by the Incredible Couturier himself John Galliano who orchestrated this amazing story exclusive for Industrie Magazine
Photo  by  Luigi & Iango
Style  by Alexis Roche
Make up by Stephane Marais

Hair by Luigi Murenu
Models : Paul Barge, Théo Bianconi ,John Whiles 


Natasha Negovanlis“(…) It has been an honor and a privilege to provide more positive onscreen representation for the queer community, for my community.”

Natasha Negovanlis won the Fans’ Choice Canadian Screen Award last night for Carmilla, and her beautiful, heartfelt speech brought me to tears. A lot of speeches did last night, and I am so happy and proud that the Canadian Academy honored and celebrated diversity. From Natasha and fierce ally Tatiana Maslany, to Kim’s Convenience’s Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Race’s Stephan James, and Tantoo Cardinal receiving the Earle Grey Award, it, to paraphrase the Prime Minister, really looked like Canada!

Welcome to Ho̢ţe̡͞l̸͝ C̀͡a͜͝l̕i҉̨f͘o͘͢r̛n̷͠ì̴̛a – A Miles Upshur fanmix

//1. Hotel California - Eagles //2. Crazy=Genius - Panic! at the Disco //3. Highway to Hell - AC/DC //4. Hold Me Down - Halsey //5. The Bird and the Worm - The Used //6. Shit’s Fucked - Stephan Paul Taylor //7. Monster - Imagine Dragons //8. In One Ear - Cage the Elephant //9. Labyrinth - Oomph! //10. Animal Impulses - IAMX //11. Dreaming - System of a Down //12. Another Way Out - Hollywood Undead //13. Get Out Alive - Three Days Grace //14. Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes //15. Run Boy Run - Woodkid

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Zatanna (2010-2011) #1

“I’ve run the mystic underworld in San Francisco of the last forty years. Now I’m taking the mortal half.”

“Because you think you an?”

“Because know I can. The hit was my way of saying I own San Francisco. Though I’m disappointed the daughter of my old friend John Zatara rewrote my message.”

“My father called you many things, Brother Night, but ‘friend’ was not one of them.”

“His loss. Yours, too, if you don’t remember you’re only allowed her as my guest. You intrigue me, Zatanna. You walk among ordinary people as if you were one of them. They marvel at your fakery with no idea of the true miracles you perform.”

“Hide in plain sight; every good magician does that trick.”

Not gonna lie, these sorts of verbal fisticuffs between adversaries in comics is kinda the stuff I live for. I love it in all of its messy glory. And I love the reinforcement of that theme I mentioned before – Zatanna’s unique spin on the superhero tale is that she walks that line, defending the ordinary from the mystical. And all the balancing that that line inspires her to do as a result. 

The PokéAni Characters As Candy

Ash – Life Savers

Gary – Snickers

Misty – Swedish Fish

Brock – Sugar Daddy

Jessie – Godiva

James – Baby Bottle Pop

Tracey – Altoids 

May – Reese’s Pieces 

Max – Smarties

Drew – Twix

Harley – Laffy Taffy

Solidad – Peppermint Patties

Dawn – Starburst

Kenny – Tic Tac

Conway – Nerds

Barry – Pop Rocks

Ursula – 100 Grand Bar

Zoey – M&Ms

Nando – Three Musketeers

Paul – Sour Patch Kids

Iris – Almond Joy

Cilan – Jolly Rancher

Stephan – Whoppers

Bianca – Airheads

Trip – Candy Corn

Burgundy – Warheads

Georgia – Icebreakers

Cameron – Milk Duds

Clemont – Lemonheads

Bonnie – Skittles

Serena – Kisses

Miette – SweeTarts

Tierno – Twizzler 

Trevor – Gummi Bears

Shauna – Kit Kat

Sawyer – Tootsie Roll

Alain – Mr. Goodbar

Mairin – Junior Mints

Mallow – Rolo

Kiawe – Hot Tamales

Lana – Bubblicious 

Sophocles – Goobers

Lillie – Mary Jane



Of all the groups battling for the iron throne in Game Of Thrones, I find Stannis Baratheon and his band of followers the most intriguing. Especially ser Beric (far left) and his brothers in arms. Too bad we didn’t get to see more of them after season 3, but here’s hoping they’ll be back soon! For this piece I wanted to experiment with a simplified style of caricaturizing, drawing inspiration from medieval book illustrations, befitting the subject and the way Mike Mignola works with solid black backgrounds and shading. I also wanted to practise composition, as that’s something I find quite hard to pull off right. That alone took me about two weeks to get to a satisfying result, constantly going back at it in between commissioned jobs. I love it when an illustration completely takes a hold of me like that. :)