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In other news, Darryl and White Josh from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend continue to be the most pure and beautiful relationship on TV. 10/10

Do fans who hate Greg not see that he is literally a mirror image of Rebecca? Like, I am able to appreciate Greg as a character despite the fact that he’s a hot mess. All the posts I see from people who hate Greg for his depression, negative self-esteem, mean-spirited behavior, and general selfish attitude don’t seem to see that Rebecca also suffers from those things? All her questionable actions that came from self-esteem issues and depression aren’t somehow excusable because she is cute/a victim of circumstance/the protagonist! All of the characters are terrible people! Josh is not some innocent kiddo, he is super selfish and vain and cheated on his girlfriend. Paula needs to calm down before she gets arrested for her antics. Valencia is rude and vain and scheme-y.

Of course none of that means Rebecca and Greg are a good match right now, lbr, if they get any sort of serious before they figure out their own issues they’re going to implode. But don’t hate on Greg for stuff you excuse in the other characters.

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Wine comas can’t take care of everything.


Just a little ficlet with the #gurlgroup4evah supporting Rebecca post-S2 finale.

Paula Simó on Instagram: The Doctor & his companion running scene in #Valencia #DoctorWho #PeterCapaldi #PearlMackie


Hi, Peter– ouch! He literally ran into the poor person filming them! This was a helpful laugh before going to work! :D