Mini appreciation of Moff for one of the best episodes he’s written

Yes children, it’s time to praise Night of the Doctor for the 87th time.

I think out of all the Doctors, Paul Mcgann deserved a little more. Sure we have a mountain of EU content that could never happen on screen, because its either too dark or too complicated for New Who, but to the casual fans, Paul will always be the one Doctor who only had one episode that was very…. eh?

That was until 2013. I can’t remember how exciting the reveal was when Paul showed up on screen. When I heard about the Mini-episode, I just assumed it would be fluff for Matt, David or John. But I’m so thankful that I got to the video before it blew up. 

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Paul Mcgann returned and just as sexy as he was in the TV Movie.

Now when I first heard about the War Doctor, I wondered “why not just bring back Paul Mcgann, he’s just as young and sexy as he was in the TV movie, it wouldn’t look as jarring as Tom, Peter, Colin or Sylvester(apologies to them, you’re not as young, but still sexy)”. Even the idea that a separate incarnation ended the time war seemed a bit out there since I read a few EDAs and the Forgotten and always assumed Eight would be the one to end it all. But as Paul would later state in an interview “it’s kinda a compromise”. Best compromise ever.

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With just a few seconds we got Big Finish made canon. Now at the time I had only listened to Storm Warning and Blood of the Daleks since I found old radio recordings of them online, but this was exciting! It meant that the audio dramas that Paul was in were CANON. Admittedly, I wish we got a mention of Izzy and Fitz, but they were in the company of friends, so as far as i’m concerned, they and by extension, the EDAs and DWM comics are CANON as well.

I could go on about Night thematically, but I’m sure someone else on this site did it better. Just to sum it up, dying alone and broken was the perfect ending for the Eighth Man Bound. A life that should have been filled with happiness died with misery and despair. Not a single friend to be there for him, only the distant memories of friends long gone. 

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And so Night of the Doctor is one of the best things Moffat gave us. Sure some could see it as the scraps being tossed towards a starving dog, but these scraps were more tasty than the main course. Big Finish was made canon and Paul got the regeneration he deserved. A great story made by an equally great storyteller