Catch two gems on TCM before they’re gone
  • Street Girl, the first film RKO made, starring Betty Compson. The music and dancing are infectious and I love how Betty Compson’s character dominates the men. True femininity. 
  • A Feather in Her Hat with Basil Rathbone, Pauline Lord, Louis Hayward, and Billie Burke. TCM shows a picture of Billie Burke so you think the film is about her, but it isn’t. She isn’t the one with a feather in her hat. 

Today marks the birthday of playwright and author Tennessee Williams (1911- 1983), best known for The Glass Menagerie, A Streetcar Named Desire, and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. The Glass Menagerie is the play which catapulted author Williams from obscurity to fame in 1944. Our Collector’s Treasure of the Day is this autographed display of the program from the play featuring actress Pauline Lord in her final role. Custom-made presentation binding includes original paperwork for the Kenneth Rendell Gallery. Framed display size 16.25 x 23 inches. Fine condition. Provenance Estate of Steve Rubell (1943 – 1989), co-owner of the New York disco Studio 54. Authenticity guaranteed for life by Collector’s Shangri-La.

TODAY IN GINNY! - August 8 - Pauline Lord

Due to a busy yesterday, we finally reveal our two day old mystery TODAY IN GINNY! (like we didn’t already know).

I appeared in one film with Virginia Weidler.
That would be MRS.WIGGS OF THE CABBAGE PATCH (1934). Compared to me, Virginia was a screen veteran.

I may have the oddest casting record (on sources like of anyone who ever had featured roles in Hollywood.
I starred in two films, then made no more.

I worked with great actors like Ruth Gordon, Raymond Massey, Tom Ewell, Frank Albertson, Beulah Bondi, Walter Connolly, and Celeste Holm.
Two films and yet I worked with all these people? I did it on BROADWAY!

At the time, some news articles even credited me with Virginia’s success.
It was part of the effort to promote me and the film, I’m sure.

Who am I?

Pauline Lord born August 8, 1890.

TODAY IN GINNY! - March 31 - Carmencita Johnson

Carmencita Johnson (1923) is someone the VWRS has discussed before and was Ginny’s sister Asia in MRS. WIGGS OF THE CABBAGE PATCH (1934). She started younger than Ginny, playing a baby in a film in the year of her birth. She played “Baby” 17 times in films before gaining a role with an actual name. She was Brutus in Jane Withers’ KEEP SMILING. She was Evelyn in the Hays Office approved version of the story THE CHILDREN’S HOUR, THESE THREE. Carmencita continued to work into her twenties, eventually compiling 59 titles to her credit. Her final role was in 1997 in the film IRISH WHISKEY.  The photo is Carmencita, Virginia, and Edith Fellows with Pauline Lord in MRS. WIGGS.  

Today is the last day of my goofy schedule, so catch up will start tonight.

Here’s an except from a user review of MRS. WIGGS at IMDb:

“The children in the film are suitably saccharine, but Virginia Weidler (from "The Philadelphia Story”) is as obnoxious as kids come. She taunts Miss Hazy by holding her breath, saying ‘I’ll turn black in the face!’“

Does the reviewer get that’s the part she’s playing? I’m amazed at the high percentage of bad reviews (a small portion of the total reviews, by the way) Virginia gets that are based on the fact that the critic or viewer doesn’t like the character she’s playing, not that she was actually bad at it.