Built-In Bookcases

Here is another project from a few years ago…

This is a built-in bookcase I built for our study.  The basic design consists of five cases.  The two outer cases are a bit shallower than the three center cases for a three-dimensional look.  The center cases have one “fixed” shelf for stability while the two outer cases have two fixed shelves at the bottom.  The rest of the shelves are adjustable.

This was my first bookcase, so I relied heavily on the book “Shelves, Cabinets, & Bookcases” by Fine Woodworking Magazine.

Read on for the gory details regarding this build…

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New Office Desk

I built the top of this office desk from a single sheet of maple plywood and some 1x2 maple trim.  Nothing fancy.  Created three pieces that are bolted together in the corner.  Bought one Ikea desk leg for the corner support.  The rest of the desk is supported by several Ballard Design cabinets.

It’s a lot bigger than my previous desk with plenty of room to spread out!


Console Table

Built a console table to stand behind the sofa in our family room.

The top is of bubinga and was created by joining two boards to create a top that is 15 ½ inches wide and about 5 ½ feet long.

The base is fairly simple consisting of four straight legs, an apron around the top, and a small shelf near the bottom. The base is entirely out of poplar. The legs were created from three 3×1 pieces glued and planed to create square legs 2 1/4″ on each side. The apron was attached to the legs via pocket screws as were the supports under the shelf. The shelf was then glued and nailed to the supports.