well now you've made it sad
  • me:So the sages apparently used the phrase 'He who raises the dead' metaphorically and with great enthusiasm, e.g. the blessing you say on seeing a friend for the first time in a year is 'blessed are you, God, who raises the dead'. You know post-apoc rabbis totally decided that was the blessing for killing zombies and all I can imagine is Paula Cohen heaving a sigh, silently asking God to stop raising the dead before she says the blessing.
  • zoe:well, I thought you were going to say that she says that blessing every time she sees a friend she hasn't seen in a year, and they're inevitably a zombie.

In which there is Jewish geography, unreasonable amounts of fried food, underage gambling and Maxine successfully does not set anything on fire. Hanukkah at the Cohens’ is not really something you can be prepared for in advance.

Scraping in at the last second, it is the last night of Hanukkah and since I’m not doing secret Santa this year, this is my collective gift to the fandom. This incredibly niche gift. Sorrynotsorry.

I feel like the zombies in World War Z were the new and improved zeds Van Ark manufactured in his crusade to take down Abel… 


“But those are my prototypes!” Van Ark cried in frustration, slamming his fist down hard on his desk. 

Paula glanced up from her work station. She knew, of course, that such an occasion required more than a long, simple stare. But honestly, Paula had grown tired of all the nights she had sat up consoling the horrible, lanky man who was and wasn’t her boss.

And putting the kettle on only did so much. She knew she should’ve been weary of the professor. He hated tea, for one thing.

“I preferred the ones from 28 Days Later anyway,” she murmured, rising from her seat to put away the tray she had been using.

From across the room, Paula could feel Van Ark’s beady little eyes glaring at the back of her head. She smirked.

He’d be having nightmares about it for weeks now.