- Yo no puedo ser la hija que querias  y estoy cansada  de sentirme culpable por avergonzarte  y incomodarte

-patrick es arrogante y molesto, e incluso si yo fuera heterosexual no me gustaría salir con el

-suponer de que  yo no soy heterosexual

Está bien, quizas tu no debas cancelar a todos los chicos quizas porque aun no has decidido

-Decidir que ?

- Tu piensas que me levante una mañana y pense en mi “como realmente  enfadaria a mi madre”

Oh espera  pienso que decidire ser gay 


-porque estas haciendo esto?

Spencer carlin:  Mama !

Paula carlin:    Porque te amo Spencer ! Tu Estas  eferma

Spencer Carlinn :   estoy enferma?

Paula carlin : Y  quiero ayudarte

Spencer: Mamá Glen estaba tan adicto a los analgésicos que terminó en la cárcel y yo soy la que tiene que mejorar?

I came out to my mom, anyone who has seen South of Nowhere, she reacted exactly like Paula Carlin
Girltrash All Night Long

Even though I don’t support what power up did, I couldn’t help myself and had to watch the movie! I mean I waited for YEARS for it to come out and I LOVED IT!!!! My heart couldn’t take anymore Spashley feels!! After all this time the chemistry is still there. My only complain is WHERE THE HELL WAS PAULA CARLIN?? That would have made the movie epic!!!

To my mother -

Mom, you are beginning to remind me of Paula Carlin (and not the cool, end of season 3 Paula).
I’m gay.
No, I will not “keep my options open” and re-consider my feelings towards boys.
No, it isn’t a phase. It’s been a year since I’ve told you. I will be just as gay next year, and all the years to come after that.
No, I will not hide myself from the rest of our family just because you’re scared of not having their approval.
You say you’re fine with who I am, but its been made painfully clear to me several times now that you’re not.
Mom, I just want you to accept me.