Lessons From Sex’d: What’s Your Name? It Doesn’t Matter.

TaNisha Fordham June 26, 2013 Blog

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If you aren’t for me, you’re against me, simple as that. That’s especially easy for me to say because I’m always doing my best to be “for” others.

I had a cast member drop out of the show in my most recent production of, “Sex’d,” done at the Paul Robeson Theatre in Buffalo, N.Y. So of course when I decided to write a recap of how my experience went, that particular situation was one of the first things that popped into my mind. Ironically enough, I don’t have negative feelings about losing that member of the cast.

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Cast of “Sex’d”

Losing that person during the production process made room for a young man who came into my life and the production a week before the show started, and shifted the atmosphere. The cast member that I gained, Alphonso Walker Jr., was an amazing addition to the cast. He helped to complete what already felt like a long lost family. Moreover, he murdered his performances night after night making me look like an awesome writer and director (the entire cast did an amazing job at breathing life into the production: Erica Dennis, Kayla Henigan, Angelo Threats, Chalra Warmley, Linda Barr, Hugh Davis, Malik Springs, Tiana Loman).

Now I’ve come to a very poignant realization: I don’t have to fight my battles, a path has already been laid down and so long as I keep a positive attitude and a Heaven centered view, I will win in the end.

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We got an amazing review in The Buffalo News, I gained insight and knowledge about the various challenges that I may face as a director, writer, performer, and I gained a new family perfectly ripened by the addition of a new little brother.

In the story of my journey certain people will not even be a footnote. Sometimes people come into our lives to create a space so that those who are necessary in our forward movement will later on down the line have somewhere to stand. What’s that called? Oh right, I think it’s called a stand – in. The point is, those people aren’t actually needed for the performance – he who is performance worthy has been handpicked, set aside from the beginning. The same can be said for challenging situations: they only come for a moment – to test, try and prepare us; ultimately they come to make us stronger.

Have you been wronged by someone that you trusted? Don’t fret – there is an even more brilliant plan that’s in the works for you. I’m sure you’re wondering the persons’ name that dropped out of the cast. Well, guess what…it…he doesn’t matter.

“What’s Your Name? It doesn’t matter.”
-Pastor Roderick Hennings, Zion Dominion Global Ministries