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You’re like one of those dogs, the unwanted ones that have been mistreated all their lives. You can kick them and kick them, but they’ll still come back to you, cringing and wagging their tails. Begging. Hoping that this time it’ll be different, that this time they’ll do something right and you’ll love them.
—  The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

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my name is Paula and I have a dog named Pelusa (the name in Spanish of the cat in Stuart Little). your blog is so coollll how do you keep the theme and don't change your mind about it??

aw nice!! and thank you! I don’t really know– I suppose the theme is just something I consistently like. I can’t see myself changing the aesthetic of my blog any time soon, but I think if I wanted to post different stuff I’d probably make a sideblog? 

url: 9/10

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overall: 9/10

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blog compliment: we’re both sagittarius aye!! I really like your blog, it’s very pretty. probably the only reason I didn’t give it 10/10 is that your desktop theme is the default, I would recommend changing it to something else to make the blog more –aesthetic– and –seamless– but other than that I really like it! 

anyone reading this check them out :)

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SKK ROOMMATE AU! Dazai is roommates with Oda & Ango but they finish college and move out. Since Dazai cant pay the rent alone he looks for a new roommate and finds French student Chuuya who wants to study in Japan. They dislike each other almost instantly but theyre stuck together bc finding a new flat is hard... anyway roommate shenanigans ensue: They prank each other, get drunk together, comfort each other after breakdowns and fight over who has to clean the dishes (domestic skk 💕)


You should turn this into a fic aibou! I don’t think I can add anything to make this better DX 

Forget Me Not: Chapter Three

Title: Sleeping Beauty
Pairings: Kristanna/ snow sisters
Word Count: 1701
Rating: T

One Week, Post Accident

 Thesteady beep of the EKG was just another part of life now. Kristoff rarely noticed it while in Anna’s hospital room. The IV, the breathing tubes, the feeding tubes… that was all still disturbing. She looked so unnatural, so uncomfortable. He just wanted to crawl in the bed with her, and hold her until she woke. Whenever that may be.

 For now, he sat in a chair, moved right next to her bedside. The nurse always kept the rail on her left side down for when visiting hours were in effect. The young man with honey-brown eyes was always there ten minutes early, and was always, very nearly physically pulled from the room when visiting hours were over. And he always pulled the chair as close to the young woman as he could get. And every day, he brought a snapdragon, her favorite flower, adding it to the vase at her bedside.

 He rested his head on one arm on the bed, as he held her hand in both of his. He had been like that for little over an hour now. Tracing little designs on the palm of her hand, willing her to wake, to feel the tickle, to feel the electric shock that shook him every time he touched her. But nothing had changed in seven days since they were given the news…

 It was like it had happened not twenty minutes prior; the doctor had emerged from the password-protected, ICU doors. There was no one else in the waiting room except for Elsa and him, yet the doctor still spoke in a hushed voice.

 Anna had been lucky for the most part. A broken tibia, a fractured plate in her foot, same leg, a bruised sternum due to the restraint of her seatbelt, and numerous cuts and bruises. But that was the good news. The impact of the crash had caused severe head trauma. Swelling in the brain showed in the x-rays. No bleeding, that was a good sign. But that wasn’t the news that finally sent Elsa to tears, that crushed Kristoff’s pride, leading him to openly sob there in the waiting room, tears streaming.

 Anna was in a coma.

 There was no telling when she’d come out of it. If she’d come out of it. Elsa and Kristoff held one another, wept together, for a very long time in that waiting room. Until they were finally granted permission to see her.

Week Three, Post Accident

 It was the sound of raised voices in the usually eerily silent ICU halls that stopped Kristoff in the middle of reading Anna The Hobbit. It was then that he realized the time.

 “You know what??” came the shrill, clearly upset voice of Elsa, “I’ve held my tongue for long enough! He is here every day. He reads to her, sings to her, is here from open to close of visiting hours! Family Members Only my ASS! He is family! Has been for ten plus years! If the man wants to stay overnight with her, then for God’s Sake, LET HIM!” There was silence that followed, Kristoff stock still, eyes wide. He heard a shaky sigh followed by a very soft, “He and I are all she’s got… And I’m wearing thin.”

 Kristoff could feel his heart pounding in his chest. It felt like hours before Elsa finally strode through Anna’s room. She smiled sweetly at him as though nothing had happened. “I brought you some dinner,” she said, setting it on a table by the window, next to the third vase of snapdragons. “And I’ve had a small discussion with the nurses. You and I can switch out staying overnight with her, if you would like.”

 Kristoff smirked for the first time in over three weeks. “Thank you, Elsa.” They exchanged a look. She knew he had heard, and he knew not to make a big fuss over it. 

“So, what books did you two read today?” she asked casually as she checked Anna’s clipboard for any little changes that may have been recorded. She caught him kiss Anna’s hand in the corner of her eye, and smiled to herself before noticing the red roses in the corner that didn’t quite fit in with the plethora of snapdragons.

