The last picture of all four Beatles together, 1969.

The Little Girl Tapes - Interview with George (1967) (excerpt 3)

“By this time it was getting late, and George said he was getting chilly [he was in a bathing suit as they stood outside]. Would we mind going around to the kitchen to get something to drink while he put some clothes on. Of course we didn’t mind! As we walked around the house, we bumped into Patti, who was wearing an Oriental blouse and purple hip huggers. She asked us where we were from and how we liked England. Then she took us into the kitchen for some orange juice. Some Indian music started up in the other room and George re-appeared in some faded jeans and a knitted top. It was at that point that Donna and I realized that we were hungry. George came out with a classic line, ‘Rockinghorse people eat marshmallow pie…want a marshmallow?’”

- Leslie Samuels [x] (pictures at link)

This is the third excerpt from the Little Girl Tapes (others: 1 2). The beginning of this part relates to where the second part left off, but I had to cut out some of the things Leslie said because the sound was dropping out so much. I didn’t catch everything, but I’m pretty sure she had been explaining to George why The Beatles are worshiped and what a big stir they’ve caused. if you’re interested in reading a transcript, Sara at MeetTheBeatlesForReal has made ones for both this tape and the one with Paul. I don’t know about anyone else, but I find it very cool that this bit of Beatles history exists. George is so charming!

Leslie: I thought you cut out smoking.

George: I did, but I’ve cut it in again. Aren’t I naughty?

Leslie: Yes you are. 

George: But I only smoke a couple now.

Leslie: Don’t go choking yourself -

George: I won’t. I’ll be giving it all up shortly. Giving up cigarettes, tea, coffee…food.


Leslie: Oooh, is that a kitten?

George: Well, you could call it that. Little kit-cat or call-kitten.