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Kevin Kelly - Tricks For Predicting The Future

Forget all those fancy trend reports and hyperbolic tech outlooks by consulting firms. Rather spend an hour with Kevin Kelly - founding executive editor of Wired magazine - (plus Paul Saffo) and learn all about the most important foresight tweaks and tricks:

  • Follow the Free
  • Attention Wastage
  • New Slang
  • Extrapolations
  • White Spaces
  • Unthinkables
  • Scenarios
  • Reverse time machines
  • Listen to technology
  • Repeat patterns
  • Second-order effects
  • Generalize this

Worth a watch.

Our world is moving from one of nation-states to one of city-states. Rather than the future being one of the US versus China, it is going to be Silicon Valley vs. Beijing or Chicago vs. Paris. Each dominant city will define its region. With the “flattening” of the world, Chicago is no longer vying with US cities like New York for influence, commerce and jobs, but other major cities in the world.

Paul Saffo


Futurist Paul Saffo on technology and innovation (by INSEADofficial)  nice interview with THE Futurist:)