Good afternoon Gothamites and happy Nerd Wednesday! Today we will continue this week’s Batman history session, “A History of the Super Friends”, with the third series “Challenge of the Super Friends” from 1978! We will discuss this short but iconic show and the debut of the villainous Legion of Doom! Since it is New Comic Book Day, that means an all new episode of @MeltdownComics presents History of the Batman with Londyn! podcast is live! This week my awesome co-host Adam Silverstein and I discuss the incredible publication of the Elseworlds, their humble beginnings as ‘Imaginary Stories’ and ‘What If?“s and 10 of the most diverse alternate universes centered around the Batman! One discussed is Paul Pope’s “Batman Year 100” form 2006 (issue 4 art presented by Pope and Jose Villarrubia)! So if you want to learn more about Batman Elseworlds and see if your favorite made our list, please listen on @MeltdownComics’ website at linked in the bio (! To never miss this and to catch up on all 15 #HistoryoftheBatmanPodcast, subscribe on iTunes (, on Stitcher (!) and on @MeltdownComics’ YouTube channel! I hope you all enjoy this week’s episode and thanks to those who listen each week and subscribe, you all are amazing! Thanks for following and we will have more History of the Batman soon! ✌🏻️💙🎨📖📡📱


Paul Pope in 2014, so far. His big releases:

The biggest release of the year by far is the colored and bonus material loaded Escapo re-release by z2 Comics hits on April 22nd.

Pre-order on amazon or at your local comic book store.

In March, Paul Pope: Monsters & Titans; Battling Boy on Tour isreleased from Image on the 8th.

Pre-order on amazon or at your local comic book store.

In April, a cover and a short/pin-up are released on the 8th in CBLDF Presents: Liberty from Image

Pre-order Liberty on amazon or at your local comic book store.

Paul Pope’s collaboration with David Rubin and JT Petty on a Battling Boy prequel The Rise of Aurora West from First Second should be out later in the year, Amazon says September 30th, but the date has changed before. 

Regardless, pre-order it on amazon or at your local comic book store!

Spread the word! Even though we don’t have the conclusion to Battling Boy this year, we have enough filler until then!

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Brush Work: Huynh x Pope for Magpie, Magpie

Tomorrow Pope (in spirit) and Huynh will be at B Space in NYC to launch Huynh’s book Magpie Magpie with a limited print collaboration.

Paul Pope’s praise for Matt Huynh’s Magpie, Magpie:

Matt’s latest work is an interesting, soulful exploration of expressive mark-making using bamboo and sumi. His comics are intimate and quiet, marked with moments of explosion. The last half of the book–a wild series of Muybridge-style gestures of magpies in flight– is worth admission alone.

More on Magpie, Magpie and where to buy.