a-ha asks
  • Take On Me: How would you hint at your crush that you like them?
  • The Blue Sky: What are you most likely to order in a coffee shop?
  • Hunting High and Low: Is there someone you would do anything for? Who?
  • Train of Thought: What's your dream job?
  • The Sun Always Shines on TV: Do you often compare your life to others?
  • Here I stand and face the rain: What's been a life-changing event for you?
  • Cry Wolf: What gave you nightmares as a child?
  • I've been losing you: What was your last argument about?
  • Manhattan Skyline: Where would you like to be in a few years time?
  • Scoundrel Days: Do you forgive easily?
  • The Swing of Things: Would you rather be in the mainstream or a wallflower?
  • The Living Daylights: What films are you desperate to see?
  • Stay One These Roads: If you could meet anybody from the past, who would it be?
  • The Blood That Moves The Body: What's the most disturbing book you've read/film you've seen?
  • Touchy!: What really annoys you?
  • Hurry Home: Have you ever been home sick?
  • Out of Blue Comes Green: Has anything/one changed your perspective or opinion on something?
  • Crying in the Rain: If you sang, what would be your first choice of song to cover?
  • Early Morning: Can you stick to a routine?
  • I Call Your Name: Do you prefer dancing alone or with a partner?
  • Sycamore Leaves: What's the weirdest thing you've seen out on a walk?
  • Cold River: Have you ever hitch-hiked?
  • (Seemingly) Non Stop July: What's been your most memorable summer?
  • The Way We Talk: Do you think you've changed much over the past year or so?
  • Memorial Beach: What gives you peace of mind?
  • Move to Memphis: Do you think you could cope with being in a long-distance relationship?
  • Angel in the Snow: What song would you have for your first dance at your wedding?
  • Shapes that Go Together: What puts a smile on your face when you've been feeling down?
  • Summer Moved On: Have you ever had a summer romance?
  • Minor Earth | Major Sky: Do you ever try to find star constellations in the sky on a clear night?
  • You'll never get over me: Do you have one of those friends that you never see eye-to-eye with?
  • Velvet: Are covers better than the original in your opinion?
  • Lifelines: Do you think your life is what you make it? Or that you're destined to be a certain way?
  • Forever Not Yours: Who would you gladly remove from your life?
  • Analogue: Who's more likely to say the 'L' word ("I love you") first in a relationship, you or your other half?
  • Celice: What do you think is the difference between love and desire?
  • Cosy Prisons: Do you know anyone that's been arrested/in trouble with the police?
  • Case Closed on Silver Shore: Had any bizarre/interesting murders near you?
  • Foot of the Mountain: If you could just drop everything and run off somewhere, where would you go?
  • Shadowside: What's been the darkest point of your life?
  • Real Meaning: Do you think you have a better understanding of certain things than others?
  • Nothing is Keeping You Here: Would you rather have a big 'bon voyage' party or something of a smaller scale with close friends when you leave home?
  • Butterfly, Butterfly (The last-hurrah): Are you good at speaking your mind?

Literally the best part of that video was this. 

The moment Morten hears the interview say that they attract “screaming kids."his foot just stopped shaking and his face turned from "sweet and loving” to “DId you just insult our fans? DID YOU JUST” is perfect. Even Pål’s demeanor changed once he heard that. Pål’s. That does not happen often. You can even see the little bit of anger with Mags. I didn’t think Mags even knew how to be angry. 


“Take On Me” A-Ha

Hunting High and Low (1985)