Seasonal Photo session held at Farringdon Studios (1964) Photo Credit: Robert Whitaker

Then there was music and wonderful roses
They tell me in sweet fragrant meadows
Of dawn and dew

There was love all around
But I never heard it singing
No, I never heard it at all
Till there was you

“Meet The Beatles” (1964),I Lyrics: Meredith Willson

Wendt’s Day

Little Known Cheers Regulars ~ Paul Krapence (seated at the cocktail table)

The last time I mentioned Paul Krapence was in this 30 day challenge post.  He represents my favorite type of character from any series, one which I call the ‘sleeper.’

From Paul, we learn how long it really takes to be a bar regular.  Although appearing in the bar as early as the first season, this character isn’t really included in activities that even the other barflies for years.  By the end of the series run, I couldn’t imagine not having him there though.  They might not shout his name out when he walks into the bar but he definitely left a mark.

Dr. Frasier Crane: [to Carla, Norm and Paul] If you really think Cliff is capable of murdering his mother, why do you remain his friends? 
Paul Krapence: He’s my ride.


I was thinking a lot how my adventure with alternative has started and this is evereything thanks to these amazing guys ! Snow Patrol - you gave and you are giving me streght ! From now I’m back to my roots, which can’t be any other band than Snow Patrol.

Gary, Nathan, Paul, Jonny and Tom  - THANK YOU.