Zatanna (2010-2011) #1

“I’ve run the mystic underworld in San Francisco of the last forty years. Now I’m taking the mortal half.”

“Because you think you an?”

“Because know I can. The hit was my way of saying I own San Francisco. Though I’m disappointed the daughter of my old friend John Zatara rewrote my message.”

“My father called you many things, Brother Night, but ‘friend’ was not one of them.”

“His loss. Yours, too, if you don’t remember you’re only allowed her as my guest. You intrigue me, Zatanna. You walk among ordinary people as if you were one of them. They marvel at your fakery with no idea of the true miracles you perform.”

“Hide in plain sight; every good magician does that trick.”

Not gonna lie, these sorts of verbal fisticuffs between adversaries in comics is kinda the stuff I live for. I love it in all of its messy glory. And I love the reinforcement of that theme I mentioned before – Zatanna’s unique spin on the superhero tale is that she walks that line, defending the ordinary from the mystical. And all the balancing that that line inspires her to do as a result. 

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