You’re gonna propose to James Paul fucking McCartney. He’s gonna accept without a second thought, and you’re gonna get fucking married in the tiny chapel down the street, and it’s gonna a be goddamn beautiful.” A sense of determination surged through his veins, knowing that he didn’t just have to do this, but that he wanted to do this. Walking out of that restroom took all of the courage that he could muster, but he was glad that he finally did, as he probably would have never came out.

As soon as he saw John walking back to their table, Paul felt the most enormous sense of relief that he hadn’t climbed out a fucking window and ran off. Now that he thought about it, he wouldn’t have been surprised if John had done that, given his current mangled state. By that time, their food had arrived, and Paul had already started to nibble at his gravy-covered roast beef. “You were in there for almost ten minutes,” Paul half grumbled, obviously annoyed by John’s strange antics. Paul sighed, thinking 'Do I get down to business before or after we eat?’ He ended up waiting until after they finished their meals as they sucked down their second round of banana milkshakes. John seemed much calmer now and even grinned at Paul a few times, his thin lips still wrapped around the thick straw. Paul had even considered not bothering to say anything at this point, but as they left the diner, he could still see that John was fidgeting nervously with whatever he had tucked away in his pocket.

They roamed the city streets aimlessly, not caring much where they went as long as they were together. John’s hand was now tangled with Paul’s, something that the you get man hadn’t expected from him tonight given his odd attitude. Their legs carried them to Central Park, strolling leisurely among the row of marvelously lit trees in the dim sunset. A young woman plucked gently at her guitar on a wooden bench off to the side in the grass, playing a song they’d both come to love by one of Paul’s favorite artists, Ed Sheeran. The soft music in the background made the scene seem surreal and Paul almost instinctively leaned further into John’s drifting figure, who placed a lingering kiss to his temple as they continued on leisurely. An older man passing by in the opposite direction raised his white eyebrows, surprised at his gesture, but continued on silently when John threw him a sort of venomous death glare.

The romantic atmosphere had the gears in John’s mind working rapidly, trying to think of what he was going to say to Paul when he dropped down on one knee. A few days prior, he’d written out a whole speech and told himself that that he would memorize it for Paul at some point. Given his now panicking state, he regretted not at least looking over the note he’d written on his phone more than once. What he’d come up with was half decent and would probably still have Paul all teary-eyed by the end of it, but it definitely wasn’t his best work. Besides, everyone always says that some of their greatest achievements have been improvised, and bullshitting was thankfully second nature to John.

“Macca?” John spoke up, his voice cracking terribly. His tone yet again worried Paul to pieces. He felt like running off and hiding somewhere in the park, where John’s seemingly horrible news couldn’t reach him, somewhere where he could just curl into a ball and wallow in his own self-pity. Nevertheless, he replied with a quick “Yeah?” wanting to make this virtually as painless as possible. 'Here we go,’ he thought to himself as he felt Paul tense up beside him. John took a deep breath like he had before in the restroom and exhaled, trying to will away all of the shaking and numbness that was now involuntarily creeping its way up his body. “We’ve been together for so long now,” he started, cringing internally as he realized that it wasn’t the best way to start off this sort of thing. Paul could hear his intense heartbeat thrumming in his ears, unrelenting. 'This is it. This is where he’s gonna break up with me,’ Paul couldn’t help but think, trying his very hardest to hold himself together and not burst into tears in front of John.

The older man stopped walking and stood to face Paul in the center of the sidewalk. They were still surrounded by those stunning trees lit by the scattered fairy lights. John silently cursed himself for having not booked a photographer to capture this moment from behind a bush or something. He continued, meeting Paul’s searching eyes and taking both his hands in his. “You remember how that lad on the Tony’s last year said that love is love is love…and so forth.” John rambled nervously, genuinely not believing that he was actually coming up with this on the spot. “You mean Lin-Manuel Miranda?” Paul questioned, confused with where he was going with this little speech, and quite frankly, John felt the exact same. “Yeah I guess,” he replied quickly, trying to make his point. “Well, u-uh, I’m so incredibly thankful that I uh, that you’re the one that I have the chance to give all of my love to,” he babbled cautiously, thinking thoroughly about his words before they flew out of his mouth for once in his life. John inched closer to Paul and searched his eyes for reassurance that what he was saying was actually comprehensible. Judging by the rosy blush hearing it’s way up the man’s round cheeks, John figured that he was doing just fine. Paul averted his gaze downward momentarily, not wanting John to see the fierce pink tiny in his cheeks. He couldn’t keep himself from beaming as the man in front of him went on.

