Yet, we’ve done what humans have always done: adapted. Now we feast on the image of others feasting. Our dedication to the tradition of communal cooking lives on, even if primarily in a virtual fashion. Today, it’s rare to overhear two strangers comparing notes on berry cobblers or exchanging anecdotes about the trials of cooking for a dozen dinner guests. Yet, so many are well-versed and ready to talk shop when it comes to Food Network shows. We know where Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa, gets her locally sourced goat’s cheese. We’ve got a favorite Iron Chef to root for. Our collective hive-mind has even generated memes (i.e. Paula Dean riding things) and hashtags (i.e. #foodporn) to nest our obsessions comfortably in the great void of the Internet. Our participation in the tradition of cooking has been abstracted. No longer do we sample with our tongues, now we feast with our eyes.
—  Cooked: The Story Of Everything by Karolina Manko.