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In other news, Darryl and White Josh from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend continue to be the most pure and beautiful relationship on TV. 10/10

Do fans who hate Greg not see that he is literally a mirror image of Rebecca? Like, I am able to appreciate Greg as a character despite the fact that he’s a hot mess. All the posts I see from people who hate Greg for his depression, negative self-esteem, mean-spirited behavior, and general selfish attitude don’t seem to see that Rebecca also suffers from those things? All her questionable actions that came from self-esteem issues and depression aren’t somehow excusable because she is cute/a victim of circumstance/the protagonist! All of the characters are terrible people! Josh is not some innocent kiddo, he is super selfish and vain and cheated on his girlfriend. Paula needs to calm down before she gets arrested for her antics. Valencia is rude and vain and scheme-y.

Of course none of that means Rebecca and Greg are a good match right now, lbr, if they get any sort of serious before they figure out their own issues they’re going to implode. But don’t hate on Greg for stuff you excuse in the other characters.


[Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: season one, episode two]

“This is why I don’t read this drivel, because it perpetuates the very misogynist myth that women can’t get along, right? Look at this cover, like  ‘fem-feud’, ‘girl fight’, ‘who wore it better?’ it’s like, who wore it equally?” *throws magazine down* 

rebecca is obviously super into the idea of galentine’s day because she’s never had female friends before and she’s overenthusiastic and loving and she thinks galentine’s day is something normal people do because of all the buzzfeed listicales she keeps seeing on facebook. heather and paula don’t care but valencia, who’s a) also has never female friends and is thrilled to have them b) believes anything is normal if you tell her it’s normal and c) is an aspiring party planner is also into the #concept. so valencia and rebecca set out to plan a galentine’s day event. they’re together, nestled in front of one laptop screen looking at listicles. valencia sighs as they go through suggestions like “livetweet whatever’s on bravo”, a little let down by the heterosexuality of it all, having not realized that she HAD been thinking of something more…valentine-y. rebecca can’t help but feel fluttery with valencia draped over her shoulder. “you know what? screw them. if heather and paula don’t appreciate galentine’s day, we shouldn’t invite them. let’s just do you and me.” she says. valencia makes an itinerary. they do girly stuff, like baking and braiding each other’s hair. they also drink a lot of wine and end up gushing about all the things they like about each other which of course leads to making out. (this was right after the nail painting activity too, so they both end up with fucked up nails.) (valencia admires her nails the next morning. they don’t look right but she’s so tired of looking right all the time. this feels right)