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Its feeding off your energy.

well i have tons of negative energy to feed off of. i could feel it following me and staring me down. i dont even want to leave my room now so im asking Roach to come over so i can chill out. its pissing me off. like why does it only fuck with me on bad days? im about to call my grandma to bring the holy water and chant around my house haha. 

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ughgjsfklf ok since i have time to waste:

1. Height: 5'4"

3. Sexual Orientation: idc about your downstairs mix-up

5. Do you drink?: No.

7. Age you get mistaken for: Uhhh 18-20

9. Want any tattoos?: Yep but I’m always changing my mind on what I want and where. 

11. Want any piercings?: omg yes I want my nose and septum and bridge and industrial and belly button and maybe my eyebrow idk but none of these will probably ever happen :c

13. Relationship status: I’ve been with my boyfriend for 4+ years.

15. Biggest turn-offs: Smelling bad, gross teeth, greasy hair, bad hair in general, being cocky, being a smartass, people who say “i’m classy as fuck” but are actually really trashy, when people think that doing drugs is “cool”

17. I’ll love you if: you appreciate my sense of humor, tell me you love the little things I do, you buy me food, buy me camera equipment, go on photoshoots with me, let me take pictures of you without you freaking out, you appreciate cats as much as i do…

19. Most traumatic experience: Being molested as a kid by my uncle.

21. What I hate most about myself: My brain chemistry (as in anxiety issues and being constantly paranoid and shit)

23. What I want to be when I get older: Professional photographer/animator/good wife/mother

25. My relationship with my parents: My mom is a bipolar bitch but when she’s happy I’m happy, and when she’s upset everyone’s upset. My dad used to make fun of me and insult me a lot which made me hate him when I was younger but after a few years I turned out to be his favorite kid so yeah. I like my dad a lot now since we have the same sense of humor and he laughs at my poop jokes and his accent makes everything he says hilarious. He likes my boyfriend and he supports my photography and other artistic ventures and that really means a lot to  me.

27. My biggest pet peeves: um well pretty much everything I said for turn-offs. and i hate it when people are being dramatic just for attention and then they look up at you to see if you’re paying attention to them and if you’re not they make a huge scene and if you are then they act even more stupid and ughsakjfl;s ok basically i’m describing what this girl does that i hate more than anyone in the world. basically if you do anything that she does, i will hate you forever.

29. A description of the person I dislike the most: omg lol ok well “see above.” But okay, she’s total trailer trash. She’s a psychotic, overly-dramatic, obnoxious, nosy, attention whore who just loves making huge deals out of every single insignificant thing ever. She used to have a huge crush on me and I regret ever being friends with her ever. She’s stupid and ugly and fat and I want to punch her in her stupid fucking ugly ass face holy fuck I hate her so much it’s not even funny. Okay, if I had the chance to either make out with Andrew VanWyngarden or erase her and any trace of her from existence, I would erase her from existence. THAT’S how much I hate this bitch.

31. What I hate most about my school: The overall ignorance. People are so fucking ignorant and selfish, it’s disgusting. The place is trashed, the people don’t care AT ALL about anyone else but themselves, they are unaware of what’s REALLY happening in the world, they don’t care about shit. ugh one last year…

33. What words upset me the most: like single words that make me uncomfortable? uhh moist is definitely up there, the spanish word for blister (ampolla, or however you spell it) fucking grosses the fuck out of me, and i hate the word pus

35. A wish that I’ve wished for repeatedly on 11:11: To just be happy and satisfied with my life when I die. 

37. Where I would like to live: Anywhere with my boyfriend with a nice garden and a big backyard with no way that any neighbors can see into my yard because I would probably tan naked a lot. c:

39. My childhood career choice: omg lol i used to want to be a police officer because of the guns and i wanted to be in the army for a really long time just for the guns. 

41. Who I wish I could be: I wish I could be Alice Glass, tbh. 

43. The last thing I ate: strawberries

45. A random fact about anything: there is a message on my answering machine that i’ll probably ignore for a really long time even though the flashing button will probably bother me

The first time I met the Devil was at a Motel 6

She left Hell to spend a weekend on Earth just for kicks
Sexy little B!tch, shorter than expected
About five-foot five big an’ thick in the breast and thighs
Beautiful, dark eyes a strong stare
Large lips, soft hands and long hair
I said Ill make you smile for the simple fact Im good at it
Ill make you smile just so I can sit and look at it ;D

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