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1. How many girls and/or guys have you kissed
2. If you were filthy rich (as in wiping your ass with $1000 bills rich) how many houses would you buy and where?
3. What are you most afraid of?
4. If you could have one thing disappear from this earth, what would it be?
5. What would you rename the current country you live in?
6. If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?
7. Think about the one guy/girl you thought “wow, why did I like that person? and tell me about them
8. Do you wish your first kiss was with someone else? And why.
9. Tell me about your first friend
10. Tell me about the last time you cried over someone
11. If you could have one animal as a pet that is considered “illegal” which would it be?
12. Describe a phase that you went through
13. What are a few things on your bucket list
14. Tell me about your girlfriend/boyfriend
15. How many times a day do you think you go to the bathroom?
16. If you could have prevented one disaster from history, which would it be?
17. 3 things you want to say to 3 different people. 1 nice, 1 mean, 1 confession
18. Confess something
19. Something that not a lot of people know about you
20. Think of the last person you stopped being friends with. What happened?

If I don’t get any, FUCK YOU! (: 


11.10.11: Didn’t go to Psych class today.. well, cause I didn’t want to. I was really tired and groggy so I just went home after Bio. I was super cold and was craving ramen so I asked Gem if she wanted to get some with me. So we went to Mitsuwa and just ate & talked. We caught up on little things that went on during the times we weren’t hanging out, as always. Then after that we decided to go to this cool place called, The Lab. It was my first time going there and I LOVE IT ♥ It’s pretty much like a mall of just Urban Outfitters like stores, except cheaper and way way better. I got amazing high-waisted black denim jeans at UO for only $20!! I swear, their UO is way cheaper with better clothes. I also got this retro looking dress from Buffalo Exchange for only $8.50. Such a good quality for a previously owned clothing. After that, we just walked around the place & left. Today was a good day. I can’t wait for tomorrow. (:

Lake Forest.

Am I the only one who says “Irvine” instead of “Lake Forest” every time they ask where you’re from? Cause when I say Lake Forest, they don’t know where the hell it is. & when I say Irvine it’s like, “Oh I know where that is!!” Hmm, I don’t know.. maybe it’s just me. LOL.

Horrible Bosses.

ONE OF THE FUNNIEST MOVIES I’VE EVER SEEN. It was so much better than I thought it was going to be. I walked in the theater not expecting a shit about it but damn that movie was funny. So if you haven’t seen it, go ahead and watch it. I guarantee you’re gonna love it.

Dear Babe,

I love talking things out with you. I think that’s what makes our relationship great & even stronger each time. When we fuck up, we muster every inch of our problems and talk it out… even if it will take hours. We discuss, we argue, maybe cries here and there. But we never end the night without making up. I’m so happy to have someone like you!!

xoxo Pauline

Captain America > Spiderman

Okay, so I feel like I’m betraying my love because I just fell in love with someone else. As some of you guys may know, I’m obsessed with Spiderman. Favorite Marvel character and my favorite superhero. I have shirts, stickers, posters, and soundtracks. BUT after watching CA on Friday night… oh man, tables have turned. My ovaries exploded because Chris was so hot, but that’s just a plus. Everything about the movie is perfect, the CG is superb, and the whole concept is amazing. Capt America is just one badass motherfucker. EPIC.

BUT I still like Spiderman a lot. He’s just gonna have to share first place with Capt A. And I am NOT going to watch “The Amazing Spiderman” I REFUSE!  

So if you guys haven’t seen it, GO WATCH IT!! Also, paying extra bucks for 3D is worth it… trust me. :D