Episode 13 - “A Regular Meds Run”

“Have you even had time to grieve for anyone you’ve lost, Five?”

This one is for existingawkwardly! Thanks for waiting so patiently :) This mission was harder than the last one because there wasn’t a whole love of obvious visual material to work with, so I experimented with another pseudo-comic page.

See the rest here: Original AT5 Post

“D & D game night”
Based off of the draw your OCs meme I reblogged earlier.

In case anyone needs clarification:
Holding the mic and narrating enthusiastically: Sam
Praying for these poor people to return to their senses: Janine
In the baby jail box: Paula
Screaming ‘get wrecked’ on top of said baby jail: Maxine
And then Jody, Simon, Five and Sara in various states of hysteria.