Oxygen celebrated its newly-added collection of colorful pieces and holiday gift sets at the Oxygen Pop of Colors Party! Held at the brand’s largest outlet in the metro, the Trinoma branch, the event featured a mini-fashion show con private cocktail party! ♥

Pop of Colors, indeed: (photo of the models are from Oxygen’s Facebook Page)

And oh, colorful drinks:

Plus colorful sweets:

And manikins in bright-colored outfits:

Statement necklaces for the win!

Pa-picture time!

With the PR Guy, Paul Chuapoco:

It’s so nice to shop at Oxygen Trinoma, especially because their staff are so friendly:

And of course, would it be complete without the guys who made the party possible?

Me and Oxygen’s brand director, Mr. Jeff Bascon, (with a bright light between us, lol):

and Mr. Edryan Lorenzo:

Now I can’t wait to flaunt these new badass pieces from Oxygen: *Haha*

1.) Black and White Dress
2.) Red Skirt
3.) Statement Necklace
4.) Men’s Perfume! (for gift-giving purposes)
5.) Bra

And here’s my boyfriend’s new Oxygen items too:

1.) Men’s Perfume
2.) Salmon Jacket
3.) Red Chinos
4.) Aviators

Oxygen really did surprise us with their new vibrant pieces! Now I’m starting to love this brand!