 “We read The Great Gatsby this morning,” he said with nonchalance, leaning back in his chair, “and finished up with The Hobbit. I think I’ll read Wuthering Heights tomorrow… was always one of her favorites…”

 “Mmm,” she hummed. Elsa peeked up at him from the clipboard. He looked exhausted. Dark circles hung under his eyes, a beard was steadily growing, though it was quite nice, and his eyes were red. Her heart broke for him. Never had she seen a man love a woman more ardently than Kristoff loved Anna. “And the roses? Did the city run out of snapdragons?” she teased.

 Kristoff’s jaw and shoulders tensed, his eyes growing hard and cold. “No,” he muttered. “Those are from the bastard she’s engaged to. You know, the son of a bitch that has been here maybe a handful of times to see his fiancé?? For no more than twenty minutes each time??”

Elsa hung the clipboard back on the footboard of the bed, letting out a groan. “That reminds me…” she muttered, hands running through her hair. “I’m taking my vacation time from the firm so I can help tend to Anna. You’ll never guess who jumped at the chance to run the place?” she asked sarcastically.

 Kristoff frowned. “You know that’s exactly what he wants. What he’s been trying to do all along. You know that, right??”

 Elsa sighed, shaking her head. “Well there’s nothing I can do about it now. My mentors agreed that he’ll be the right fit while I’m gone…”

Two Months, Post Accident

 Kristoff sat on the edge of her bed, running his fingers through her hair. Even in such a state, bruises and cuts be damned, she was still stunning as ever. Hans had just left after his first visit in three weeks. Business bull shit. He sighed, and with shaking fingers, he let his thumb graze across her soft lips. “Anna…” he whispered.

 He moved back up to her hair, his free hand holding hers in his lap, humming. “Kristoff is better than Asshole… Anna, don’t you think that’s true…?” He groaned, closing his eyes as he leaned down to place a kiss on her forehead. “I love you, Anna Arendelle…” he whispered.

Three Months, Post Accident

 “Your ‘gentleman caller’ has been put on probation until he at least gets 8 hours of sleep,” Elsa told Anna with a smile as she pulled a chair up to her bedside. She pulled her overnight bag up into her lap. “I thought I’d bring some stuff from home for you. You’re most definitely getting that beauty sleep!” she added with an awkward chuckle. She sighed and pulled out a stuffed snowman, something she had gotten her sister as a souvenir when she went on a skiing trip in the Alps with her Senior class in high school. Olaf, Anna had named him. And he hadn’t left her side since.

 Elsa stood and snuggled Olaf into the crook of Anna’s arm. “And,” She leaned over, draping something across her little sister’s neck, “Mama’s necklace. The snowflake one you loved so much, ever since you were little. It was supposed to be yours, you know. Is,” she corrected, fighting the familiar sting of tears. “She wanted me to give it to you when you graduated. And I forgot… But now she can be your guardian angel. Maybe give you that little push you need to wake up already.”

 She sat back down at her bedside, taking Anna’s hand in both of hers. “I love you so much, sweet Anna. I will always love you…”

 She took a deep breath and exhaled before leaning over to pull out a magazine. “Alright,” she said, propping her house-slippered feet onto Anna’s mattress, getting comfortable in the chair. “Kris can read all of that nerdy stuff to you all he wants. But how about a little Trash,” she mused, opening up People magazine. “But seriously… Who cares what Paula Deen names her new dog??” She squeezed Anna’s hand affectionately and got to reading.

Six Months, Post Accident

 It was a sunny, Saturday afternoon, spring time in New York City. Kristoff was working a crossword puzzle while Elsa tended to Anna’s nails.

“Five letter word for ‘mythical weeper’?? The hell…?” he muttered, frowning at the page.

 “What do you think about yellow?” Elsa asked, searching through her nail polish bag. “Yellow’s a happy color.” She pulled out a bottle filled with shimmery, yellow liquid and opened it, pulling out the little brush attached to the top. She took Anna’s hand in one of hers and began brushing on the polish. Anna’s finger flinched, causing the brush to yellow the pad of said finger. “Anna, you have to be still, or—“

 Both blonds froze as they immediately looked at one another.

 “Did she just…?”

 “I think she did…!”

 Kristoff jumped up to the other side of the hospital bed, he and Elsa both grabbing one of her hands. “Anna?” Elsa cooed. “Anna, baby, can you hear me??”

 “Come on, Feisty Pants, you can do this…”

 A few minutes passed before there was a flutter of lids and a flash of blue. As the young redhead began to come to, she was suddenly aware of her surroundings. “Anna!!” Kristoff and Elsa cheered at the same time.

 Anna’s blue hues shot open, glancing back and forth at the two people at her bedside. Both blonds looked confused and hurt as Anna jerked her hands away, moving towards the tubing hooked up to her nose and mouth. She tried to call out, to scream, looking absolutely horrified, but her mouth was dry as cotton. She winced as she attempted to move her leg, a sharp pain shooting through her.

“Anna, what’s the matter?” Kristoff asked, panic evident in his voice as Elsa ran to grab the nurse. He held her hands down before she tried to rip out her IV. His heart nearly shattered to pieces when he read her lips as she mouthed “LET ME GO!”


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