Taalon 3, 2012
Giclee print on archival paper
edition of three
24 x 17 inches

Cannibal Nympho Witch

Cannibal Nympho Witch is an exhibition based on an unpublished FASTWURMS science fiction novel of the same name. Started in 1992 and ongoing, Cannibal Nympho Witch the novel is a large complex narrative of imaginative and speculative fiction. Cannibal Nympho Witch is one of several stories, including Donkey@Ninja@ Witch, that serve as a generative source for FASTWURMS visual art projects.

The novel Cannibal Nympho Witch is about a society of transgenetic Witches living in a ‘tranny’ future world they have created after the ecological destruction and total economic collapse of the 21st century.

The story starts with a coven of these futuristic Witches at their volcanic island research complex near Iceland. They use advanced geological energy systems and are adept at biological and bio-technological science. These ‘Dragvandil’ ice and fire Witches are adherents of BAST; they worship the divine feline. They have hybridized with cat genetics and they bond with their transgenetic cat familiars in loving reincarnation rituals and perilous transgalatic and transdimensional voyages.

In the exhibition, Cannibal Nympho Witch, the Bast Box is a sculpture based on the divination and navigation systems of the Dragvandil Witches. Before any trans-voyage, a bronze cat litter box is filled with meteorite fragments and black crystal tourmaline. The BAST navigator casts the ritual bronze cat turds into the meteorite and tourmaline mix to gain insight on a star course by reading the skry patterns.

In the novel, Cannibal Nympho Witch, the Dragvandil Witches revere a sacred grove of catnip that is artificially replicated in all their moon rooms. Various hybrid strains of Nepeta cataria are used by the Witches and their familiars as a divine intoxicant and panaceum.

In the exhibition, Cannibal Nympho Witch, the Catnip tent is a working nomadic catnip grow-op, similar in function to the artificial groves of the Dragvandil Witches. One of the naturalized strains of Nepeta cataria in the Catnip tent is a direct descendant from the plants brought to Canada by the first settlers from Europe (catnip was a standard remedy in the pioneer herbal pharmacopeia)

The Catnip tent is also an accurate front line report from the contemporary war on drugs. All the materials and grow systems of the ‘Catnip tent’ installation were sourced from the online medical cannabis community and purchased from internet suppliers. 

The Nix portraits are giclee prints of a crew of familiars captured in camera using an i-Pad. In the novel, Cannibal Nympho Witch, Nix are energetic unpredictable shape shifters. They pop up in transdimensional space, often indicating to BAST navigators a distant gamma ray source.

The Game of Cat and Dragon, is a project based on the famous Cordwainer Smith short story, The Game of Rat and Dragon, 1955. 

FASTWURMS have inserted into the original story, and the layout from Galaxy magazine, new illustrations and prose descriptions of their own cat partners. The giclee prints of the text and illustrations are paired with a game set of five quartz platonic solids and one ameythst octahedron. These mineral ‘dice’ are based on a game system used by the Dragvandil Witches.

For the futuristic Dragvandil Witches, the lessons of the global collapse of the 21st century can be reduced to: 
1. shun the pathological dissociation of instrumental reason.
2. remember the terrible consequences of unconstrained growth and the total commodification of the natural world.

By contrast, the ethos of the Dragvandil Witches is a total and polymorphous identification with the natural world and a passion to connect with all life forms in the universe. 

FASTWURMS September 12, 2012