Hi-De-Hi & Paul Shane: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Yesterday in Rotherham was the funeral of Hi-De-Hi star Paul Shane (by chance we drove past it completely unaware of what was going on).

In knowing who he was I am probably in part showing my age and in part showing the age of my parents (as it’s because of them I was familiar with him).

Growing up I was introduced to the sitcom Hi-De-Hi, set in a traditional holiday camp the show gave you a ‘behind the scenes’ look portraying the positive and negative sides of the camp in a humour manner. Paul Shane played the part of Ted Bovis, the camp comic.

I remember instantly loving the show (and still do…we have all the series on DVD!) and can’t count the amount of times we used to watch the home recorded video tapes of it.

I think in part what I loved about it was the characters. I grew up going to holiday camps and so could relate to the characters and the setting and when I later worked for a well known holiday company (not as an entertainer!) I got to see the 'behind the scenes’ as well and so understand Hi-De-Hi on both levels.

The other thing I love is the family-friendly nature of the show. It was a sitcom that was truly suitable for the whole family (and still is). I don’t mind un-family friendly shows (for example I love the Inbetweeners) however coming up with a sitcom like Hi-De-Hi is perhaps a bigger challenge for writers.

So goodbye to Paul Shane but he will live on through Hi-De-Hi

(If you have no idea what I’m on about you can watch the first ever episode on YouTube here)

Quick Note - I know it’s been quiet on here recently, I have a list of blogs and vlogs I want to write/record and also have an acoustic E.P. Rob & I recorded last weekend…and those song meaning blogs I promised months ago!)


Paul Shane v The Righteous Brothers ”Baby BABEH!”

I’d forgotten this gem, but thanks to the wonder of YouTube - here it is as per Shooting Stars. Still brings the tears.



To continue our program of funny random youtube shit this evening, I thought I’d post the greatest cover of “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” I have EVER seen.

Take it away, Paul…


Paul London takes on Michael Shane in a street fight on an early ROH card from September of 2002! London was originally teamed up with Bryan Danielson to compete in the ROH tag team title tournament, but was goaded into a singles match by Michael Shane! Shane has been making London’s life hellish ever since they both came to Ring of Honor and it is time for them to fight! No disqualification! No countout! No Code of Honor, even! The action starts off fast and it is not long before both combatants are pummeling each other outside of the ring! Shane gets the advantage after shoving London into the steel ringpost! Shane tries to toss London back out of the ring, but he holds on and attempts to skin the cat back in! However, Shane sees it coming and spears him right off the ring apron! London goes right through the guardrail courtesy of Shawn Michaels’ nephew! Shane sets up a table, but takes too long and is sent back into the ring! London pulls a chair out from under the canvas and is ready to go to town! Shane counters the chair by simply flying over the ropes with a somersault plancha that takes them both down to the floor! Paul London comes up bleeding! Shane braces a chair between the ropes in the corner, but winds up tasting the steel himself! We see that he is actually bleeding worse than London! Shane pulls a ladder out from under the ring, but London kicks it right back into his face! London sets the ladder up in the corner! He has bad intentions on his mind, but Shane manages to suplex him into the steel rungs! Shane stops his attack to taunt the crowd from the ring apron, which allows London enough time to spring off the ropes and execute a headscissors takeover that sends Shane crashing through the table he set up earlier! London goes under the ring and pulls out an even taller ladder! How will this ladder figure into the match outcome? Can Michael Shane utilize some of his trickery to squeak by with a win one more time? What death-defying move will Paul London pull out of his arsenal to finally teach Shane a lesson in respect?


Watch Silverstein perform an exclusive acoustic redition of “Desert Nights” off their new album, I Am Alive In Everything I Touch, in the Exclaim! basement archives.

This isn’t my first mistake,
There are things I can’t undo.
And from this mess I’m in,
I’m always running back to you.

