paulo bendeti

I met Robert “Joshua Lewis” Newman at my retail job tonight! Word around the store is that he comes in a lot, but this is the first time I’ve seen him, so of course, I totally geeked out. Guiding Light was my mom and grandpa’s soap so of course I knew all about Josh, Reva, Buzz, Harley, Hart, Dinah, Cassie, Beth, Philip, Michelle, Jesse (he was gorgeous. I wonder whatever happened to Paulo Benedeti?) and the rest of the Springfield gang. I kinda felt bad for recognizing him at first, but since he was wearing a Guiding Light sweatshirt, I don’t think he minded too much. He was very nice, he introduced himself and shook my hand. I told the other girls, and they were nonplussed. Whatever. I still met a soap star at work tonight!