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So what was it like being a "hollywood insider" ? What did you exactly do in the buissness?

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I worked in Hollywood for almost ten years after college, for most of that time at a company called Spring Creek Productions based at Warner Bros. My producer/bosses were Paula Weinstein and Mark Rosenberg, a married couple who produced The Fabulous Baker Boys, among many others.

I worked in the company’s story department, tracking down scripts, books, treatments and the like for my bosses to consider producing. I worked on Analyze This, Fearless (the Jeff Bridges one, not the Jet Li one) and a few more.

I also worked on a tabloid TV show, answered the phones in the post department at a big TV producer’s company, crewed some commercials and a TV movie, and wrote a few screenplays (unproduced) (perhaps more accurately, “unseen by anyone”).

I LOVED working in Hollywood. If you’re into movies and moviemaking, you really can’t learn about it anywhere else. As a young guy right out of college, I had a blast roaming the studios, poking my head onto sets, bumping into celebrities and listening to the stories of industry veterans.