“D & D game night”
Based off of the draw your OCs meme I reblogged earlier.

In case anyone needs clarification:
Holding the mic and narrating enthusiastically: Sam
Praying for these poor people to return to their senses: Janine
In the baby jail box: Paula
Screaming ‘get wrecked’ on top of said baby jail: Maxine
And then Jody, Simon, Five and Sara in various states of hysteria.

Episode 13 - “A Regular Meds Run”

“Have you even had time to grieve for anyone you’ve lost, Five?”

This one is for existingawkwardly! Thanks for waiting so patiently :) This mission was harder than the last one because there wasn’t a whole love of obvious visual material to work with, so I experimented with another pseudo-comic page.

See the rest here: Original AT5 Post

I love how many smart women and girls are in Zombies, Run!

Just off the top of my head, I can think of AT LEAST 5 brilliant female scientists (all main characters) to channel when I really need to power through this brain fog and do hard grad school projects.

Also Ellie doesn’t count as a scientist but she is a brilliant researcher so I’m gonna channel her too.

Discussing Paula Cohen's Jewish practice (and Eliyahu HaNavi)
  • McDweebface:I thought she wouldn't know the dates for holidays, but her surname is Cohen so you know the rabbi at New Canton would seek her out ASAP when she went for treatment. He would like, really want her to move to NC and when she was like ' is the doctor at abel, i cannot move', he would be like 'but how will you know when chagim are or when eighteen minutes before sunset is'
  • McDweebface:well no, ok, let's give this chabadnik the credit he deserves: he's been broadcasting zmanim on a dedicated channel since the outbreak, so he gives her the channel, and it announces the date and the next chag and the prayer times and whatnot, so she'll know that from like, the second time she goes to new canton
  • Zoe:Of course, he's a good sort. Sensible, practical, able to cradle a Torah in one hand and club a zom with a hefty shabbat candlestick
  • McDweebface:oh, you know it. once, he killed five zoms and his kippah never even budged. it's not clipped on. it's just....magical. how are his tzitzit still white??? it's a mystery
  • Zoe:Omg
  • Zoe:(He's secretly eliyahu hanavee)
  • Zoe:(He's so done with this shit)
  • McDweebface:"i can't believe hashem sent me back to broadcast zmanim after the apocalypse," he mutters
  • McDweebface:"making me chabad was just hashem's sense of humour, what is with all know, chassidus". i feel eliyahu would h8 chassidism bc he hates joy
  • Zoe:Yes
  • McDweebface:but i also feel god would 100% make him a chabad rabbi for shits and gigs
  • Zoe:He's such a beautiful aspect of Judaism
  • Zoe:Immortal wet blanket who has to go to all the parties forever