BATTLE FOR TIME!!! Tattoo by Paul Nycz follow on IG @paulnycz_cc
Iron Heart Tattoo
Des Moines Iowa

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Paul hooked me up nicely yesterday. I’ve hemmed and hawed about tattoos forever because I’m getting older and blah blah.. Yesterday I was like screw it, let’s do this. And to kick things off right I wanted something that’s visible most of the time because the chest and back pieces would never get seen by anyone if I had them. It’s not my first tattoo, but I wish it was. Dead Last has become an extended family to me and I’m glad to know every guy, wife, and kid involved. It’s been so great and now it’s part of the foundation of my life moving forward, having a kid of my own, and wanting to share family time with other families of good people. No PTA meeting attendance required.