Journey To Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Captain Phasma #3 & 4 by Paul Renaud


Variant Cover by DAVID LOPEZ (Issue #3)
Variant Cover by MIKE MAYHEW (Issue #3)
Variant Cover by ROD REIS (Issue #4)
Variant Cover by ELSA CHARRETIER (Issue #4)
Movie Variant Cover Also Available (Issues #3 & 4)
Phasma and Pilot are in disguise! After tracking down a First Order officer to a mysterious planet, Captain Phasma finds herself leading a new army against a new threat.Find out how the biggest and baddest officer of the Galactic First Order makes her way across the galaxy before she reunites with her team in THE LAST JEDI.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

DC Announces Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor #1, to be released on June 7. Tim Seeley will write and Christian Duce will art.

They have been friends and lovers, but more importantly they have been there for each other over the decades. From Steve’s first moments on Paradise Island to the day that Diana left her home to join Man’s World, they have worked together and fought to protect humanity. But now, Steve Trevor will be forced to face an ancient foe, and he’ll have to do it alone. Where is Wonder Woman? And what will become of Steve Trevor? Find out in this thrilling, action-packed story.

I want people to be less afraid to call Steve Wonder Woman’s lovaaahhhhhh/boy-toy, but this is progress! Is a Steve Trevor one-shot necessary? Nah. I would’ve liked an Etta Candy one-shot (funny Etta, not current in-cannon Etta unless they would reveal her funny past). But is a Steve Trevor one-shot fun? Probably!

Cover by Paul Renaud.
Captain America: Sam Wilson Vol. 1 - Comics by comiXology
Collects Captain America: Sam Wilson #1-6. When Steve Rogers was restored to his natural age, he chose one of his closest and most trusted allies to take up his shield: Sam Wilson, formerly the Avenger known as the Falcon! But Sam isn't Steve — and after recent events, he's on the outs with both his old friend and S.H.I.E.L.D. What could have sent the high flying new Cap's approval rating plummeting so dramatically? Things get slithery when the vile Sons of the Serpent make the scene, and you'll howl at the glorious return of fan-favorite Cap-Wolf — well, Fal-Cap-Wolf! But what other horrors await in the dungeon of Doctor Malus? And who will be the All-New, All-Different Falcon? The headline-making Sam Wilson is a Captain America for today!

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