On Saturday May 4th, Paul Granese of Candy Giant and Andy Manuele of Manuele Graphics teamed up for the first time in Antonelli Institute history to create a collaborative piece. This piece marks the start of something big. An art entity that takes the creative vision of three different artists and brings it all together in a short documentary created by Laura Hoffman Photography. In this documentary, we will be showing the importance of collaboration, the steps of the creative process, and how life long bonds are created through the arts. We are very excited for this release of “Collaborations” and hope that this short documentary will inspire as well has inform the public on the importance of using art as a way to bring people together. I’d like to personally thank the Antonelli Institute class of 2013 for being a true inspiration. The past two years have been two of the best and I wish you all a lifetime of happiness and prosperity. Never stop creating. 

Finally, after over a month of hard work, Paul Granese, Andy Manuele, and myself would like to share with you our little piece of creativity. Thank you all so much for supporting us and we are so excited to hear what you think! 

Watch the final mini documentary “Collaborations”  Here