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Paula blinks, "Stu? Is that you?" She leans forward to examine the brunette child, "God, what happened to you?" - askaltpaulacracker ( i love this)

“What d'ya mean?” He tilts his head. “Oh! My tooth?” Stuey pulls his upper lip up to reveal a gap where one of his front teeth should be and grins widely. “I losht it lasht week!”


Kinda bugs me when people genderbend a character and give them a completely different name. When the originating name could easily be adapted to the feminine/masculine form… If you’re lucky, they’ll keep the first letter. Hell, for many names you can keep the masculine name for your girly reimagining and no one would care or notice. Usually, all you need to do is end the name with an A for the feminine form, or ie/(e)y for a feminine and/or nickname. Frank/Frankie. Shawn/Shawna. Paul/Pauline/Paulette/Paula. Claudia/Claude. Alexander/Alexandra.

If you’re doing this to just toss in your OC or self-insert, then just be honest and straight up say it’s a character replacement.

It should go without saying, but for anyone who may be confused: when I say genderbend, I mean those ‘always a boy/girl’ ones. Not trans characters. For me, these are two separate things. And strangely enough, a trans character who may have the option of changing their name if the story covers it, doesn’t really do this. I’ve only come across this with a trans character once that I can remember, and they chose their new name at the end or something. Handled way better and with more thought than 'In this story, Bob has always been a girl and his name is Beatrice.’

tainted love: an 80s playlist // listen here

  1. straight up - paula abdul
  2. 867-5309 (jenny) - tommy tutone
  3. hungry like the wolf - duran duran
  4. wanna be startin’ somethin’ - michael jackson
  5. let’s hear it for the boy - deniece williams
  6. safety dance - men without hats
  7. 1999 - prince
  8. it’s raining men - the weather girls
  9. maneater - darryl hall & john oates
  10. dancing with myself - billy idol
  11. walk like an egyptian - the bangles
  12. africa - toto
  13. mr. roboto - styx
  14. let’s groove - earth, wind & fire
  15. take on me - a-ha
  16. video killed the radio star - the buggles
  17. vogue - madonna
  18. cold hearted - paula abdul
  19. physical - olivia newton john
  20. hey mickey - toni basil
  21. super freak - rick james
  22. wake me up before you go-go - wham!
  23. like a virgin - madonna
  24. sweet dreams (are made of this) - eurythmics
  25. tainted love - soft cell
  26. i wanna dance with somebody - whitney houston
  27. what’s love got to do with it - tina turner
  28. always something there to remind me - naked eyes
  29. like a prayer - madonna
  30. i melt with you - modern english
  31. dont you (forgot about me) - simple minds
  32. total eclipse of the heart - bonnie tyler

He Sean,

I really hope you read this. I’m writing this now since it’s still fresh in my head at the moment. I can’t wait until tomorrow. I’m sorry for any grammar mistakes, btw.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I had the best (Thurs)day and evening ever with you, Wiishu, Dan and Arin. I waited with my sister for you at the airport. It took a while but there you were with Wiishu. You were surprised but delighted at the same time. I wanted to say so many things and all I could say was: You must be tired, and rambled on about how long your flight must have been and what not. Everything except for the things I actually wanted to say.

That’s ok. I still had Friday evening and the Q&A. The moment was there. We all could ask questions and I had one at the ready, but every moment Vernon came near I started to feel more and more nervous and my social anxiety kicked in hard. At that moment I asked my sister if she wanted to ask my question. Well… you may remember she didn’t ask a question but said how much you meant and still mean to me. Last year was…rough. You and Mark helped me to stay positive and not lose hope in humanity. You both keep me smiling. 4 Video’s a day I had to look forward too (2 from you, 2 from Mark). This year was finally a year where everything is falling in to place in my life and I sort of know what I want eventually. I’m working hard on it. I’m having such a good time at the moment that I have trouble to find time to watch your videos! 

Even now I still don’t know how to put my feelings in to the right words. The trouble I’m now facing is that I get emotional every time someone says it’s ok, “give yourself some credit too” and other uplifting words. I’ve always heard that it’s gonna be hard for me, what I want to do. I shouldn’t be doing this and that. Not by my parents and siblings, though. All the love for them. But it’s really demotivating to pick anything up when other’s don’t see the hard work you put in things and doubt you as a person.

Anyway, my sister caught me of guard with her speech. My anxiety was already on a high level and her putting me in the spotlight broke me down. I’m definitely not mad at her. She said the things I couldn’t say and I’m glad she did. I still feel like I want to say more, but I just simply can’t find the words. I just really hope you read this letter and hopefully I’ll see you again. May it be at VidCon Europe (*wink wink*) or at your EU tour of your own show.

Again from the bottom of my ♥





kc series: until kingdom come // even if that was possible we were just kids with active imaginations then. memories and pieces always had been missing from my childhood oddly enough but i… don’t remember you. (happy birthday, @howeverlongs! ♡)


wait do you guys agree with rebecca? do you think i’m a bad mom?