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If Jimin is ol' Jimmy, can you rename everyone else in bts 😋

Seokjin (Jin) - Jin and Juice

Yoongi (Suga) - Paula Dean

Hoseok (J-Hope) - Obama

Namjoon (Rap Monster) - ‘Nam

Jimin - Ol’ Jimmy

Taehyung (V) - Valyrian Steel

Jungkook - J-Dude

In June 1986, 27 year old Paula Sims claimed that a masked gunman broke into her home and fled with her 13 day old daughter, Lorelei (pictured top). It did not take long for a search to recover her tiny lifeless body, which was found hidden in a wooded area close to their Illinois home. She had allegedly been suffocated to death. Due to an absence of sufficient evidence, Paula avoided any extensive questioning and moved away with her unsuspecting husband, Robert, where they had two more children: son Randall in 1988 and daughter Heather in 1989.

Three years after their first daughter’s death, Robert Sims returned home to discover Heather missing (pictured bottom). Paula Sims again began to insist that another unknown assailant had knocked her unconscious and taken the six week old baby, although their son had been left unharmed. Although this too was considered a case of kidnapping, it was soon disputed due to the mother’s lack of injuries and the coincidental nature of this second crime. Heather’s body was later discovered inside a park bin and both Paula and Robert Sims were arrested. Although she at first denied all involvement, Mrs Sims conceded to the defence prior to sentencing that she had killed her daughters because they were not boys, while her husband had remained completely unaware. Paula acknowledged that she had drowned Lorelei whilst bathing her and suffocated Heather in her cot. She even went as far as freezing Heather’s body before dumping it in order to confuse the authorities about the time of death.

There were other incriminating aspects of the crime which, from the jury’s perspective, confirmed Paula Sims’ guilt. For instance, the garbage bag containing Heather’s body was identified as being manufactured at the exact same time as the roll of bags found in the Sims’ home. Witnesses also testified about overhearing Paula apologising to her husband and becoming upset in the hospital after giving birth to a baby girl. She is currently serving a life sentence without parole. Despite her best efforts to maintain a male bloodline, Paula’s plans ultimately backfired in the long-term. In 2015, her estranged ex-husband Robert and son Randall were both tragically killed in a car accident after a drunk driver collided into their vehicle and forced it off a bridge. They both died immediately at the scene.


In June 17th 1986, Illinois, Jersey County Paula Sims reported that a masked gunman had intruded her home, and fled with her 13-day old daughter Loralei Marie, her remains were found in a wooded ravine behind their home but insufficient evidence to charge Paula and her husband Robert. Then, three years later on April 29th, 1989 Paula had again reported a masked gunman intruded in her home, this time knocking her out, and when she had woke up, her six-week old daughter Heather Lee, was gone. Initially it was treated as a kidnapping, but Paula had no injuries and her report did not match the crime scene. Days after the ‘abduction’ was reported Heather’s remains were found in a trash receptacle.

The state removed their son Randall from the home and Paula and Robert were tried for the disappearances. Paula was indicted on first-degree murder, obstructing justice and concealing a homicide. Paula maintained her innocence, until her trial she was found guilty on two counts of murder, two counts of obstructing justice and one for concealing homicide.

Eventually she admitted to the murders, without Robert’s help. Paula had suffocated Loralei to death, and threw her body from the top of the ravine. She had also suffocated Heather, and to obfuscate her death she stored her body in a freezer, before dumping her in the garbage.

Paula remains incarcerated, while Robert and Randall tragically died in a car accident.


Imagine going to an old-student reunion with Dean pretending to be your boyfriend.

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You were wandering the market shelves looking for an apple pie when you heard a familiar nasal speech.

“Y/N? Is that you?”

You turned to face the woman behind you with a look of disgust in your face.

“Of course it’s you! Crawling down the desserts section… who else could it be?”

Your mother!” Shouted a voice inside your head.

“Hello Paula,” you answered trying to be nice, even when she hadn’t gave you any reason for that.

“So, do you still do that thing of eating your problems?” she asked, kicking your soul like she used to do in high-school. You fake-laughed looking at her while she did the same.

Paula was a bitch. She had always been, and when you were in the same class, she had managed to make your life a living hell. If you hated someone with all your life, that person was Paula.

You held back the urge to rip her eyes out when Dean walked down the aisle and stopped next to you, “What is taking you so long?” he questioned.

“Who is this handsome man, Y/N?” asked Paula, taking one step closer to both of you, looking at Dean undressing him with her eyes.

“He is my boyfriend, Dean. Dean, she is Paula,” you spitted out. Dean looked in your direction, silently asking what the hell was going on, but he understood it soon enough to keep you up with your lie.

“Are you really her boyfriend?” she was pointing at you, contempt all over her face.

Dean just smiled and nodded, making you smile too.

“Well, I actually married Jacob,” she showed up, raising her hand for you to see her engagement ring, “do you remember him? You kinda liked him right? You always chasing the men who liked me…” she laughed again, you wanted to kick her.

