insert cute dialogue of fawnlock deducing that batjohn’s a fruit bat and how he hurt his wing and all kinds of things and then batjohn calling him brilliant in his tiny voice and fawnlock being stumped odgsdogd 

i usually prefer to draw fawnlock with feet, but deer feet tonight because i fuckin saidso


also so many thanks to everyone who came to the stream and everyone who attempted to, i didn’t realise had a new rule where only 10 people were allowed at one time, it made me so sad to see you all trying to get in T^T

and a close up

my little fawnbatsy, egg :3 he was so fun to make ahhh! 

i decided he was the last to hatch and took a long time to hatch, and so they called him egg for the mean time, and then he cracked out one night with a grump look on his face like ‘what are you all staring at me for’ and the name stuck

he gets sore hands and feet (in his joints) and one of his wings didn’t grow properly but it’s okay he spends most of his time on fawnlock’s hip anyways watching everything he does but he doesn’t say a lot, just listens

his favourite things include petting mil’s hair and stealing things when people aren’t looking


so i opened up sai with an idea of drawing something, actually sketching something and colouring it etc but then i decided to play around with the marker brush and then this happened

i gues you could call it a happy doodle~

“where mam?" 

the small bundle of fur and flesh in moosecroft’s arms shaked violently, tiny hands clutching and twisting in his chest fur. moosecroft wasn’t sure if it was the cold or just the shock of being taken so far from home that was causing fawnlock to shake so much, but he held him closer to his chest even so.

(he’d grabbed him and ran. he’d seen the bodies, and ran. he’s never seen dead bodies before. but he knew.)

in all the months he’d had a baby brother, moosecroft had never held him, not even once. he was surprisingly light, despite being gutsy for the food in their mums chest. (how was he going to feed him?)

"she’s not here any more” saying it out loud was like lead in moosecroft’s chest. he could barely believe it himself, how was he going to convince his brother, who could hardly string a sentence together?

the fire had taken everything, but themselves.

fawnlock was smarter than he looked, though. moosecroft should have known any sibling of his would have been as bright as himself. fawnlock’s ears pricked up and he clutched harder to moosecroft’s fur, making his eyes water, combining with the tears already gathering there.


fawnlock’s tiny voice was filled with confusion and it hit moosecroft suddenly then, this was it now, just the two of them, he was now a guardian, they were the last, all his friends, their family, their homes. gone.

moosecroft gave in and let his tears fall, sniffing in an undignified way that he would surely be embarrassed about later, even if his brother wouldn’t remember a second of this in the future. fawnlock took this as his cue and started to cry too, rubbing his face into moosecroft’s fur, letting out small whines as he did so.

"because these things happen” moosecroft cleared his throat and pulled fawnlock away from his chest to look at his face. his nose was running and he sniffed it angrily, not breaking eye contact for a second. moosecroft winced and rubbed a hand at his brothers eyes and no, wiping away what was there. he’d better get used to this, he supposed.

“i’ll be your mother, now" 

fawnjohn would be much quieter and less of a baby than fawnlock is. he has simple pleasures and likes to keep himself to himself, but sometimes peeps through the window and watches sherlock do his experiments at night (because he isn’t allowed to sleep inside)

sherlock would start to enjoy the company and would change his ways and fawnjohn would get a belly rub. sometimes. only after sherlocks successfully solved a case.

but he’s no pushover, sherlock would definitely have a few bite scars. 

AND THEN, that turned into us day-dreaming about fawnlock and FAWNJOHN MEETING, and wow, the forest wouldn’t know what hit it :’) 

heather explained it the best when she said this: 

“fawnjohn would be taking care of injured animals and fawnlock would be like BUT ITS ALMOST DEAD CANT I DISECT IT YET”

i arrived at work 4 hours earlier than i needed to. so i sat in costa coffee and drew this for 3 hours HA HA i mean there are a ton of mistakes. a real ton. i am really rusty with traditional art, so i know it’s full of bad things. but i am making myself get back into it, and it felt really good to make. so yep! 

fluffy winter!fawnlock! 

johns hat is a christmas present from harry heh
(i should probably scan this but it’s too cold to go up in the attic ahhh)

!!!!!!!!!!! 500 followers. 500 PEOPLE WHO LIKE THAT FUZZBALL FAWNLOCK! he’s extremely flattered. (though he thinks you should all be doing more productive stuff, like giving him sweet things to eat)

i’d just like to say thank you all ever so much for following, and to all those people who send in gorgeous art, and the followers who stick up for us when people send us hate, and all the generally lovely people who like fawnlock! 

~paula and krista

(also the arms connecting all weird in the back was a happy accident i decided to keep. i like it)

fem!fawnlock has been on my mind a lot recently

she basically looks like a potential fawn-irene :3

my tablet is so extremely laggy on this laptop tho that just drawing this was a nightmare so no art from me for a while unless it’s traditional T^T

this is my way of saying i am sorry for the lack of updates this blog has seen recently!!

(also, must be watching too much hannibal - that’s supposed to be red finger paint, not blood!!! but tbh it’s fawnlock so maybe it’s blood, whatever you wanna see tbh)

i can’t really put my finger on why i haven’t been updating, there have been tons of lovely things drawn and written, i just haven’t had the energy to sort them all out, and for that i am really sorry!!!!

but me and krista have something really exciting planned for later on tonight, so keep your eyes peeled, fawnlockers!!!

you’re all the best and i adore you all, and fawnlock sends his love (reluctantly!!)

drawing on a laptop pad with my fingers is a miserable business!!!! sherlocks nose is more like mycrofts oop bite me i didn’t use reference

fawnlock plans to spend it gorging on cake and then rolling luxuriously all over johns front room floor

john’s all ‘fawnlock……… where did you find that………… give that to me…………' 

the grass thing is from textsfromjohnandsherlock, their sherlock ate grass when he was a wee one, he says it here and in another text too~!