paula sprenger

Habitat Magazine / Issue No 1 / The Artist / Winter 2015

Habitat Magazine is a quarterly publication made by artists for artists. The purpose of this visual art magazine is to showcase the work of artists both local and internationally in a simple and clean environment, where the work and the voices of the artists are the stars.

(photograph by kelia anne)

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PORTRAITS II   Every person is their own. Little details make us who we are and differentiate us from everyone. I wanted to focus on the essence of the people I photographed. They all came how they are, with their own clothes, and they were lit with the light of a cloudy sky. 1. Elizabeth 2. Hannah 3. Maf 4. Lulu 5. Nikita 6. Isaac 7. Benjamin 8. Sawyer 9. Devin 10. Ismael   Thank you to everyone who agreed to participate in this series.

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I went to Forsyth Park today to photograph and talk to strangers. I met Pepe, he was sitting next to his dog, Cosita. He told me he’s from Mexico and I told him I was from Chile. He asked me how I liked it in America and before I could say anything he told me to sit down, he began telling me how he had come to the US with dreams like every teenager but he lost his way along the years just like many others. In the end he told me “I’m ok with knowing nothing, because God knows everything. Just accept and love yourself and accept and love others as well. Material things don’t matter, I have nothing, I don’t even have water, but I come here to the park and forget about it and love everyone, so love everyone”.