Haiti Testimonials: June 2015

Alyson Brady:

Every time God brings me back to Haiti I am amazed at His love, power and grace. I am not sure I can describe it but I will do my best. I become envious of the Haitians and how they give it all to God. They have so little and because of that they are forced to put all their trust in God. I have never spent a day of my life hungry, dirty or alone so to see these kids experience that every day (almost) and still find joy amazes me. I am jealous that they are satisfied with so little when I get upset if I don’t have time to stop at Starbucks in the morning. I know God has put Haiti in my heart to show me how He can work miracles, provide for the orphans, take care of the widows, ect. On this specific trip God showed me He is POWEWRFUL!

Shane Paul:

My favorite part of this trip was just seeing God’s work and love for His children. I love seeing all of the children’s beautiful smiles when they would be just so excited to see us. God is so amazing and has made such beautiful creations and to see God actively working in our lives and their lives is amazing.

Kyla Vela:

On This trip God opened my eyes once again to things about Himself. There were countless times God showed me, our whole team, His power. Our theme of the VBS was the power of God and each day that we taught the kids about His power- He would reveal Himself and His power in some amazing way. As we go and visit the orphanages and seeing all the needs they have, it can be very discouraging and heart wrenching. With the way God made Himself tangible to me on this trip I leave Haiti with no doubt in my mind- that my God the powerful, and wonderful God who created and loves these beautiful children will take care and provide for them. My heart wants to fix everything for them and I know I cannot. However, to be used by God to hold and love these children for the time we had together is such a blessing. It is a bitter-sweet time as we head back to America leaving the kids we became really close to, but I am excited to seek and find God’s power.

Abbey Brady:

During this trip I felt like God was telling all of us that He will provide and that we should put all of our trust in Him. One morning we got to the church for VBS and the doors were locked. Pastor Nicholas had the keys and the kids were there. We all gathered and prayed and right after the doors were unlocked and Pastor Nicholas was there! It made me feel so thankful to see those kids and what they had compared to me! Overall this trip was a fantastic start to my summer and it helped me get closer to God.

Michael Felkins:

God showed me that He is able to use disappointments and turn them into great blessings. He taught me that sometimes the people with nothing have the most happiness. My favorite part was two little girls calling me papa. The verse that impacted me was the one about giving a child water. I loved this trip and might come back.

Noah Hemm:

This was my first out of the country mission trip. I wasn’t very sure what to expect from this trip, but it was a very amazing experience. I was able to see God’s hand throughout the trip, like the door of the church wasn’t opening, so we decided we should pray and about 30 seconds after, the doors were unlocked. I loved getting to see the smiles on the kid’s faces. There was one little girl who was crying and I was nervous to pick her up because I haven’t dealt with crying children really in the past, but when I picked her up, she stopped crying and fell asleep in my arms. On Thursday, we were given two choices, one was to drive around and look at the surrounding areas, and the other was to go to the beach. The guys thought the girls wanted to drive around, and the girls thought the guys wanted to, so we were all actually wanting to go to the beach. This kind of disappointed a lot of us, but we saw that it wasn’t an accident and God wanted us to go on the drive because we were able to talk with a restaurant owner about God; and we went to another orphanage. I will definitely go again if it is in God’s plan.

Billy Fink:

God has showed me how lucky Americans are and I was very humbled on this trip. And I also was shown even when plans don’t work out as long as the children are happy it doesn’t matter. And how God has a plan for everything.

Toni Hernandez:

From the moment I said yes to leading this trip I knew God was going to show me some amazing things and stretch my walk. I was quite often out of my comfort zone, but God was so faithful to cover my inadequacies and work out His plan despite me. It was beyond a privilege to witness His hand in all of our preparations and see Him work through us. Seeing students serving God with such joy and working so hard to bring smiles and Christ’s love to orphans encouraged and blessed me beyond belief. I am still in awe of God’s grace that He allowed me this opportunity. He is so good.