The Conspiracy Stomp
Friday, November 28, 1969
Aragon Ballroom, Chicago

Art by R. Crumb

A benefit for the Chicago Eight
Abbie Hoffman
Paul Krassner
Bob Gibson
The Fabulous Hypnotics
Jeff Carp Group
Chad Mitchell
The cast of “Hair”
Hugh Romney and the Hog Farm Bus
Johnny Kaye
Phil Ochs
The Silver Apples
Calvin’s Walla Walla Basics
and Fifty Live Turkeys

paul krassner is such a great influence, on myself and so many others and probably you, you just don’t know it… that’s how far his influence reaches.

here’s what he said about our new book:

“A bittersweet slice of countercultural anthropology, in the tradition

of Studs Terkel, bursting with flavor to savor.”

~Paul Krassner

I’m working on another project I’ll release real soon… it’s about art and the what that means and the underground and what that is. paul is involved in that too.