Hidden Happiness Chapter 16

I’m so sorry it took so long, and that now it’s only half of the usual length, but I was busy and had no inspiration (and I know that that’s no excuse).

*1 week later*

Niall is out of the hospital, and the boys can finally take him home. Liam weals Niall’s wheelchair in as Zayn holds the door open.

“Surprise!” Harry and Louis jump out from behind the sofa with paper party hats on their heads.

“You are such idiots!” Niall throws his arms out to encircle the two in a bear hug. “So, this is my flat?”

“Yep,” Zayn answers. Liam stands quietly in a corner and looks intently at Niall trying to see any signs of recognition. “Stop staring at me Liam. I’m sure it’ll come eventually. It feels homey. By far better than the hospital.” “Liam lets out the breath he was holding. “Alright then.” “And that is our cue to leave,” Zayn says over Niall’s shoulder, pointing at Harry and Louis to follow him. “What? No! Stay! It’s the first time in my flat for me basically and you lot want to leave?” “Don’t worry Niall. Only me, Harry and Zayn. Your lover boy will stay right here with you.” “I’m serious, I want to spend this time with all of you.” “It’s for an interview Niall. We need to do this interview with Tumblr magazine.” “Oh. Well, hurry , okay?” “We will Nialler. Don’t you worry your bandaged head.” “Byyyye!” “Byee!”

“So…I guess it’s just you and me then.” Niall looked up at Liam uncomfortably. He felt that something was expected from him now that he was home. Like he was supposed to remember everything and just know all the things they ever had done. He had remembered quite a few things in the last week. His mother had told hoim a lot about his childhood, and whenever she was near he would randomly come up with something and tell her about it, and she would confirm and straighten out the details. At night however, when he slept, he had dreams about things that had happened with Liam. Every morning Liam would wake him up for his routine check-up, and Niall would tell him about the dream, and Liam would do the same as Niall’s mother. He still didn’t remember all, but he remembered most of their X-Factor journey now, and he even remembered one or two concerts.

“Niall, come here.” Liam opened his arms and swept Niall into them. The safety of Liam’s arms around him, made him forget about all the bad ideas in his head. Liam would never expect such a thing from him. Liam was good. Liam was best. Liam was perfect. Liam didn’t care about how much he knew, as long as he was okay. Niall was sure of that.

“Do you want to see the rest of the house?” “Yeah.” Technically Niall was able to walk, they just put him in a wheel chair because his legs sometimes turned into a gooey mass that wouldn’t let him control them properly. “Were’s the kitchen?” “Of course. Always food!” “Oy, I love it. Wait… It’s on my right, isn’t it?” “Yes it is!” Liam’s face lit up. He always looked so proud whenever Niall remembered something.

After exploring the kitchen, the bathrooms and the living room closely enough, Niall pointed at the last door. “Bedroom?” “Mhhm.” Liam nodded. They slowly walked towards it, as if they expected something big. Some big revelation. Once the door was opened, Niall felt a wave of relief fly over him. It was a nice room, a comfortable room. Something he felt like home in. He walked around the room for a bit, getting familiar with it once again, and snippets of him and Liam lying together on the bed appeared in his mind. Pictures of him and Liam lying on the floor listening to music. Pictures of him playing guitar while Liam was humming to the tune. Niall ducked, and looked under his bed.

There she was. His favourite guitar. The first one he had ever gotten. He pulled it out and gently lay it on the bed. “I remember playing this for you.” “Yeah, we used to do that often you know.” Liam was now standing on the opposite side of the bed. Sinking down on the mattress, Niall sat down and picked up the guitar. “Come on.” He motioned for Liam to sit next to him. “What?” “I’ll play for you, come on!” With a huge grin, Liam slid down so that he lay next to Niall. Softly, Niall started strumming the melody of Torn.

Great first day, no problems really..Missed Paula though..Doesn't exactly feel the same without 'them'. Made up with pinkbird, so I guess we're friends again ☺ and talked to him ;) Yeaaah.. was gonna go running but I put my shorts on, and then decided I was too lazy and would do it tomorrow.. instead i'll take a shower and work on the 'Wreck This Journal' ♡

Oh, me and pinkbird also had a great conversation about home today.. We both have mutual feelings. Feeling homesick now.. Oh and now I have the hiccups, they hurt. 

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Eu acordo pensando que você teria que me acordar. Eu vou para a escola pensando que você teria que me levar. Eu almoço pensando que você teria que me dar comida. Eu assisto tv deitada pensando que você teria o meu travesseiro. Eu me deito pensando que você teria que deitar e me fazer dormir. E agora eu estou pensando o quanto sou boba de ainda imaginar essas coisas. (d-h)