Good Aim *Wanda Maximoff x Reader*

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Requested by Anon: Can i have wanda x female reader where they first meet when Wanda hits reader with snowball in park that was for Pietro and he ships you guys, cute and funny.
Warnings: Swearing and fluff
Admins Note: I made this hella cute and hilarious. Actually this is inspired by my dad, I spent a lot of time with him when writing this, he gave me a few ideas and most of it is actually his dialogue so give it up to my dad: Peter Paul Roy Duffield-Lee. Yeah hella long name, my whole family has long names, don’t ask. 

New York had the best winter, it was snowy and cold, plus it always busy and that always got you in the festive spirit. The hustle and bustle of the crowds, the smell of mulled wine and pine cones, the snow fluttering from the sky; you loved it. You also loved walking through Central Park, the snow up on the trees when the birds are gone, although a robin could be spotted amongst the bushes. You couldn’t dream of anywhere else to spend this festive season, you loved the vibe you got from New York, it was the place to spend winter for you. 
Central Park was calming, it was always calm in the winter time, despite it being the tourist hot-spot in the winter people seemed a lot calmer here; strolling, taking in the winter beauty, dogs jumping in the snow and couples hugging one another to get warm on their romantic stroll; you have probably seen at least fifteen proposals here!

New York was your favourite place, you were actually planning on moving here next year, although that might ruin the beauty of this place; being around it so much might make it lose its magic. You pulled your (F/C) coat closer to your body, the cold picking up with the winter breeze, no doubt your cheeks and nose were red from the coldness also, you forgot your scarf. The day of all days to forget your scarf, it was probably the coldest it’s been since you arrived, four days ago. You have no family here, that’s why people say you should move over, what’s the point in spending Christmas alone? You loved your family but they don’t understand the love you have for New York: Central Park. Besides spending the day alone with a good book, cozy in pj’s with hot chocolate in New York… how could you resist? 
You let out a graceful sigh, watching your breath roll in the wind, you stopped to take in the scenery like anybody else would. A gush of wetness smacked you right in the back of the head, knocking you forward, but someone caught you before you fell. The sudden brain freeze made you groan. 

“I am so, so, so, so very sorry,” a graceful voice spoke in concern, although it wasn’t close enough to be the person that saved you from falling, you stood up straight holding the back of your head. Damp hair is not good for this weather, you are no doubt going to get sick. You were met by two completely good looking strangers. 
“I was aiming for my brother but he moved,” she scowled at the man, who let go of you and stood beside his sister; both decked head to toe in winter clothing. His white hair was peaking beneath his black beanie, a grey jacket paired with a blue scarf and gloves, whilst the girl; bright red coat with black gloves and scarf, along with a a grey fluffy hat, making her brunette waves look gorgeous. Her accent also was beautiful, you couldn’t place where it was from but it seemed to sound like Russian, although it was more… beautiful sounding. 
Its fine, really,” you remember to talk. She nodded, slightly embarrassed, “you have a good aim though,” she chuckled along with her brother.
“You could say, you did not see that coming!” the man quipped and earned a slap from his sister, you chuckled raising your eyebrows at them both.
“Wanda, this is Pietro, my brother,” you wave at both.
(Y/N),” you mutter, pulling your hand away from the wet hair, the brain freeze growingg the more you talked and smiled at the beautiful stranger. 
Pietro watched between you both, noting how you smiled and chuckled at one another, he oddly found the ordeal kinda adorable. 

“Wanda as an apology you should invite (Y/N) to the Christmas party tonight,” Pietro nudged his sister, he watched as she turned a shade of pink, almost seemingly embarrassed and nervous.
“Um, would you like to?” Wanda asked you, you grinned and nodded, you never attended a Christmas party before other than family ones, or maybe the staff party but you never stayed long enough.
Its a private party, so Wanda will have to pick you up, you’ll be her plus-one,” Pietro grinned, earning a slight nervous glare from his sister, you simply nodded not seeing a problem in being Wanda’s plus one. “As her date,” he pushed for a confirmation in the fact you wouldn’t mind this, you looked at Pietro with wide eyes, he simply grinned like a child… this was too much fun setting his sister up like this. 
Um… errr… that’s fine, if you want me to be?” You stuttered to Wanda, you had only just met these people and you were being asked out? Well not straight from her mouth but her brother’s… Wanda nervously smiled and nodded; Pietro almost squealed with delight… almost, he fist pumped the air when you both weren’t looking.  

“I’ll get your number and text you my address?” you offered, Wanda nodded as  she typed her number into your phone, passing it back with a small smile. “Um, I’ll see you tonight then,” you shyly smile, both siblings nod, waving before walking off, leaving you to dance and then run off home to pull something together.
“It’s not a private party,“ Wanda scoffed at Pietro, who just grinned and shrugged. “I know what you were doing,” she muttered, Pietro looked down at her. “And thank you and I owe you one,” she links her arms with Pietro’s and hugs him slightly as they walk.
You two are going to be so cute, just make sure to let everyone know I got you two together at your wedding,” he teased, making Wanda roll her eyes.

(You said funny but I went all cute, sorry about that. Hopefully this is okay, my dad helped so blame him if its rubbish. Remember you can request; imagines, ships and one shots by myself and Angie - Rosalee)


As I was in London on Saturday, me and my friend Elle decided to meet up and head to the Tower of London to check out the scaffolding work that myself, Kate Brown and Paul Duffield created.

I was so excited seeing it all in situ, and even more so when I spotted people taking photos of themselves with the images! <3
I mean, we’d sort of hoped that would happen…but seeing it in action was so cool. Kate’s guard and my Yeoman were perfectly placed for a photo opp, and several visitors stood between the two for a snap. I was grinning like a loon. I ended up getting talking to a few people, like the lovely Bennett family, posted here. Michael is a comics fan (guess which one he is, haha) and was excited seeing this art at the tower. I asked if they’d mind me taking a photo of them all and they were very sweet ^_^

And of course, Elle was with me - so she doesn’t escape unphotographed. XD

Finally, we have me with Richard and the boys. It’s a shame the light was casting odd shadows by that time in the day.
All in all I was so happy! It all looks great. I got to chat with a lovely guy called Ojo who works at the tower, and he was letting me know that they get a lot of people taking photos and staring for a while at the images, and that makes me so happy. Can’t wait to head along for a trip with Kate and Paul so that we can all squee together. ^_^