“The same Jacob who cheated on you, twice, with the same girl?” you smirked.

“Claire was a whore… Jacob loved me, and now he is my husband”.

Look who is talking about whores…

“Well, I have to go now… but I hope to see you again tonight at the reunion,”

“I don’t think so”

“What reunion?” requested Dean.

“It’s an old-student reunion. We sent Y/N an email to invite her. Are you coming too?” she asked, talking to Dean and completely ignoring you.

“We are not going,” you repeated.

“Of course I am. We’ll see you there mm…”

“Paula. See you later then,” she answered, caressing Dean’s arm before walking away.

You showed your middle finger to her as she left and then turned back to Dean.

“What the hell was that Winchester? I don’t wanna go to that damn reunion!” you yelled.

“Of course you do. Free food and drinks… tell me one thing better than that,” he giggled.

“Burn in hell!”

He broke into laughter, “Come on Y/N! It won’t be that bad. Besides, I helped you pretending to be your boyfriend, so you owe me this one.”

“You didn’t have to if you didn’t want to,” you grunted crossing your arms.

“Who said I didn’t want to?” he answered kissing your forehead.


Once you were in the reunion you talked to some old friends. You were having a good time chatting with people and introducing Dean to all of them. He was really doing a good job pretending to be your boyfriend. You would get used to that but the fun was over when Paula and Jacob crossed the door and went straight to you.

“I told you she had a good-looking boyfriend,” said Paula to her husband loud enough for you to hear it.

“Hi, I’m Dean, Y/N’s boyfriend” said Dean shaking his hand with Jacob’s, ignoring their attempts to bother you.

“At least you have lost the extra pounds that you had. Well, not all, but mostly,” laughed Jake, looking at you as if he was complimenting you.

You apologized before leaving the room. You didn’t want to let their comments to affect you, but it was hard when they were bringing up your old insecurities.

“Hey you! Both of you! Stop messing with my girl before I get mad,” threatened Dean, feeling your pain.

“But we’re not saying any lie man! She used to eat all her problems!” laughed Jacob.

“And what weren’t problems too” joined Paula.

“Shut the fuck up!” yelled Dean, looking at both of them with such a cold gaze that forced them to stop.

Dean went out looking for you and talked to you for a while, trying to cheer you up.

“Thanks for doing this, Dean”you said.

“You’re my best friend Y/N, There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.” You laid your head in his shoulder when Paula shouted behind you, “I knew you weren’t dating! You’re just friends! Oh Good… that’s pathetic even for you Y/N…”

You couldn’t even answer because Dean was faster than you, “I call her my  best friend because she is. She is my best friend, my girlfriend and my soulmate! And I love her! Did you hear me?”

Hearing those words coming from Dean made your heart jump and your legs shake. He looked down at you then, and you returned him the same look. Before you could stop yourselves, you were kissing each other.

When he let you go, Paula was staring at you, pretty impressed. Dean hold your hand and squeezed it. You looked at him confused but, when he pointed to Paula’s hands with his head you immediately understood what Dean was suggesting you to do.

You weren’t the kind of girl who go around messing with people but you couldn’t help the impulse to take the glass of her hands and drop the liquid into her face. You didn’t move, still shooked by your bitch move, so Dean took you by your wrist and run to the Impala.

“Y/N! You bitch!” shouted Paula while you were running.

You jumped into the car and laughed all the way back to the bunker. She deserved it. Fuck her!

“Y/N? Can I ask you a question?” asked Dean.

“Shoot,” you answered reluctantly.

“Were you really that fat? I mean, did you really eat all your problems?”

“If I had eaten all my problems, Dean, I should’ve eaten her too!” you smiled.

“I’m glad you didn’t. You would’ve died. That bitch is poison!”

You laughed hard, not expecting that answer from him.

When you finally arrived to the bunker, you stopped yourself and thanked Dean.

“We should do this every day sweetheart, it was funny.” He hugged you, kissing your head and remembering the real reason why he wouldn’t mind to repeat that night every day.

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Gaslight vs. Pretty Little Liars

This post is long, but has some interesting connections.

Gaslight is a movie about a woman named Paula whose husband makes her believe she is insane. Paula is raised by her aunt Alice after the death of her mother. When Paula was a child a man murdered her aunt Alice, but as he was looking for the women’s precious jewels Paula interrupted him, and the murderer fled the scene. Later in life Paula meets a man and falls in love. Unfortunately, the man Paula meets is actually her aunts murderer, and only marries her in order to find the jewels he wanted all along. The man plays numerous tricks on Paula to make her believe she is insane, so that he can find the jewels more easily. Paula soon realizes the man is playing tricks on her, and she plans her revenge against him.

The term gas lighting refers to making somebody believe they are insane.

You can clearly make the connections between this movie and PLL. Rollins was interested in getting CeCe and Ali’s money. The only reason he married Ali was to get the money, and in order to do so made Ali believe she was insane. Marlene also recently made a post warning someone to stay away from the light…

Please tell me your opinions on this.