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GABIE OMG REMEMBER YOUR POODLE AU/FANFIC WHERE THEY WERE NEIGHBOURS IN BETWEEN EL MAÑANA AND PLASTIC BEACH ???? noodle just did an interview and she was asked what she did in between phases 2 and 3 and she said that it was classified :o ahh it made me think of your fanfic


(also wtf where’s this interview oh my god????)


A nesspaula comic I made a bit late for valentines day

tainted love: an 80s playlist // listen here

  1. straight up - paula abdul
  2. 867-5309 (jenny) - tommy tutone
  3. hungry like the wolf - duran duran
  4. wanna be startin’ somethin’ - michael jackson
  5. let’s hear it for the boy - deniece williams
  6. safety dance - men without hats
  7. 1999 - prince
  8. it’s raining men - the weather girls
  9. maneater - darryl hall & john oates
  10. dancing with myself - billy idol
  11. walk like an egyptian - the bangles
  12. africa - toto
  13. mr. roboto - styx
  14. let’s groove - earth, wind & fire
  15. take on me - a-ha
  16. video killed the radio star - the buggles
  17. vogue - madonna
  18. cold hearted - paula abdul
  19. physical - olivia newton john
  20. hey mickey - toni basil
  21. super freak - rick james
  22. wake me up before you go-go - wham!
  23. like a virgin - madonna
  24. sweet dreams (are made of this) - eurythmics
  25. tainted love - soft cell
  26. i wanna dance with somebody - whitney houston
  27. what’s love got to do with it - tina turner
  28. always something there to remind me - naked eyes
  29. like a prayer - madonna
  30. i melt with you - modern english
  31. dont you (forgot about me) - simple minds
  32. total eclipse of the heart - bonnie tyler

The first and last woman to be hanged in New Mexico was 19-year-old Paula Angel. The crime which led her to the gallows was “as old as Eden.” On 23 March, 1861, Angel stabbed her lover, Miguel Martin, to death. Martin was a married man and a father of five who had been having an affair with Angel behind his wife’s back. Seemingly bored with the affair, Martin decided he would call it off. Within a day, Angel was apprehended for the murder and her trial was held just five days later. After being found guilty, she was sentenced to hang the following month. Her time in jail was short and torturous. It was reported that the sheriff taunted her daily by reminder her how many days she had left on earth.

As the execution date rolled around, Angel was told to sit on top of her coffin in the back of the wagon as they drove to the spot she would be killed - a tree on a cottonwood grove. There was no gallows. She was to be hanged from a tree. As the noose was tied around her neck and she was strung up to hang, it was noticed that the sheriff had forgot to tie her hands. The crowd stood in shock as Angel grabbed at her neck and tried to loosen the rope. As she was slowly being choked to death, the sheriff wrapped his arms around her waist to attempt to weight her down and facilitate her demise. The crowd booed and ordered she be cut down. The sight was unbearable.

The execution was momentarily halted so that the sheriff could tie Angel’s hands behind her back. Moments later, she was hanged once again. This time, it was successful and Angel finally perished.