“God Paul, you are without a doubt the most extraordinary being in the face of this planet,” John gushed, tugging a slight giggle from the younger man’s perky lips. The ring in his pocket somehow felt much lighter than it ever had before, and it urged John on even further. Before continuing, he released Paul’s hands and brought his own up to cup his chilled, round cheeks, tilting Paul’s head so that he could leave a single kiss on the center of his forehead where the dark hair was chopped off in a straight line across. “You are my rock, my best mate, my lover, and my lifelong soulmate. I wouldn’t rather anyone else at my side picking on me all day other than you, you git.” Both men chuckled this time. 'It’s now or never, John,’ he repeated over and over again in his head. Taking another calming breath, he continued. “Take my hand,” he commanded softly, catching Paul’s flattered, yet still confused gaze. “Why?” he asked as his thin, arched eyebrows creased together, which John found ridiculously adorable, as the younger was still grinning from ear to ear throughout all of this. “I’m trying to ask you to marry me so take my bloody hand!” John blurted out, giggling when he heard the soft, shocked gasp float from Paul’s parted lips.

Sinking down to one knee, just as he had pictured in his mind, he took Paul’s trembling palm while the fingers on his other hand pulled the simple, shining gold band from his pocket, holding it up towards Paul’s thrilled, tearing eyes. “James Paul McCartney,” he started out, beaming up at the incredibly lovely man above him. “It would be a real fuckin’ honor if you gave me the pleasure of being your husband.” John barely choked out the last line, as he was teetering on the verge of completely losing it. Thankfully, Paul had already lost every last bit of his composure, his lustrous hazel eyes clouding over with tears, just as John had imagined. “Jesus Christ, John, of course!” Paul exclaimed, ecstatic and fully ready to  jump right on top of the older man kneeling before him. John rose to his feet, heart racing with adrenaline and passionate love for the man who was now leaving short little kisses all over the expanse of his angular face and neck.

Their mouths finally met after all of this fuss, John unable to stop smiling crazily against Paul’s soft, urgent lips. He could feel tears start to wet his cheeks, and he had really thought that it was Paul at first. John soon realized that the cool wetness on their  faces was leaking from his own two eyes, in absolute relief that this whole ordeal had gone exactly according to his plans. Paul untangled his fingers from John’s thick locks of auburn hair and offered him his palm. John took the modest band and slipped it gingerly onto Paul’s slender ring finger, admiring how fitting it seemed on the man’s hand. They both chuckled excitedly, unable to fully believe that they were now engaged. John raised his puffed, red eyes to look into Paul’s, not caring that he would see the light tears stinging his eyes and streaming down his face. The younger man inched a hand up to his angular jawline and brushed a tear away with his thumb, his warm eyes twinkling brightly. They kissed again, holding nothing back except for the slight whimpers that threatened to escape out of their sheer joy.

Later that night, they lay naked under the tangled bed sheets, whispering contentedly into the other’s ear. Paul’s warm torso was strewn directly over John’s, and his chin was set on the man’s chest so that he could see the bright glint in his eyes. The older man’s roaming hand combed lazily through Paul’s dark, sweaty locks, brushing it out of his doe eyes and behind his ears and anywhere else he could, just so that he could always see that hopeful, boyish face that he adored. “You are incredible, Paul McCartney,” John rasped lowly, his voice having been worn out by their activity prior. He ran a single finger down the bridge of Paul’s nose, which caught on his lower lip, causing a goofy smile to break out on his otherwise exhausted face. The younger man nuzzled his face into John’s bare chest, leaving a single tender kiss in the center and pressing his ear over calm John’s heartbeat. He began to trace little patterns with the tips of his fingers up and around John’s neck, swirling around his Adam’s apple and over his sharp jaw. John only hugged him closer in response, placing both hands on the small of his back and holding him there steadily. Paul could feel himself slipping out of consciousness, hearing John breathe a light “I love you,” before drifting off into a deep sleep.

Amidst the short tale of anxious hands and misunderstandings, the two men were able to find each other, and wouldn’t be letting go until death do them part. And when that seemingly dreaded day would come, both men would welcome it with open arms, for they knew deep down in their hearts that they would be together again soon enough.