pauline hemingway

If I ever date/marry a rich guy that cheats on me I aspire to be at the level of Pauline Marie Pfeiffer, Ernest Hemingway’s second wife. Pauline Marie Pfeiffer was a journalist that wrote for Vogue (jealous!), so we know she was a stylish and sophisticated lady. When she found out that her husband was having an affair she ripped out his precious boxing ring and spent a bunch of his money on is big pool (costing over $20,000 in construction at the time) where she threw extravagant pool parties at (because she writes for Vogue why wouldn’t she?) When he got back to his home in the Keys, he supposedly flung a penny on the ground, saying “Pauline, you’ve spent all but my last penny, so you might as well have that!” I like to imagine she was smirking when that happened. Fucking legend.